Matthew Telesca, Founder & Executive Officer, MGN Logistics

Matthew Telesca is the Founder & Executive Officer of MGN Logistics, Inc. He is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and tech enthusiast. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Matthew’s expertise in finance, logistics management, and software development positioned him perfectly to lead an industry that was only in its infancy with technological developments. As a result, he became an early pioneer of web-based transportation management solutions, who sold his first logistics start-up while he was in his late twenties. After early success, Matthew went on to build MGN Logistics, the supply chain industry’s premier technology company.

Today, Matthew is well-recognized in the supply chain and logistics industry for his innovative ideas, futuristic vision, and thought leadership. He has also graced the Cover of several leading business magazines around the globe.

Journey of MGN Logistics: From a Tiny Office to an International Tech Solutions Company

Before the dot-com bubble began, Matthew could envision a web-based future for the logistics industry. Matthew founded MGN Logistics in 2000 in Easton, Pennsylvania, turning his ideas into reality. In the same year, he also launched one of the first fully automated freight portals online called This website enabled users to quote, ship, and track shipments online without any hassles. Due to its simplified nature, the website grew exponentially and was later bought by a private equity group in 2004.

Without losing any time, Matthew began scripting a new Transportation Management System (TMS) which was powerful yet simple for any size organization. In 2007, Matthew acquired a Boston-based freight management company with traditional processes and a solid clientele base. From then on, acquisitions became his primary strategy for future growth. Now focusing on new cutting-edge technology, the company continued to develop unique transportation modules, including predictive pricing and intelligent transportation routing that outpaced all major players in the space. By 2009, the company opened offices in Philadelphia, Boston, and Orlando to assist with the demand. This was followed by establishing an office in the Dominican Republic to handle the growing international needs in 2013.

Being a true serial entrepreneur by nature, Matthew consecutively acquired four additional companies between 2014-2018. Last year in 2021, he made another strategic acquisition of a California niche logistics firm. Today, MGN Logistics operates remotely with offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Florida, California, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.

Unique & Remarkable Solution Offerings

Over the years, MGN Logistics has maintained a unique and remarkable position to deliver a robust and integrated logistics solution that can address all the complexities faced today. The company’s cloud-based platform supports all modes of transportation, including Truckload, LTL, Ocean, Air, Rail, Intermodal, and Parcel, providing customers with a powerful yet easy-to-use, single solution for their entire supply chain. Moreover, MGN Logistics’ state-of-the-art, NextGen platform offers seamless integration into existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) or can be implemented as a stand-alone solution. Likewise, MGN provides the highest level of consulting intelligence coupled with technology to implement best practices, compliance, and auditing to maximize all available opportunities for improvement.

But what truly sets MGN Logistics apart from others market competitors is that the company not only focuses on building innovative tech solutions but also on providing cost-effective services that do not put financial strains on its customers. It goes a step further in assisting clients in cutting-down costs at each stage of dispatching to delivery.

Onwards & Upwards

With decades of experience, Matthew and his team at MGN Logistics have successfully built long-term relationships with their clients. As a result, MGN Logistics has been honored not once or twice but seven times by INC. magazine’s prestigious recognition as one of the fasting growing private companies in the United States.

Moving forward, MGN Logistics, under Matthew’s leadership, will continue its upward growth trajectory through new acquisition opportunities and organic growth.

How MGN Logistics Helped in Setting up Centralized Transportation Management for an Industry Leading Packaging Manufacturer at 30 Locations?

When a custom packaging distribution products and services company with over $500 million in revenue and nearly 30 locations found their lack of centralized transportation management was costing them substantially more than just a lack of visibility, they turned to MGN Logistics for help.

After MGN partnered with this client, an extensive study of historic shipping characteristics, product details, and unique business challenges were evaluated for each location, including shipping documentation, tariffs, and even photographs of products for classification purposes. With MGN’s proprietary software, this extensive yet rapid process painlessly led to a comprehensive freight and parcel profile to conduct detailed carrier engagements. Soon, MGN’s cloud-based TMS was efficiently implemented for maximum efficiency and return. A short few weeks after starting the process, the client had successfully achieved over a 20% annual run-rate of savings, along with a fully managed and centralized transportation system. Today, after nearly 8 years of partnership and numerous more acquisitions, this client continues to see impressive savings, control, and visibility.

Working Seamlessly Throughout Pandemic

MGN Logistics had set up a cloud-based operation system even before the arrival of the pandemic. Hence, the transition to remote working was relatively easy and straightforward during the pandemic. “Our customer’s transition was seamless, with few even recognizing we had switched to a remote work environment,” shares Matthew.

Even though MGN Logistics maintained its physical offices in Pennsylvania, , Massachusetts, Florida, California, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico throughout the pandemic, nearly all its employees continue to work remotely. This is because MGN Logistics remains committed to the safety of its employees.

Impact of Pandemic on Global Supply Chain Management

From an entrepreneur’s perspective, Matthew shares that the pandemic has only accelerated an ongoing long-term trend for greater online consumerism. Today, many customers prefer to shop online over in-person shopping. To top this off, they have become accustomed to same-day or next-day deliveries, especially when purchasing from e-retailers like Amazon. This has put an enormous burden on supply chain management and performance and resulted in a sharp rise in consumer goods prices. Matthew further suspects this pattern will continue for the foreseeable future, creating even greater opportunities for sophisticated supply chain technology solution providers. It will also continue to build more and more momentum as consumers globally shift their buying patterns, translating to even greater supply chain friction and challenges.

Supply chain market leaders such as MGN Logistics are designed to create solutions to help customers deal with these conditions. Its intelligent routing software can assist real-time routing decisions and best-in-class carrier and mode selection. In short, MGN’s powerful TMS platform provides tomorrow’s technology today!

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