Chef Sachin Sahgal, Co-Founder, Meatington

Having spent over 20 years in the food industry, working with some of the top brands in India and internationally, Chef Sachin Sahgal, has magic in his mind. With his business dynamism and thorough professionalism, he has created the most sumptuous recipes for every mood. For him food is life, art and magic which evokes emotions like satisfaction, anticipation, and pleasure! His creative genius and innate talent are enhanced by his master’s degree in food science. His past successes include work with The Oberoi, The Great Kebab Factory at the Radisson hotel and several well-known banqueting organisations. In addition to all his accolades, he has also set up award winning restaurants in Ireland.


In the past, there was stigma and prejudice attached to the ready to cook food market in terms of its freshness and the use of preservatives. As technology, innovation, and natural ingredients keep frozen food fresh and intact, it has become increasingly popular for chefs and the hospitality industry worldwide.

In addition to reducing food waste and saving chefs’ time, frozen and ready to cook food further promotes sustainability by reducing hotel costs. With time, the preferences of people have changed too. 

This has resulted in people accepting packaged food that they were once unable to accept, and this has greatly benefited chefs in their daily routines. Here are some key factors that support the use of frozen food regularly: Optimal Standards and High-Quality Assurance With frozen food, safety and quality are assured by the Cold Action process, which kills harmful enzymes in vegetables. 

There are several quality parameters that need to be taken into account before freezing and packaging frozen vegetables. In this way, frozen products are further enhanced in quality. One of the most effective methods is blast freezing, which kills the bacteria and stops further growth. Nutritionally Dense and Healthy Besides being healthy, ready to eat frozen meals are also very nutritious. Foods are frozen immediately after cooking and are locked in their freshness, flavour, and nutrients while they’re at their peak. They will remain frozen until defrosted. As a result, it remains fresh and tasty for a longer period of time.

 The nutritional value of frozen food is the same as that of fresh food. With its convenience and ease of preparation, frozen food is becoming increasingly popular among chefs and hotels. There is a wide range of recipes that can be used with frozen vegetables. Frozen vegetables can drastically reduce the preparation time of many dishes by half because they have already been selected, peeled, and rinsed before being frozen. During rush hours at the hotels/restaurants, chefs can simply heat up some oil in a pan and add the vegetables directly from the bag. However, imagine how much time it’ll take if we cook the dish from scratch.

Frozen foods allow hotels and restaurants to make cooking easier and more affordable, thereby increasing revenue and guest traffic. There is a reduction in manpower costs and fuel costs along with the persistence of consistency.

Long Storage and Availability All Year Round Across the country, frozen meals are available all year round as there are no seasonal restrictions. Therefore, any dish can be enjoyed anytime anywhere.

An Easy and Convenient Way to Avoid Contamination Frozen food is highly reliable & easy to cook. When cooking multiple dishes for too many guests in a restaurant, frozen vegetables minimize time, effort, waste, and food mishandling. As a result, contamination is minimized. The possibilities are endless when it comes to combinations

In today’s market, frozen food includes snacks, appetizers, gravied vegetables, tikkas, kebabs, and biryanis. The versatility of frozen food is one of their advantages. Patties and Tikkis, or paneer tikkas, can be used for delicious sandwiches, burgers,

or quick rolls. As a result, the restaurant can serve a broader selection of the season. Due to the innovation of packaged frozen food, chefs and hotels around the world no longer need to spend endless hours preparing, peeling, and cooking food in the kitchen.

Thus, a skilled & experienced chef can surely satisfy more palates than is usually done by cooking from raw materials. Meatington presents to you an extensive range of veg & non-veg frozen snacks that can be used to prepare multiple dishes anytime anywhere.

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