Sumanyu Soniwal, Founder and CEO, Wiztales

Sumanyu Soniwal, Founder and CEO, Wiztales is the most promising and fastest-growing company in Experiential Event-Tech Space in India. He aims at transforming the event industry with the most upbeat technical solutions. By launching Wiz365 The most powerful Virtual Events Platform, Sumanyu is leading the new normal for the event industry.


In recent times, we are witnessing a shift in corporate practices. Along with established corporations, a slew of new businesses is sprouting up to compete with the giants. D2C brands, on the other hand, have no intermediaries and are directly involved in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of their products, unlike traditional firms. As a result, collaborating with retail sites or pop-up stores to distribute products or ship directly to customers is essential. To keep up with market developments and competition, they must maintain a close eye on their customer community, and product users for brand recall, product feedback, and customer relationships.

As most D2C brands do not have a large budget for offline promotions, they rely on the virtual events platform to drive product launches, customer engagement sessions, influencer-specific events, events, and marketing activities to keep logistics partners engaged and informed about the products.

Due to the implementation of COVID -19 protocols in recent years, event planners have learned that virtual platforms can easily handle the limits of physical events, such as geographical constraints, budgets, and event management, among other things.

D2C brands can effectively employ virtual events in the following segments:

Virtual Product Launch: Virtual product launches are significant for expanding the reach of a physical product launch. Streaming a launch event live on a virtual-event platform that is suited to the theme of the product being presented helps in a mass outreach. It also allows users to play product-related games and purchase freshly revealed products directly from the product launch event platform, generating excitement around the new product or service.

Virtual Conferences: Any company that wants to become a market leader must continue to hold successful, regular, and cost-effective user conferences with a stellar speaker lineup to attract attention and engage more customers. D2C enterprises may conduct a high number of user conferences in a quarter because the cost of sponsoring a virtual event is around a fourth of the cost of having a physical event with a larger audience.

Combining the conference with a virtual exhibition of their product line, as well as offering guests the possibility to win free samples by interacting with the entire Virtual Event Platform, allows them to enter the market much more quickly.

Inviting industry leaders and influencers to connect with the audience in the networking area ensures that customers gain a deeper understanding of the brand’s product or service. The only way to engage with a larger group is through a virtual event platform.

Virtual Society events: During the pandemic societies, groups, and organizations recognized the need to connect with their target audience online and learn about their interests. With this in mind, they started planning a virtual carnival, Tambola, movie night, and other enjoyable activities to stay connected. This contributed to the creation of a virtual vivid enjoyable space where people connect and engage for fun and frolic.

Employee engagement events with rewards and recognition: The culture of new-age direct-to-consumer brands is still evolving. They are adored by their employees because of the activities they plan for them. In the age of remote work settings, virtual event platforms allow employees to be pleased with Employee Engagement Platforms and also to be awarded Virtual Award ceremonies.

Virtual networking events: Mixers and networking events are great ways to meet people who share your interests. Our AI-based matchmaking features on the platform may be used to arrange networking events like hackathons, which is an exciting new way to meet like-minded people.

Virtual Seller meets: Virtual multi-city seller meetings save time and money. Companies hold workshops for their salespeople to improve their ability to communicate with other brand representatives. It assists brands in identifying the demands of their sellers and demonstrates how to increase their performance on the aggregator platform. Virtual events are incredibly cost-effective and aid in the development of seller communities.

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The rising use of the internet in many facets of our life is changing customer behavior, and D2C firms are profiting from this transition. From e-commerce to the metaverse, we’ve gone a long way, and virtual event platforms are just the beginning. There is still a lot to come in terms of technology and customer experience, and both businesses and customers are ready to experience it all.

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