Moushumi Pal, Brand Strategist and Founder, Woodpecker Media
Moushumi Pal is a brand strategist and Founder of Woodpecker Media, a creative Digital Agency. Moushumi has worked with numerous Multinational Companies in the past 17 years with hands-on experience in coaching and curriculum design as an educational consultant. She has been a consultant for some leading corporations for their internal corporate communications team.

There has been an exponential growth in the digital technology over the past few years that has fundamentally changed the way we talk, we communicate, we live and the way we shop. We are in the age of the Internet of the things (IoT), a global environment where everything and everyone is connected to everything and everyone else.

In today’s very fast-moving world, it is very important to stay relevant and stay aware of what is happening. There are over 4.80 billion internet users today, and with this humongous number, there comes the humongous consumption of different types of content available on the internet.

Everyday there is an increase in the number of the people who join internet and that makes digital marketing crucial. One needs to be innovative and creative. Local shops too are turning to digital marketing, from grocery to stationary, we have seen the different digital markets grow exponentially recently.

So, what makes a brand stand out and leave an impression in the consumer’s mind? Here comes brand strategy in play. Right from the inception phase, having a clear vision for your brand and working towards your goals in a strategic manner is crucial. No business is small and starting early is the key when it comes to branding. 

Think like your customers, what they want to see, hear or buy. Keep your customers at the center of it all and work towards building your brand value and brand image to get your customers to be loyal. The Brand is more valuable than other things in total, because brands exist in the heads of the consumer. To build a strong name in the industry, the organization has to genuinely care about their customers and give them enough attention so they become more dedicated to you and your brand. 

We often see, people get confused about what is currently better, acquisition or retention?

Well, we need to believe that both of them have their own benefits to the business and they both are going to turn out eventually beneficial and important for the brand. You don’t want to lose the streak of the old customers and at the same time you will also want to reach out to a newer audience.

So, let’s look at some brand strategy trends that will help you get in front of your desired audience with the focus of building a strong brand image. Conducting regular surveys is definitely going to be helpful in the planning stage.  

  1. Online events have been gaining more popularity and right strategy will be the key. Though on ground activities are happening in smaller numbers, online events will still garb the attention of the customers who have gotten used to purchasing items from the comfort of their homes.
  2. Be Everywhere – be it sponsored ads, influencer marketing or being active on multiple social media platforms. Consistency and the right balance between these platforms for your campaigns will amplify your reach.
  3. Keep it Simple – Internet consumers are already loaded with tons of information, ads and content every day. So, make sure you keep it simple and short so that they remember what they read about the brand and they carry forward the message.
  4. Customize your content – pick up on what your customers say, what’s trending, the reviews you receive and modify your content accordingly. 
  5. Educate your customers – get them to think about your product/service, why they should have the need for it and why your brand is the right choice.
  6. Let’s tell stories – engage yourselves in telling the stories behind your new product, the new launch. What has inspired, what was the idea behind, what keeps you going. When you share such stories with your customer, they start to feel they are a part of your life and a small connection is built which mostly stays. Stories connect us and when you bravely share yours you will have a strong connection.

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