Yukti Nagpal, Director, Gulshan Group

Yukti Nagpal, Director of Gulshan Group, is one of the few women leaders who has made a successful career in the traditionally male-dominated field of real estate. With promising and innovative marketing strategies, Yukti has positioned herself as a pioneer in premium, high-quality housing construction in the real estate industry. By combining technology with Yukti’s ingenious ideas, the Gulshan Group has ushered in a new era of productivity and cultivated customer confidence.

Since its inception in 1989, Gulshan has left a remarkable legacy of three decades of building storeys. Gulshan was founded on the premise of true intention, beginning as a company that built high-quality homes without cutting corners. The founder, Mr. Gulshan Nagpal, believed that by building his own first home, he could create genuine value for an entire class of people around him who could not find reputed builders or developers who could deliver with honesty and expertise. This became the impetus for greatness: Mr. Nagpal carried out his newly conceived dream of building premium housing for everyone with the highest quality that the industry had yet seen. Mr. Nagpal is now backed by a team as dedicated to perfection as he is, contemplating the best for clients and fulfilling their needs.

A new Gulshan is emerging with a force of vibrant professionals, as Yukti Nagpal, director of Gulshan, announces the arrival of a new team of experienced real estate professionals. She brings zealous ambition and a fresh arsenal of ideas, and her indomitable spirit and talent inspire many within the organisation. She comes armed with a bachelor of business administration from Amity Business School and a Master of Science in marketing from Golden Gate University.

Her career began as a marketing intern at Gulshan Group, where she spent significant time analysing customer behaviour and researching real estate market trends. Yukti shares, “But in retrospect, I see it as one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. It made me the leader I am today because it taught me to survive, adjust, and excel in every situation or condition that life throws at me. These are the values by which I lead my team, and I am grateful for them to put their unalloyed trust in me.”

Yukti always endorses, encourages, and incorporates creative, unique, out-of-the-box, and never thought-before ideas that not only become the trademark and mojo of Gulshan Group but also elevate the standards of real estate in India. She considers creative power to be the currency of any organisation. When innovation stalls, the company is doomed to fail. Aside from that, in the age of the digital revolution, consumer tastes are rapidly changing. Yukti says, “It is one of our top priorities to keep tabs on the demands and aspirations of people and fulfil them through the medium of our projects.” It is one of the company’s founding principles, which is also what keeps it relevant and robust today.

The progress of Gulshan has been indubitably magnificent over the last 6 years. Although the pandemic had devastated the Indian economy, the team managed to grasp its hold over the markets due to the talented crisis management team and advisory teams instituted by the top management. Yukti recalls, “The pandemic threw challenges that we did not preempt. It was fairly challenging for the business gentry across the sector, not only for us. However, we were all prepared to deal with the complications as they had robust internal management in place.” They are also prescient that it is a short-lived quandary with a shelf life, and once the cases begin to drop, the situation will return to normalcy. Yukti says, “I firmly believe that challenges are the doors to new opportunities. It makes you strong, resilient and grounded. I have had my own share of my challenges as the market conditions are never in a static position or favoured on your side always.”

Yukti believes that amid a million good news stories, there will be fluctuations, ups and downs, and a few disappointments. When overcoming obstacles, she has taken a self-motivated and determined approach, which entails maintaining a go-getter, stoic attitude and not getting thrown over a few hiccups. She says, “When you get realistic and hard-nosed, challenges do not affect you. They change you into a more experienced, well learned and inspiring leader that your team would like to look up to.” Within a time span, Yukti witnessed a renewed buyer engagement which was corroborated by various industry reports projecting a significant increase in luxury housing sales. “It showcased many new trends in home buying & hybrid working, which we adopted in our strategy,” added Yukti.

Gulshan Group has always encouraged an innovative culture in the workplace. The company has completed nine projects and is currently active in the residential and commercial segments; it is well-known in India for redefining luxury property standards. Yukti underlines, “I am here to strengthen the ever-existing traditions of innovation and expand it to all organs of the company. On a global level, we are witnessing waves of technological changes in living spaces and other real estate formations.” Under the Gulshan umbrella, two projects are ongoing, and four projects are in the pipeline, which will be launched within FY 22-23. “Our clientele has often praised our projects for their supreme construction quality, abidance to strict protocols and construction guidelines and people-friendly and transparent customer relationship management,” highlights Yukti.

The Gulshan Group’s value system revolves around originality, passion for work, ensuring quality deliveries, and enshrining the inter and credibility principles. Yukti shares, “Our company has bagged 40+ awards which sanctify our credibility in the real estate business.” Gulshan has always prioritised technology adoption in its development plans. Their company’s identity is providing smart homes with luxury features and amenities. Yukti adds, “We have always made grand-scale investments to ensure this, and we will continue to do so. The customers’ buying patterns have empirically confirmed that ROIs with stable balance costs are guaranteed.”

Yukti triumphs in the fact that women leaders have found their own voice in the real estate spectrum over the last decade. Previously, there were many biases and stereotypes associated with women holding nodal positions in real estate organisations, which have been significantly dispelled by several female achievers. It was previously assumed to be a man’s domain. She says, “As far as my individual experience is concerned, I have spearheaded commercial and luxury living projects like Gulshan Dynasty, which has drawn a tremendous response from all quarters and the real estate fraternity. However, the most significant milestone has been to be able to carry my father’s brand to new heights and make a name for myself through my talent, skills and perseverance.”

In her spare time, Yukti enjoys listening to music, relaxing, and meditating to let her mind escape negativity and embrace positive thinking. Despite this, the office is her favourite place to be. She says, “It might sound normal and mundane, but working at my office, is the most satisfying and enriching period. I take project updates, manage the teams, resort to conflict resolution, formulate a plan for the company’s future and address all other concerns.”

Gulshan is aiming for a highly anticipated project that has been introduced after extensive research is Gulshan Dynasty, a luxury residential project located in Sector 144, near Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. “I have the vision to establish Gulshan Group as the most chosen option for luxury living projects and commercial destinations, making NCR the epicentre of modern real estate developments,” said Yukti. It is envisioned to create an indelible mark of luxury in a prime NCR real estate hotspot, with a variety of high-end amenities including customisable homes, a 7-tier security system, a Clubhouse, Gymnasium, Pet Stead, and Hydroponic Farming facilities, among others. Yukti added, “Our company also has plans to expand our operations to different cities and states in a bid to leave a stamp of brilliance and serenading luxury living experience across India.”

Yukti says, “A few of uber-luxury projects are in plan to be launched in coming quarters & expansion plans to other cities to continue the legacy of our brand to deliver excellent experiences.” The post-pandemic plans will centre on the construction of sustainable buildings and green environments, which have become the top buyers’ demand since the pandemic. “It is a collective consciousness of our organisation to implement every measure to keep sustenance and ESG-friendly policies at the plank of building plans and do our bit in mitigating the global climate crisis,” concludes Yukti.

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