Prashant Sharma, Co-Founder & Director, myClassroom

Prashant Sharma is the CEO & Founder of My Classroom, India’s First Blended Learning (Offline + Online) one-stop solution for Boards, IITJEE, NEET, and all National as well as International Olympiads like NTSE, KVPY, JSTSE, NSTSE, RMO, etc. Prashant began his journey in the education industry as a mentor, a teacher quite earlier in his life. As he started guiding students during his engineering days in 2008, he has tutored and led the way for more than 10,000 aspiring young engineers and doctors since then. His penchant for shaping up and nurturing young minds led him to join prestigious IIT JEE & NEET institutes of India, where he steered the path of success for many single-digit AIR Toppers in both Medical and Engineering exams multiple times.


It is a common trend in India, where every year, about 1.5 lakh – 2 lakh aspirants migrate to Kota, hoping to ace exams such as IIT JEE & NEET. Kota is famous for education, as it has been catering to students with top ranks over the years consistently. However, the delivery of education is so immaculately disciplined in the coaching centers present there that when a child joins an institution, they have to mould themselves to the new lifestyle of endless classes and indefinite study hours. This ‘coaching style’ takes a huge toll on a child’s mind, especially the one who has just been uprooted from their hometown. The distressing feeling of leaving family, friends, and lovingly abode behind is not well handled by students leading to distorted focus from studies. Moreover, it gets difficult for most middle-class families to abundantly support their child on a financial note, which has become yet another reason why parents and children from smaller parts of India are approaching a more accessible & affordable means of learning: ‘Online learning’.

The recent advancements in technology have made it possible for students even in the remotest corners of the country to get access to India’s top teachers for IIT JEE and NEET preparations. Edtech companies have transcended the boundaries of learning in today’s globalized world. Students from smaller towns, villages or Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities can take advantage of online coaching’s flexibility in terms of time and accessibility. They can now attend lectures from the best teachers, interact with them, and obtain quality education from the comfort of their own hometowns.

Edtech firms have contributed immensely to ‘student progress reading’ through the latest top-shelf technology in their platforms. Students are able to compete healthily among their peers from all over the nation without the need of stepping out of their hometowns. Moreover, there are added benefits of ‘Hybrid learning’, including smart-classrooms inclusive of smart boards, 2-way-interactive lectures, AI adaptive assessments, & much more. The inculcation of hybrid learning is established in these smaller cities & towns through smart centers, which have made it extremely accessible for students to get the best education guaranteed.

These smart centers are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to support every need of students; even teachers find it more functional. As they can now evaluate each student’s study-related behavioral issues, improvements, and mistakes which often go unnoticed in contrast to ‘ traditional coaching classrooms’. Additionally, artificial intelligence has made it possible for every student to have a personalized learning experience, making them assess their mistakes and work on their shortcomings. The presence of smart classrooms are highly effective and preferred by students, as now they can re-watch live lectures anytime and anywhere. The quality of content found on online learning platforms provided by edtech is consistent & quality assured; complemented with complete complaint redressal systems for a hassle-free learning experience.

Working on the same plateau, edtech firms like myClassroom have created limitless options for students by assisting them in recognizing their skills & abilities. myClassroom, with its 16+ smart centers all over India, is dedicated to giving students the best-in-class education. Their motto has always been to bring access to India’s best teachers, quality education and academic rigor for every student right in their city, through Smart classrooms.

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