Pratham Barot, Co-Founder and CEO, Zell Education

Pratham is the Co- Founder and CEO of Zell Education. Starting with ACCA (Global CA) and working at an auditing firm (along with his graduation), Pratham had a head start among his peers. His drive to make a dent in the academic universe led him to achieve Rank 1 (National) & Rank 24 (Globally) in an ACCA exam. His professional experience as an ACCA at PwC exposed him to the wide skill gaps in the industry – a challenge he made his ambition to resolve.


EdTech start-ups have revolutionized the way education is imparted in the current digital era. Many platforms have been set-up to provide seamless education to the growing learners. The number of learners has also increased as EdTech platforms provide the tools for working professionals and entrepreneurs to upskill and enhance their knowledge in their desired field. Online learning was prevalent in the pre-COVID era as well. However, face-to-face learning was the preferred medium as the personal touch was beneficial for both students and teachers. However, with digital disruption, various platforms have developed unique learning solutions, which ensure the entire holistic development of students. EdTech companies are constantly working to provide high quality education through technological assistance, personalisation learning and effective learning models to engage the students in the learning process.

Traditional learning was primarily focused on memorizing the course content, passing and clearing the grade without any retention and application of knowledge. Face-to-face learning was the common medium of imparting education at that time. However, with the online learning platforms the teaching models have become more engaging and creative. Traditional learning was very redundant and lacked the creativity that enhances the mind of a learner. With the advent of various online tools, EdTech platforms have created an ecosystem wherein the creative activities, quizzes and other online tools are changing the way education is pursued. Education has now become a fun activity; wherein experiential learning has become the new trend. EdTech platforms are constantly working on improving the quality of their user-interface, to make learning seamless and interesting. The aim is to create a holistic development of students, wherein they are not only educated but also given an opportunity to evolve into the best version of themselves.

Online learning has a lot of advantages for the education sector. Personalised learning ensures that every student has an opportunity to freely express themselves and enhance their growth in the most unique way. Critical thinking ability of students has been enhanced as application-based learning has become the new trend. EdTech companies are focusing on enhancing the mindset of students by training them to apply the concepts learnt from the course content. Various quizzes, debates and assignments have ensured that students receive the most out of these platforms and develop their application-skills to become more ‘work-ready.’

EdTech platforms have introduced various unique solutions, which ensure that the physical distance between the learners and teachers gets effectively bridged. Video conferences, apps and various other platforms have ensured that the user-interface is seamless and easy-to-use. There are many EdTech companies that have adopted the concept of mentorship. Mentors create an ecosystem of growth wherein students can reach out to them to organise their learning process in an effective manner. Mentors effectively bridge the gap between the students and teachers, thereby enhancing the holistic development of students. Online exams and tests ensure that students are well-prepared for the digital world and are easily able to access the various online portals for better knowledge and development.

The EdTech sector is one of the fastest growing industries in the current digital scenario. Various online apps and portals have been set-up to cater to various needs of the market segment. The new-age digital platforms have ensured that students receive the most high-quality education at the comfort of their homes. With the ease in COVID restrictions and the nation going back to the physical world, there is an increase in the hybrid model learning, wherein students will experience the best of both the worlds. This will ensure a positive change as flexibility of learning will increase and students will be allowed to enhance both their digital and interpersonal skills.

With the world moving towards evolution, the EdTech sector is definitely a game-changer in the way education was imparted in the earlier generations. With the digital disruption, there will be an improvement in the quality of education for the future generation of the nation.

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