Ashish Aggarwal, CEO and Founder, Indo Innovations

Indo Office Solution’s CEO, Ashish Aggarwal, has more than 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur. Indo Innovations, the brainchild of Ashish, is an umbrella brand of Indo Office Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Despite having a settled business and a strong background, Ashish did not compromise on his educational goals. A BBA graduate from Bradford University, UK (IILM), he further pursued MBA in Strategic and International Business from ENPC, Paris. Following the completion of his MBA, he cracked a suitable job offer in Paris, but he had his own dreams to chase.


As the world was completely shaken by the pandemic, a lot of people lost their jobs, such strict were the safety measures, taken by the government for the safety of people. However, then with the introduction of work from home policy came little relief to the workers, which allowed them to carry on to their office life, but just from their homes. In the beginning, even that arrangement seemed to fail when people were unable to bring in the same productivity from their homes due to the unavailability of the right office furniture type, which was later resolved.

According to the experts, the offices are more than ever prepared for another lockdown, which would not be possible without the furniture range designed for working from homes. In some organizations, employees are reporting more productivity while working from homes, which is an achievement in itself, due to which, many industry leaders are considering work from home policy to be permanent for most of their employees.

Various industry leaders believe that work from home is the future of offices, which came as a life saviour in the lockdown, is likely to be put in effect permanently. And it has been possible only because of the contribution of the office furniture industry, which worked day and night to design such productive furniture range, which allowed workers to carry on to their office life from homes. In the situation of another lockdown, while many other industries, from Foods & Beverage industry to the Real Estate industry are likely to suffer, the offices, on the other hand, might not be affected by another lockdown.

From the ergonomic chairs to the mobile desks, the office furniture sector made sure to provide a huge range of office furniture to their employees. It can be assumed that work from home furniture range comes with more benefits when compared to office furniture range, as it is specially designed to provide employees with the utmost comfort while keeping it easily accessible. Some such furniture includes standing desks, ergonomic chairs, corner desks, and many more. Where standing desks are new to the industry, allowing a person to work on a desk while standing, they are designed specially keeping in mind the health benefits they can add to the work-life of any worker. On the other hand, ergonomic chairs are for the workers who wish to work on till long hours without having their back hurt, as ergonomic chairs come with the lumbar support.

With the work from home furniture range, the office furniture industry has made it possible for the workers to carry on to their office lives with more productivity and ease, as they fit the lifestyle of every worker. For the employees with tight space in their homes, there are corner tables and desks which can be assembled, and for employees complaining about not having comfortable chairs, there are ergonomic chairs & standing desks, making every work from home arrangement possible and effective.

More about Ashish Aggarwal

Ashish was always determined to join his father’s business and take it to new levels of success. Thus, after declining a golden job opportunity in Paris, he joined his father’s business in 2003. The father-son duo achieved great penetration in the market, with their deep understanding of the business. In the year 2009, Ashish added a new wing to his company and introduced its own brand ‘INDO’. There has been no looking back since then. In time he has collaborated with several internationally acclaimed brands from the USA, South Korea, Spain, Germany, New Zealand, etc. who are leading exporters of varied office equipment to more than 100 countries. Other than a thriving professional life, Ashish believes in living his personal life to the fullest. He loves travelling, go-karting, cricket and reading when he is not busy pursuing his professional dreams.

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