Gautam Dhar, Managing Director & CEO, Plantas

Mr. Gautam Dhar began working at a young age & was a firm believer in acquiring as much knowledge as possible & seizing every opportunity that life presented. Hard work, vision, strategic alignment & business experience, rooted in a solid wellness background is what characterized his amazing professional journey. His celebrated career spanned over 36 years & more than 30 countries establishing him as a thought leader in the personal care domain. Mr. Dhar has been associated with world-renowned companies like Nestle & PepsiCo in F&B; P&G, Estee Lauder & IsaDora in personal care and Dior & Oakley in fashion. 


The generation now is more aware & conscious about their health and wellness, also it is observed that in this decade the people are shifting from an artificial/unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle by choosing organic solutions in all genres of life, ranging from food to skincare. This switching was necessary as the number of chemicals that are being used in producing skincare products are associated with various kinds of harmful side effects, including birth defects, skin irritation, Hormonal imbalances, Skin infections, and even cancer.

Plantas a new personal care brand is an all-Natural & Organic brand with an extensive range of Skin Care, Hair Care, Body Care, and Eye Care products. Plantas is India’s first and the only brand with a complete range of 100% Natural & 95%+ organic products certified by ECOCERT GREENLIFE, FRANCE under COSMOS V3 standards. All of the products are 100% Vegan as well.

With an aim to take care of the personal care of our consumers & also to make the mother earth a more sustainable, safer & better place to live in for generations to come, we make sure that the products are made from plants that are cultivated without the involvement of hazardous chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. This signifies that there are no traces of harsh chemicals, phthalates, parabens, mineral oils, PABA, petrolatum, paraffin, or any animal ingredients in any of our products.

Organic personal care products are made of ingredients that are similar to the ones our bodies produce like amino acids, antioxidants, etc. These products promote skin health and enrich it from both inside & outside. Moreover, if you have sensitive skin, you will know how it can be easily irritated, and skin products with chemicals often leave your skin feeling dried, red, damaged, and sored. You can find natural alternatives to all synthetic skin products, whether you want to get rid of acne, tan, pigmentation, spots, wrinkles, or want to achieve healthy skin. Organic skin care products work effectively because they are super kind to your skin.

In addition to that, a survey says that an average synthetic skincare product contains about 5% of active ingredients only while an average organic product contains 70% of active ingredients (In Plantas product it is even significantly above 70%) which makes it more effective on your skin. In the larger picture, organic skincare products have turned out to be helpful for the environment as well. All the chemicals that go down the drain while using chemical-based skincare products get mixed into massive water bodies, thereby harming the aquatic life as well as its flora. Clearly, the same can’t be stated about organic skincare products.

Plantas vision is ‘To make a meaningful difference in the lives of millions across the world by redefining their concept of beauty and bliss through an offering of the purest essence of nature with products at an accessible price point (which in most cases the price points are in the premium/super premium bracket for most certified organic brands if not all) for more & more people to use and make the world increasingly sustainable. Our philosophy is to maintain complete transparency among our current customers & make a more sustainable, safer & better place to live in for generations to come.’

Presently, Plantas has a portfolio of 50 products in the face, skin, eye, and hair care which we plan to increase to about 75 by end of this year. Plantas is also planning to launch two new verticals which will be a surprise for the time being because they will be unique in nature & one of their kind in Asia for both domestic & international markets. But we assure you that every product we manufacture is 100% Natural, 95%+ Organic, and 100% Vegan in nature. As protecting mother earth is an important factor along with protecting the skin of the consumers, hence the products are packaged in recyclable/biodegradable packs & soon we will be coming up with 95%+ biodegradable packing-which is why we are sustainable and we comply with the world’s sustainability standards. 

If you haven’t switched to organic skincare products yet, let us all start paying attention to our skin today and swiftly move towards a healthy skincare regime. 

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