Harshvardhan Amle, Co-founder and CEO, Upswing Cognitive Hospitality Solutions

Driven by passion and enthusiasm, Harshvardhan Amle, Co-Founder and CEO of Upswing Hospitality Cognitive Solutions – a new-age predictive data solutions startup for the hospitality & travel industry. While he was conceptualizing for Upswing in 2019, he realized that almost every company in any given industry has a big data strategy in place and they take benefits of the data in a way that helps them and their customers massively. Some of these insights helped him with his innovations in the creation of the company and further develop the cloud-based tech platform. Harshvardhan has been a part of the hospitality industry for the last 14 years. He has significant experience of working with hotels and selling software technology products across various countries in South-East Asia.


With the significant rise of blockchain technology and its intervention across industries, businesses are more focused on following the current trends of the technology to develop and grow. Every industry has its particular nature of functioning business. However, a few basics remain identical across such as consistent upgrading of the available data, innovative and systematic approach, secured and measurable outcomes, delegation, and customer satisfaction of customer retention. 

 Blockchain technology is well known for its three important pillars, such as decentralization, transparency, and immutability. Industries have been seen to be adapting to newer technologies which are beneficial for most perspectives. According to the reports by Gartner, by 2022, at least one innovative business built on blockchain technologies will be worth $10 billion. Earlier to last year, before the pandemic hit the world, the travel and hospitality industry was always considered as one of the highest profit-making industries due to the business aesthetics for the end-users. 

 The core of the travel and hospitality industry

 The travel and hospitality industry deals directly with the guests for their better experiences as customers. The happy customers with hassle-free check-ins, guest journeys, contact-less bookings would always want to return to the same services and revolve around upgrading their future experiences. To ensure this is maintained, this industry is continuously advancing the current operating hospitality solutions with newer technologies where guest data is best treated and protected with the help of the right tools such as machine learning and deep learning. 

 How tech implementations can subsidize the industry challenges?

 Technology has always played a role of a game-changer for the growth of businesses. Especially, in the sectors where guest relations are considered, usage of tech advancements is a must for errorless solutions, timely results, data-driven approach, transparency, and security. 

 Blockchain integration additionally for better performance 

 With an added leg of blockchain to the current hospitality cognitive solutions, they can control when and how their data can be accessed. It prevents the misuse of the guest’s personal, sensitive information. The technology also helps in protecting the data with a decentralized implementation that eliminates the single point of failure which is there in monolithic systems. As a result, once the guests can build a sense of trust between hotels and guests, they are valued as loyal customers. Reports suggest that by 2023, blockchain will support the global movement and tracking of $2trillion goods and services annually. 

 Upswing’s edge 

 Upswing Cognitive Hospitality Solutions, a new-age predictive data solutions startup for the hospitality and travel industry provides its customers with data-driven cognitive solutions for a seamless guest experience. Upswing went ahead with blockchain’s implementation and designed their blockchain. As the development started for blockchain, they hit many road bumps but successfully built it and have been successfully integrated into Upswing’s tech ecosystem. The company is ready with its prototype and has also improvised its solution for better performance, agility, and scalability.  

With the blockchain, Upswing has developed an ecosystem to share the guest identity document with hoteliers. Upswing empowers guests to have control over their sensitive data that can be accessed by the hotelier, at the same time the hotelier can verify the documents just with a click. Also, with blockchain implementation, Upswing has ensured higher security.  

Upswing Cognitive Hospitality Solutions has been able to provide a seamless guest experience and ensure hassle-free check-ins with guests having control over their data and hoteliers having the ease to verify those documents on the fly. With the situations slowly normalizing for healthy returns, the future of the travel and hospitality industry seems bright with newer and better technological solutions. 

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