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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how people interact with one another and their surroundings. As a result, physical health has risen to become one of, if not the, most important concerns of consumers worldwide, and this shift in mindset has accelerated the growth of the contactless economy. 

Customer engagement is essential to accelerating and sustaining business growth in today’s increasingly digital world. Since better and quicker technology is readily available, people are using their devices more than before. It all comes down to quickly accessing everything and transferring information from one person to another or from a business to a customer. In this fast-moving world, customers’ greater involvement in business decision-making is important for the growth of companies. Businesses closer to their customers often find themselves on a higher growth trajectory than those who don’t. The best way to stay close to customers is to know about their likes & dislikes continuously, but is there is way to do it seamlessly & at a negligible cost? 

Trendy tool in the modern era for customer feedback 

To identify a customer’s requirement and improve a company’s products and services, it is essential to implement technology that supports interactions with customers and quickly collects their feedback. Since customer opinions are frequently collected for the product as a whole and are challenging to modify and quantify, gathering customer feedback for anything & everything can be very difficult. To address this challenge, companies are now adopting SaaS-based products to offer easy-to-use tools and collect insightful customer feedback for the products and services offered. 

To get the actual feedback from customers, businesses also use QR codes, which can help them understand their overall experience, including needs. QR codes are very easy to install & give a better experience to customers. Having a QR code for collecting customers’ feedback is one thing, but the most imperative is to ensure the process is easy and provides latitude to businesses to change the topic or the questionnaire within no time frequently! This can help companies/businesses to understand most of the things, if not everything, about their customers. To know everything about customers, one needs to decode their hidden metaphors, and the popular approach is Qualitative research. 

These can ensure that businesses learn about their customers at every stage of their journey and collect insights about experience, demands, preferences, and challenges with minimum effort from customers and at a minimal cost to businesses. 

The understanding of customers’ feedback may quickly improve sales volume. They can also significantly sustain and retain clients or customers for a long time and create new business strategies. Further, with the help of technology, customer feedback can be analyzed much faster and make effective decisions to get better ROI.

The product that offers all these solutions to businesses is Me-Grow.

Endless Possibilities for Businesses

For companies to have a smart strategy and evolve their businesses, is to pay attention to user feedback and build strategies around it. A product that allows feedback at every customer touch-point with the ability to act on this feedback, it will be as good as redefining customer-centrism. In the longer run, the businesses will stay closer to their customers, take a farther leap from their competitors and embark on a steep growth curve. 

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