Ashish Aggarwal, CEO, Indo Innovations

Indo Office Solution’s CEO, Ashish Aggarwal, has more than 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur. INDO INNOVATIONS, the brainchild of Ashish, is an umbrella brand of Indo Office Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Despite having a settled business and a strong background, Ashish did not compromise on his educational goals. A BBA graduate from Bradford University, UK (IILM), he further pursued MBA in Strategic and International Business from ENPC, Paris. Following the completion of his MBA, he cracked a suitable job offer in Paris, but he had his own dreams to chase.

There is a lot of conjecture about what “normal” will be going forward, but we know that the global COVID-19 pandemic will change the workplace forever. The opportunity ahead of us is to make the office even better than it was before the crisis. Office furniture is specially designed for use in commercial and corporate workspaces such as workstations, conference rooms, cafeterias, and lounges which include seating furniture, storage units, overhead bins and tables being some of the basic furniture items that help in enhancing aesthetics of these spaces as a whole.

Companies that try to return to the way things were before COVID-19 will probably struggle. They need to reinvent because volatility is inevitable, and the workplace needs to be ready to rapidly respond to the next disruption. For those sensible strategies planned that include practising physical distancing, like moving desks apart and removing chairs, adding barriers, enhancing cleaning and safety measures, as well as supporting those who are working from home longer. Indo Innovations is launching the Square series to box yourself in hygiene square in this pandemic. Enjoy Social distancing with comfortable, hygienic square sofa sets.

Unique line of office furniture, equipped with a simple lined unit, featuring a unique and refined design that shows compositions based on its surroundings and created by Fursys – a Korean office furniture company. The system produces free communication spaces through a multitude of different features that include:

1-Magnetic Screen Connector

The layout can be simply and quickly changed thanks to the magnetic screen connector.

2-Tea plate

Movable tea plates are often useful when having a conversation with light refreshment.

3-Functional Store Structure

The open hole in the upper wall unit enables storage of goods simply and conveniently.

4-Various Heights of Sofa Backrest

The Square series offers various options for a backrest that can be adjusted on the sofa based on the need and functionality of the space and purpose of the sofa.

5-IT Box

IT box is an interior element that divides the space and creates comfortable atmospheres. The IT box further also supports the use of IT gadgets such as phones and tablets. It comes with sidelight and electronic power sockets for wireless charging and plug-in.

6-Hanging Plug

The Square Series offers a built-in plug supply for power and functionality while also functioning as an armrest.

7-Finally, the Square Series offers movable stools that are offered in unrevealed castors that enable easy and simple shifting of the stool-based on its requirement and functionality in different office spaces.


More about Ashish Aggarwal

Ashish was always determined to join his father’s business and take it to new levels of success. Thus, after declining a golden job opportunity in Paris, he joined his father’s business in 2003. The father-son duo achieved great penetration in the market, with their deep understanding of the business. In the year 2009, Ashish added a new wing to his company and introduced its own brand ‘INDO’. There has been no looking back since then. In time he has collaborated with several internationally acclaimed brands from the USA, South Korea, Spain, Germany, New Zealand, etc. who are leading exporters of varied office equipment to more than 100 countries.

Other than a thriving professional life, Ashish believes in living his personal life to the fullest. He loves travelling, go-karting, cricket and reading when he is not busy pursuing his professional dreams.


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