Ayushi Arora, Founder & CEO, Media Corridors

A firm believer of, ‘You ought to be very clear about the roadmap because the struggles come when the steps are not aligned with what you want,’ is a prodigious woman entrepreneur – Ayushi Arora Gulyani, Director & Founder of Media Corridors, a Marketing & Branding Agency aimed at making brands build an exemplary image in front of their target audience through engaging brand stories and creatives. With full-fledged clarity about her goals and passion at the age of 25, an effervescent Ayushi, carved a niche in the business world by setting up her venture in 2015. She started this with marketing projects of giant corporations such as IL&FS Technology, TCS, Mawana Sugar, InterGlobe Hotels and with time bagged more marketing projects with startups such as Sqrrl, Moglix, Intellolabs, Propstory and more.


India has the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in the world, India has about 50,000 startups in around 8,900 – 9,300 of these are technology led startups 1300 new tech. India indeed is one of the top countries for any business to thrive. However, it also has a cut-throat competition that one needs to manage with patience and determination. As per reports, about 19 percent of startups fall out of the race due to their inability to handle the market competition.

Inorder to cut through the noise and rise your start-up from the competitive market one has to adapt or start practicing many other methods such as marketing, advertisements, digital marketing, PR & etc.

When it comes to public relations getting the media’s attention is the goal of public relations. PR agencies can really help you in achieving your startup goals while sustaining and evolving the whole image of the company in your target audience’s mind. In what ways PR can help your lost startup.

Creates a Social Media Presence

PR professionals creates a presence for your company on major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. This presence generates continuing PR possibilities. Post on a regular, relevant, and fascinating basis. Inform bloggers and members of the media about information, activities, and events that their readers will be interested in.

Identifies Your Objectives/Define Your Message

PR will get your goals on the correct track, but a lack of goals will assure that your PR will fail. Goals might include:

  • Increase the number of qualified website visits
  • Bring in new consumers
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Create thought leadership

PR helps in creating a consistent and accessible message which will define your aims. What do you want customers to remember about your company? Why should anyone be concerned? What is your unique selling point of the brand/company?

Selects A Newsworthy Subject

With so much competition for media attention among startups and established firms, it may be difficult to stand out. PR makes you stand out with a striking message that distinguishes you.

The professionals select issues that are considered noteworthy by your target audience. This may be the debut of your startup or a new product or service. Other newsworthy things to think about include:

  • Executive hire
  • Added funds
  • The new location
  • a significant achievement for the company

Because you are a startup, competing with larger firms which will be tough, picture your release coincident with a MNC’s product launch! So don’t even attempt. Work smart not hard.

Use of Storytelling

PRs have a wonderful ability of storytelling which emotionally connects you to your audience. And emotion may be a strong motivator. They may also utilize this emotional connection to pique a journalist’s interest.

Getting the media’s attention is the goal of public relations. Journalists’ words have sway on their viewers. When they write about you and acknowledge you in their publications, they bring your name and firm to the public’s attention. Publicity aids in the growth of your company and may be a vital component of your content and marketing plan. Public relations can really help your startup to stand out from the crowd and shine

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