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With 14 years of professional experience in Public Relations & Marketing, Anindita comes with a deep understanding of the dynamic media and communication landscape in India. Through her successful stint with reputed PR agencies like Genesis Burson & Marsteller, Percept Profile and Mileage Communications and many more, she has worked closely with clients across verticals, such as travel, hospitality, F&B, fashion & lifestyle, entertainment, IT and corporate.


As we await the first round of vaccines to be properly delivered throughout the country, we can’t help but think of the huge task that the government has on its shoulder. Bearing most of the burden of this humongous task is the Logistics sector which will be responsible for safely delivering the vaccines in the most urban areas to the remotest location of the country. This is a one of a kind challenge for all Logistics brands that are undertaking this arduous task. It will test the resolve, effectiveness, coordination and last-mile delivery capability along with the operational strength of these logistics companies.

Though all these factors are paramount for selection of delivering vaccines, a brand name and brand presence is extremely crucial. A proper communication strategy has helped Logistics companies to bag the mandate of delivery of vaccines. Taking a cue from these companies’ other Logistic firms should have their communication strategy in place to be a part of such historic projects.

Here is a list of four reasons why these logistic companies must invest in PR:

Building credibility: Helping brands build credibility among various stakeholders is the biggest asset that a communication strategy provides. In the present situation building, credibility and trust are extremely crucial for any brand as vaccines are a matter of life and death and only a credible brand will be entrusted with such a task. Through effective and relevant narratives across various industry-related news stories, opinion articles, and participation in industry events, brands can leverage PR to create multi-platform engagement.

Brand leadership: Brands can create a much-needed impact in the minds of the audience, government bodies and various stakeholders by building thought leadership and highlighting their expertise and core competencies. The need for a subject matter expertise has never been felt more. The most effective and efficient way is to have a PR agency, which will help to position the brand as a thought leader and subject matter expert in the particular sector with the help of industry story participation and opinion articles in various mainlines and trade publications. This will instil the much-needed confidence of the government and people in the brand.

Face behind the brand: Vaccines are a matter of life and death. Hence a face behind the logistics brand, which can be trusted, is extremely crucial important. Just like thought leadership helps in building confidence having a spokesperson speaking about their brand and initiatives instils a sense of assurance along with creating a visibility for the person and the brand which is extremely crucial in these tough times.

Talk about reach: At the end of all, the most important thing is whether a brand can deliver the vaccines to the last mile. PR can help brands to highlight their capacity and strength needed to deliver the vaccines.

This entire exercise of delivering vaccines to the whole country is one of the biggest collaborative effort ever witnessed by the Logistics Industry. Brands that have invested in communication and PR are reaping the benefits. It is great learning for others as we never know when our communication efforts can bring us to the limelight.

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