KD Kuldeep Singh, Business Coach

Dealing in FMCG, health, and wellness products, Mr. Kuldeep has a team of lakhs of people working with him. Out of which, some of the family’s incomes have surpassed lakhs in a short period. Kuldeep Singh has managed to attain his dream life by venturing into the world of direct selling marketing, and now, he mentors thousands of people to achieve their dreams.


In the past two years, the businesses have endured many hardships due to the pandemic; some even had to shut down their operations. The time that has gone by was quite harsh for the businesses, especially the small ones.

But in the year 2022, the businesses have gained momentum. They are doing their best to perform well in the market to retain old customers and acquire new ones. Here are some business trends in 2022 that you need to know about. 

More focus on eco-friendliness and sustainability

Businesses have long been making their production techniques as eco-friendly as possible so that their business activities do minimal or no harm to the environment. 

The businesses are also focusing on sustainability by adopting methods that reduce energy consumption and minimise the generation of greenhouse gases.

The eco-friendly measures can help the businesses build a good reputation and contribute to society in the best way possible. 


E-commerce has gained more importance after the pandemic. Even people who were not comfortable buying products online have started shopping online while using the benefits it offers. Considering this change in trend, businesses are now paying more attention to having online platforms. This not only helps them keep up with the digitalisation movement but also expands their reach and gets more customers. The development of mobile apps, websites, and listing the products on online platforms are some of the activities the businesses are focusing on.

Payment options for customers

Customers nowadays have shifted to online payment methods, the trend of which also gained momentum during the pandemic because of the necessity of contactless payments. Continuing with this practice, the customers now want various payment options to cater to. The businesses have started offering multiple payment options so that the customers have the utmost convenience in payment.

Customised customer services

This era is the era of customisation. Customisation makes the consumers feel important and valued, ultimately raising the standard of business in the customer’s mind. Brands nowadays are making every effort to provide customised goods and services to their customers which suit their needs and effectively fulfil their requirements. When choosing where to spend the money, the customers are also looking for options with customisations available and offer maximum benefits at reasonable prices. 

Businesses with virtual and digital services

Businesses that provide virtual and digital services like online consultations, fast deliveries, virtual events, medical services, cybersecurity, at-home fitness, online education, remote working etc., will continue to be in trend because of the level of convenience they offer their availability at reasonable prices. 

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