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Mr. Naresh is an ex- Indian Navy officer. In 2011, He took voluntary retirement from the rank of Commander and along with his wife Ms. Kamayani Mishra, he developed Zyropathy on the basis of his research and experience. In the early 90s, our founders extensively studied ailments and cures through nutrition supplements and had a breakthrough. They began sharing the secret of well-being with others. Through word-of-mouth, the success of their healing combinations spread, and by 2007 they had already advised more than ten thousand patients.


The worldwide epidemic is still having an impact on people’s lives all across the world and is still prompting many of us to take the step to properly take care of ourselves. We’re discovering what practices and habits make us feel our best, whether it be through wholesome home-cooked meals or regular meditations to reduce some of that remaining anxiousness.

In light of this, we firmly think that the majority of us have explored the world of vitamins and supplements to strengthen our immune systems. The advantages we’ve noticed are numerous, even if that wasn’t our primary goal: less brain fog, more productivity, and yes, even a general improvement in our hair, skin, and nails. But what occurs in our body when we ingest or topically apply medications?

Vitamins in the form of supplements are essential for preserving health and regaining overall health in the body. However, most of us may obtain vitamins and minerals via our diet and food. The key to absorbing vitamins and minerals is to first eat healthy food, absorb the nutrients from that diet, and then determine if the body has enough of that nutrient to withstand the everyday stresses that we face. At this point, vitamin supplements are needed and beneficial. You won’t gain much from taking vitamin supplements sometimes if your diet isn’t healthy, to begin with.

When looking for new vitamin supplements, one needs to exercise caution. There are several types of vitamin and mineral supplements. Dosage, components, and quality control are all different amongst manufacturers. Companies can produce low-cost versions of certain vitamin supplements that might not even be absorbed when compared to a similar quality to another product. 

We gradually absorb vitamins and nutrients from our foods into our circulation, then travel to the blood vessels that supply our skin. If that’s the case, then is applying vitamins topically even essential if we are consuming them through a balanced diet and supplements?

It is highly recommended to apply healthy vitamins to the skin’s surface to attain the best vitamin levels in the body. Topical vitamins are restricted to the region of application and are focused on a specific problem. Because vitamins lose part of their strength when they are consumed, some doctors advise taking vitamins orally as well as applying them topically for the best results.

There might be too much of a good thing with vitamins and minerals. Certain vitamin and mineral supplements can be harmful if consumed in large concentrations. These are the nutrients that can build up in our liver and harm our organs. These include zinc and vitamin C, both of which can result in cramps, diarrhea, and nausea. Hair loss, gastrointestinal distress, weariness, and slight nerve damage might all result from consuming too much selenium. Our eyes can be harmed by vitamin A toxicity, while kidney stones, calcium accumulation, and bone discomfort can all be brought on by too much vitamin D. Similar to how too much vitamin application to the skin may seriously irritate it and harm it. 

Hence it is advised to start consuming and applying any vitamins and supplements only after consulting your healthcare provider. It is essential to follow the suggested daily dose while taking vitamins or using them topically and to speak with your doctor if you have any concerns.

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