Swati Sawhney, Founder, The Center of Healing

Whether it is autism in childhood or depression, anxiety in adults, Mental Illness is coming off as a challenge for the whole world. One of the primary reasons for India for losing its mental health is the lack of awareness and sensitivity about the issue, which leads to people suffering and isolating themselves. A Delhi University Graduate, Swati Sawhney had seen a lot of people go through mental stress and pain in her childhood, which she didn’t understand until she faced the same problems herself.

Inspired by her own experiences, Swati came up with the idea for her startup, The Center of Healing. “A few years ago, I was suffering from some mental health issues for which I had to go through so many medical treatments, which did not give me any relief. One day, I heard about healing therapies from my friends, which healed me as well within a short time. It was then I decided to help other people who are suffering from different kinds of mental health issues,” says Swati.

Providing all types of healing products like crystals and natural home care products, The Centre of Healing has its own set of healers, trainers, and counsellors. Swati adds, “My team has helped me with a lot of work and every decision made in my entrepreneurial journey”.

Breaking the Taboos

People are still apprehensive when it comes to talking about their mental health. Swati says, “We have had many challenges. People in India are not aware of our techniques, and they do not trust easily on these treatments. Most of them are scared to talk about their mental health.” Center of Healing helps people by finding their inner strength and weaknesses. Therapies like Third Eye Activation, Meditation, Angel Therapy, Hypnosis, Money Reiki, Money Spells, Crystal Healing and Past Life Regression and many more are provided to the clients. Swati claims that these therapies have helped her clients to explore their inner body and heal all their mental pain. The Centre of Healing is actively involved in creating awareness among the people through social media and online platforms.

Swati is driven by the desire to help people discover and learn how to keep their mental health in check. She says, “The biggest milestone of this sector is educating people about these services and building confidence in them to talk about their problems openly. In India, people do not give any importance to mental health issues.” Giving her 100 per cent to this initiative, Swati has learnt a lot of things during her journey. She opines, “Before serving anything to people, you first need to provide all the information they need about the services and build confidence in them to believe in your services.”

With the Nationwide Lockdown implemented in India, The Centre of Healing is providing their services online. “We are helping people strengthen their knowledge about healing techniques and resolve their life issues by using these energies. Also, we are providing free healing sessions to the infected and needy people.”, adds Swati.

Finding her Way

Swati’s journey as an entrepreneur has been quite a fruitful process for her. She opines, “The industry has made me learn so many new techniques and therapies to resolve in day to day problems of life. This sector made me understand and resolve various problems of people and to make them happier and successful, where we are working on strengthening the mind power of people.” Inspired by her surroundings during her life to building this startup, Swati says, “My life journey and its experiences had a significant influence on me professionally and personally. Since childhood, I always wanted to solve these issues of people as they don’t talk properly.”

The Center of Healing is going to start making YouTube videos to provide more knowledge to people and help them talk about their problems more freely. Swati adds, “We are also planning to work in rural areas as people there are not aware of these therapies, and they are not able to talk about their issues freely.”

Despite its enormous social burden, mental health remains a taboo subject that is susceptible to age-old stigmas, prejudices, and fears. Supporting individuals to talk openly and without inhibitions about their mental health issues is the crucial first step. Swati is doing her best in helping people around her take that first step towards this. She concludes, “I have always wanted to cure these problems, but I wasn’t aware of the platform. My treatment helped me understand so many things, which urged me to build The Center of Healing and help those in need”.


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