Venkatesh Ramarathinam, CEO, Vuram

Digital transformation has triggered a paradigm shift in the way businesses operate. The rising demand for technologies like robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years is a mere indication of the increased adoption. According to a report by Grand View Research Inc., the global market size of RPA is expected to rise to 25.56 billion USD by 2027.

Vuram, a hyperautomation services company, specializes in low-code automation to help enterprises overcome and solve their business challenges. It works with a hyperautomation technology stack that comprises a low-code application development platform, RPA, AI, OCR, and analytics to enable enterprises to reimagine the way their end-to-end business processes can be automated.

Vuram started its journey in 2011 as a 4-member team and now, 9 years down the line, the company boasts an average overall growth rate of 115% over the years. Founded by Venkatesh Ramarathinam with an idea to redefine how IT services are done, the organisation has now grown stronger as a 580+ member team and with a global presence across 6 countries: Australia, Canada, India, Mexico, Netherlands, and the US.

9 Years of Exponential Growth

Being an industry leader for over 9 years, Vuram is synonymous with quality, customer success, and expertise required to achieve true digital transformation. The organisation started out as a pure-play Appian services provider—a premier low-code development platform. After establishing its leadership position in the low-code space, Vuram embarked on a full-stack hyperautomation journey, adding UiPath, BluePrism, Applied Intelligence, Abby and Power BI to its offerings.

Adopting an ‘Empathy first, Technology next’ approach, Vuram has been delivering 100% customer success since its inception. With a commitment to elevating customer service and value, the company is constantly seeking ways to innovate and solve modern-day business challenges through its services and industry-specific solutions.

The Pandemic and Vuram’s Response to it

Despite the catastrophic impact of the pandemic, Vuram’s business has witnessed positive growth; the company’s fundamentals in terms of good customer service and high-quality work have enabled it to sustain the growth. Throughout the period, it has been delivering value to its customers through low-code automation platforms.

  • Through its Offerings

Vuram quickly built solutions that resolved pandemic-driven challenges for its customers. Vuram has witnessed significant traction in the education sector around a solution that enables university administrators to enable a safe return of their community to campus. Drawing heavy interest in the SMB financial institutions, the Cares Paycheck protection program has helped the small business administration and banks to continue with the government-related funding.

  • Undisturbed Recruitment

On the recruitment front, despite the pandemic and corresponding lockdown, the company has been hiring remotely in almost all its office locations across the globe. It quickly adapted to the uncertain times and has recruited more than 150 Vuramites in 2020, a mix of freshers and lateral hires. This year, the company envisions continuing its hiring efforts to become a 1000-member organisation.

Vuram is propelled by its founding dream: creating the happiest and most nourishing workplace where passionate hearts and creative minds can come together to redefine services and provide ingenious solutions. As a recognition of the efforts towards creating a happy and nourishing workplace, for the last three years, Vuram has been one the top 50 Great Mid-Size Workplaces in India recognised by the Great Place to Work Institute. In 2020, Vuram ranked 10th among India’s Great Mid-Size Workplaces.

  • Innovating to Staying Connected

Besides the efforts taken internally to maintain Vuramites’ mental health and well-being, when Vuram realised it cannot celebrate the company annual event, it built a virtual platform in record time. On ‘EventHall’—a hybrid event platform—more than 500 people participated virtually in the event. The features such as games, live and recorded sessions, workshops, stalls, and live and on-demand performances simulated an experience that matched the rich, physical company event that Vuram used to celebrate.

2021 – The Way Forward

With a consistent focus that has helped Vuram achieve recognition in the realm of low-code enterprise automation and hyperautomation services, it is well-positioned to reach its growth targets.

In 2021, Vuram is hopeful of continued growth and planning for accelerated growth in addition to expanding to new geographies and specialising in a few verticals. We are strengthening our hyperautomation offering and looking at innovative ways to deliver higher returns on customers’ technology investment at a faster pace. We are also taking up the challenge of upskilling our entire team on being hyperautomation consultants. Based on the learnings from 2020, we will continue to focus on point solutions that address very specific use cases, providing excellent value in the short and long run.

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