Praveshh Gaur, Founder & CEO, Srauta Wellness Center

Praveshh Gaur a management professional and entrepreneur driven by his passion for fitness. He is known for his risk-taking capabilities for new ventures that he believes in, but also possessing the skills and putting in all the hard work and dedication to make any project successful. Praveshh is currently managing companies like Srauta wellness, “FastFit”, “Cafe five Koshas” and Speedways mega trucking with equal dedication and passion. He is always open for new ideas and venture.


Covid-19 has taught us all one thing irrespective of our caste, religion, country and other such human stratification which is, health comes second to none. Staying fit and healthy has to be everyone’s priority under any circumstances. Going by an old proverb, “if there is life there is the world.” One can do wonders in life, only if his or her health supports. Sadly, Indians do not take up a pro-active approach to health. A plethora of gyms opened in every nook and corner does not suffice to help people because they never approach these temples of health.

Considering the striking statistical figure of a survey conducted by one of India’s largest fitness discovery platform across India, 53% of the participants concurred that they lack the discipline to stay fit. This huge percentage does include the respondents who skip hitting the gym more than 3 times a week and those who have never seen the face of a gym in their entire lives. This speaks volumes about why modern India is so unhealthy, unfit and weak. Period

Strangely, the sense of carelessness in people is not clearly visible in their efforts to gain health and fitness but other aspects related to health as well. Majority of Indians do not pay heed to keep a watch on their basic health profile. For instance, according to a survey, 60.4 per cent of respondents never got their blood pressure checked at a clinic in their proximity. This attitude-laden with irresponsibility and indifference has cost Indians everything, including lives. Over the years, there is a trend in India where normal life expectancy has gone down to 70-75, which used to be 85-90 only 10 years back.

These days, we see young people dying of heart attacks and other severe diseases which used to be common in old age. It traces down to the fact that the biological age of a person may be less, but his or her heart has grown much older and weak. News of people losing their lives to cardiac arrests even at the age of 40 has stopped surprising people around. It has become so common these days which is not only a matter of concern but a national emergency.

What Stops Indians to Join Gyms and Exercise?

Saying that there is a lack of gyms in even a small town can only be considered as an excuse to not hit the gym. A number of gyms PAN-India has increased more than 34% in the last 5 years. One can easily spot a regular gym nearby for sweating it out for avoiding major health risks or staying in shape. There is no denying that fitness enthusiasts face a number of issues when it comes to the status of the majority of gymnasiums like they don’t have proper infrastructure, there is a scarcity of trained fitness trainers in those gyms, shabby maintenance and high membership fee for the decent ones.

For the aforementioned reasons and lack of time, there are a lot of people who prefer performing exercises at home or some nearby park. But 67 % of Indians who exercise remain confined to basic physical activities like brisk walking. It obviously narrow downs the chances of them staying fit and fails to make any considerable difference in their health status. Only 26% of Indians are at par with the WHO recommended amount of physical activities that cover yoga/Pilates, 11 % who perform cardio and team sports and only 10% who take up bodyweight exercises. This is certainly too less for a nation where 26 per cent of total NCD are due to cardiovascular disorders.

Wake Up Call for India

If WHO reports are to be believed, the picture is really scary. India is the most depressed country and India fails China and America in that. India is home to a huge number of diabetic people and the present number would double itself by the end of 2025. Fitness India Movement took a backseat amidst corona situation. Common people have to realize that nobody else can do it for you until you are committed to yourself. Finding yourself the best gym and fitness instructor in your vicinity is the only way out to keep yourself motivated and driven towards fitness. With this, you don’t only help the longevity but also the quality of your life. After all, a person gets only one life to aspire and fulfil dreams while enjoying life. Invest a little time and money in your fitness, let your health does not create barriers but support in achieving your goals.

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