Chandan Bagwe, Founder and Director, C Com Digital

Chandan Bagwe is one of the earliest Indian entrepreneurs in Digital and E-Commerce business.  Chandan founded C Com digital as the leading techno digital marketing agency in Mumbai by using AI and other technologies for digital publicity of brands. Today after more than 2 decades C Com digital under Chandan’s leadership has seen exponential growth and expanded to international markets and worked with best brands of the country.


In recent years, video has evolved as the most popular type of content across social media. This is one of the reasons why so many brands have started making it a part of their larger marketing strategies. A report unveiled by Wyzowl highlighted that more than 63% of businesses are using video marketing to drive traffic and engagement to their website. Not only that, but most marketers also realize the highly-profitable outcome that a well-crafted video brings – be it in the form of better online exposure, quality lead generation, or higher conversions.

To reap the rewards that video marketing provides, marketers must build content that not only meets consumers’ preferences but also distinguishes the brand and helps it gain a competitive edge. So, if the video isn’t a part of your online marketing strategy yet, it’s high time you consider this option. The guide below explains how you can leverage videos to creatively capture attention and engage with target audiences and boost awareness of your business.

#1 Corporate videos – To elevate the perception of your brand

Communicate with your employees, clients, partners, or investors about who you are and what your brand purpose is through a video, which will also help present a friendly face of your company. Make use of voice-over, graphics, and camera-friendly talent to explain what your brand does, what makes you different, and how you are great. You can use the same video on your website’s homepage so that visitors can save their time from reading an extensive profile and instead straightforwardly understand your brand. A corporate video can also prove to be useful to spread the word for recruiting new employees via LinkedIn and similar such platforms.

#2 Product explainer videos – To make conversions and increase sales

Before investing in a product or availing of service, we want to be confident of our purchase decision. Enabling existing and potential customers with product information, objective, and concept is an excellent way to introduce your brand and new offering to them and explain the value that it provides. There’s no better source to get your message across in front of your audience than with a visually-appealing explainer video. By combining captivating graphics and audio voice-over, it’s possible to clarify complex and multi-faceted subjects in a quicker and better way. A great example would be that of Training Mask 3.0 – a trusted product used by countless athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and trainers. Though a short one, this video gets the point across to potential buyers and shows the item in action.

#3 360° experience videos – To fortify reach and engagement

Video content in itself is compelling, but if your aim is to make a long-term impact and immerse your audience, opt for 360° experience videos. This type of video content is relatively new but has shown successful results, especially since 2017. From travel to education and real estate to automotive, all these industries have embraced this high-tech video marketing tactic. Brands can get creative with their video marketing strategy and use 360° experience videos for event sneak peeks, product testing, and behind-the-scenes captures, among others. With this form of video content as part of your marketing strategy, you can rest assured that your brand will beat its competitors.

#4 Testimonial videos – To build credibility and social proof

Testimonials can play a huge role in influencing an existing and a potential customer’s decision to do business with your brand. In fact, reports indicate that over 80% of people check company ratings and read reviews before making a purchase. But truth be told, we have all read reviews that either sounded scripted or did not offer enough clarity on the product or service used. Instead, use video testimonials that would not only create a sense of trustworthiness but also showcase your brand value and give an insight into what other customers think. The only way to get video testimonials right is by focusing on keeping them real, raw, organic, and unrehearsed. Try gathering testimonials during a webinar, at a trade show, or by asking customers to record on their own.

#5 Website videos – To improve retention and content engagement

No matter whether you have a product or service selling business, a video posted on your site is the easiest way for a potential customer to understand what your brand does. For eCommerce brands, particularly, having a website video can offer visitors a precise glimpse of your product or service that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to without visiting a store. Take for instance the business model of A few years back, who would have imagined the possibility of purchasing eyewear online, without necessarily having to physically visit a store. Through immersive videos and 3D try-on technology, enabled a one-of-a-kind experience. As the video stays on your website, it helps retain visitors, improve their website experience, and increase the conversion rate.

To sum it up

Video marketing is the present and future of the digital world and without it, you might miss out on building your brand visibility. So, leverage video for everything – to showcase your value proposition, for commercials, and to add value in the ongoing content. When you start using video across all your marketing segments, you will never turn back. Keep these video marketing ideas in mind and give your brand a voice and face to interact with!

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