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Vinod Phutela is a Leading NLP COACH ofIndia,Author,mentalist,and a dedicated parent. He has devoted his life to empower all minds,young and old and has been doing so, for more than17years now.So far his mission to change peoples’ lives through his training has touched over 90,000 people acros the country. For his work Mr.Phutela has been recognised and was awarded the“The Education Excellence Award” in the year 2012,a Letter of Appreciation from Shripad Naik State minister Govt of India in 2016 and “Best trainer of the year” award from KAT-EDU excellence award 2018 presentedby KHABREIN ABHITAK with knowledge partner Maharishi Markandeswar university.


One of my close friends decided not to get married. His parent’s biggest argument was that he must marry and have kids else who will take care of him in the old age?

His reply was fantastic.

Have you even seen a cow or a parrot or a dog relying on its young ones for its old age?

Have you seen a cow expecting its calves to feed it when it grows old?

When an animal is capable enough to take care of itself and arrange its basic needs till the last breath then a human being cannot be so weak.

Our children are not our old age insurance. We must not rely on them for our old age. Many parents do tell their children that they are not dependent on them or have no expectations from them in the future but in reality children can feel great expectations that their parents are having from them.

Honestly speaking, even preference for a male child in Indian society is an outcome of this thinking pattern only. There is nothing that girls cannot do but since in Indian society girls go to their in laws house and sons stay with the parents, parents feel that son is a more secure old age insurance.

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam is a fantastic example of a person who never thought negative about his old age and with God’s blessings he died so peacefully.

What a wonderful death!

He never thought that one fine day he will grow old and he will be in need of someone who takes care of him. It kept him young till the last breath of his life.

When we tell our children that we have given birth to them, then thinking logically it is the other way round. Before their birth, we were not a mother or a father. Their birth made us a mom or dad. So they gave birth to a mom or dad in us.

We tell them we have brought them up. But remember they paid the price of bringing up simultaneously. They sang poems for us, they danced for us. They entertained us with their innocent activities. They cherished our lives with their presence.

Our children are the source of our energy. We feel like working and putting efforts for a better standard of living for their sake only. Their presence in our life is giving us so much energy; is it not enough price for giving them birth?

Therefore, it is a humble request to all the parents to take their job of parenting as a DIVINE DUTY and do it selflessly. Nurture your child keeping an eye on his qualities and potentials and not as per your expectations or social norms.

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