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As Founder & CEO at FasterrWeb, Anshul helps FasterrWeb customers overcome the challenges they face today in their Digital Optimisation. Anshul has a proven executive management track record and over 16 years of experience driving development, sales & growth in the technology industry. Earlier, Anshul was Chief Operating Officer for MBA Rendezvous, the largest student portal where he oversaw the technology functions, sales, and alliance development. He is a seasoned engineering leader with extensive experience in managing and growing software development teams. With experience of more than a decade in Core development in the IT industry, he has served big market leaders like IBM, Ericsson, TCS & Tech Mahindra. He holds a Bachelors in Technology (B.Tech) in Computer Science.


“To travel is to live” – Hans Christian Anderson has become the new millennial mantra owing to the ongoing COVID crisis around the world.

This new normal amidst the pandemic, the Indian hospitality and tourism industry has curated a new marketing strategy – a new travel trend called ‘workation’, in line with what millennials prefer today. Access to a great work environment with 24/7 uninterrupted Wi-Fi in a serene location, whether a mountain or a beach, is what workation comprises of. Working while on a vacation, might sound odd to some people, but after being cooped in the house for months this seems to be a perfect way out. People are bored of being locked up in homes and need a change of scenery, and with most employees still working from home, a working holiday is gaining increasing demand, especially when the third wave is here.

The pandemic has introduced new concepts like social distancing, working and studying from home, using new apps to stay connected with family and friends and more. Another big transformation has been seen in medium and small factories that are adopting technologies at a faster pace to operate during the pandemic and also increase efficiencies. They are learning the use of collaborative robots or cobots.

When one thinks of working out of a place apart from home, the basic and most significant parameter required is fast internet and fast loading of websites. Nowadays, users expect the websites to load not in minutes but in a couple of seconds at tops. Speed has become a new norm in the new normal.

No matter the extent and scope of your website or the significance it holds for your business, one blunder that no doubt countless people regret is the vital element of good and effective hosting. Indeed, nothing can be more disparaging to a visitor than lethargic page load times, snail-like check-out services, videos that take forever to play and so on. And when a frustrated potential customer navigates away from your page for any of these reasons, they’re taking their money and their potential referrals and recommendations with them. Speed is an integral part of user experience.

It is human nature to consider a faster website more dependable and professional. Inversely, a slow website is mostly annoying for users. Most users bounce immediately and prefer visiting other, faster websites to meet their requirements. Turning around that negative impression can be very challenging. FasterrWeb does exactly that for you. It is a Website Speed optimization agent which once installed can double the speed of websites & this phenomenon is recognised by Google.

It is available for both hosted & self-hosted platforms. FasterrWeb is now poised to automate SEO optimization. Optimizing your website for mobile users also is undeniably the most essential thing and the best thing you can do for your online business. You will be surprised to know that mobile traffic has increased 222% in the last 7 years and according to the latest data; more than 52% of the users surf the internet from mobile devices.

To conclude, I believe the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the world’s acceptance of remote work as a default work model. In essence, innovation coupled with digital transformation happens to be the most crucial survival factors for those who want to counter the COVID waves. As digital capabilities improve and connectivity becomes omnipresent, technology is poised to quickly and radically change nearly every sector of India’s economy.

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