Sunil Sisodiya, Founder and MD, Geetanjali Homestate

Sunil Kumar Sisodiya, The Founder and MD of Geetanjali Homestate, has more than 14 years of experience in the real estate industry. An extraordinary entrepreneur and a leader in the truest sense, Mr. Sunil Kumar Sisodiya always encourages a harmonious environment wherein the employees work together towards the single goal of meeting the needs of the customers in the finest manner possible. His endeavors in the commercial and residential real estate have given him inside-out knowledge of the industry, ultimately made him the man behind the success of Geetanjali Homestate. Mr. Sisodiya has also won many awards and recognitions from some of the leading media houses in the country.


As the Internet turns out to be more imbued in each feature of our work and individual lives, businesses that essentially depend on face to face associations have begun to embrace new innovation. Embracing new innovation permits organizations to save significant time and assets for future turn of events.

Progressions in innovation are forming the way realtors and property owners explore the home selling and purchasing measure. In the present current world, realtors depend on modern information to drive choices, survey home estimation, and discover ideal purchasers. Staying aware of the occasions can be troublesome, yet the technology that is presently accessible to specialists is an energizing and helpful move. Tech is shaping the real estate industry and agents can absolutely acquire an upper hand by remaining educated on the most recent patterns.

1. Online presence

Real estate markets have consistently depended on face to face gatherings among specialists and possible purchasers. However, technology has took into consideration marketplaces to be moderately secure and dependable, in any event, for enterprises like real estate. Online marketplaces make it simple to see a rundown of the multitude of homes that fit your inclinations without leaving your front room. One can make a web space actually like this. A site that gives things like virtual visits that your customers can see on their cell phone, which can be said fundamental in the today’s times. Sing the right hashtags, creating relevant social media campaigns, with quirky and trending content can help you gain a lot of attention in little time. Facebook is a widely used platform that homeowners and home sellers are actively on. Many real estate businesses have great success using this platform. Success from both paid and organic content and it is your time to join in and take advantage.

2. Price Refinement

Agents frequently depend on only a few area factors and property highlights to make value assessments for properties. However, with advancements like AI and precise mathematical modelling, realtors would now be able to appraise costs more precisely than previously.

3. Client and Lead Management

Today, real estate companies have an assortment of sources for lead generation, however how can one examine the most beneficial channels of client securing or realize when to call the customer next? Having an innovation arrangement installed into the day by day work measure assists organizations with dealing with their leads better and oversees existing customers easily.

4. Improving Tenant Relationships and Proper Asset Management

Tech can likewise help real estate investors upgrade the experience of their occupants from the beginning. You can use online loft the board programming to make it workable for your inhabitants to rent your apartments on the web, make instalments (stores, leases, and charges) and submit fix and upkeep demands at a solitary spot. By utilizing innovation to make everything identified with your property fast and consistent, what you are doing, fundamentally, is upgrading their experience. Tech has likewise made it workable for real estate investors to screen all that is occurring across their whole portfolios. Regardless of whether it is monitoring the costs, checking the work being done, or putting together property information, tech-empowered property the executives must be probably the greatest advancement in this area.

5. Chatbots:

Chatbots help in expanding deals of properties and advertising strategies. This online presence, without any human interfering, encourages the organizations to draw in likely clients. The standard data that is accessible through these Chatbots helps the investors and buyers explore through properties that meet their inclinations. The constant request encourages every one of the guests to the site consistently. All questions are quickly replied by the chatbot and there is no compelling reason to hang tight for a human reaction. If someone is interested in a property, they can get prompt help on it. Chatbots are accessible 24X7 consistently. The realtors are restricted by timings, cut off times and are unquestionably not at our administration for the duration of the day. The chatbot resembles real estate agent, which will address inquiries of your clients, even past the working hours.

6. Blockchain

We are aware of the fact that real estate is inseparable from enormous and heavy transactions. The requirement for intermediaries, like government agents, banks or credit card companies to intrude in buys is wiped out due to blockchain technology. It diminishes the preparing expense and makes it simpler for investors to purchase commercial land. Smart contracts help in effectively finishing transactions between the buyers, renters, sellers and landlord. The need for middlemen doesn’t emerge on the grounds that the buyers can present their data sellers to the merchants in a scrambled structure. The disposal of these brokers like banks speeds up the cycle of the transaction and the odds of frauds lessen extensively.

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