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Gaurav Singh is the founder and CEO of, a leading customer support automation platform. A young and dynamic entrepreneur, Gaurav founded when he was just 25 years old. Born and raised in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, a small town about 400 kilometers away from the capital Bhopal, Gaurav always dreamed of making it big as an entrepreneur. He has been dabbling with all things code since he was 13. Having graduated from the Jabalpur Engineering College, Gaurav started working in TCS, and then moved on to LT Research and Vizury. Shortly after his first company (GoDeliver) was acquired by MagicTiger, Gaurav founded in 2015. Under Gaurav’s leadership, has been ahead of the curve and is on the path to becoming India’s premium and leading customer support automation platform. 


Voice AI is a great example of technology that helps businesses deliver exceptional customer support. Powered by conversational AI, voicebots offer support that is easily accessible by customers. 

With complete digitisation en route, customer preferences are changing and so are the dynamics between businesses and customers. Whether it’s a tangible product or a service, commerce occurs online. This has, unsurprisingly, reduced the opportunity for businesses to have real-time one-to-one vocal conversations and build relationships. 

Driven by AI and  natural language processing (NLP), brands can design a voice chatbot that caters to their industry-specific use cases. Gartner reports that 25% of the customers are expected to start using voice-based interactions by 2023; voicebot customer support is better, personalised, and of course – the fastest. 

Voicebots inherently are driven by quick communication, a wide array of solutions, fast resolution times, and high-end availability.  This is one solid reason why 95% of people think that customer support will benefit from conversational chatbots and voicebots.

5 important tips to augment CX by leveraging voice chatbots

Voicebots are used in many industries with a key focus on customer service to offer unhindered value and support. Here are top 5 tips one must include in their support strategy to render the kind of customer support users expect from brands today: 

  1. Real-time support with fast response times is non-negotiable

When brands quiz their regular customers about their support pet peeves, tthe answer they will most likely get is slow customer service, long wait times and standing in online queues.

To combat this pain point, brands can deploy a powerful voicebot and improve the overall customer experience by reducing the lead time while delivering resolutions. Moreover, AI never sleeps. A voicebot can function round the clock – which means that users can speak to voice AI and get their queries resolved in a matter of seconds, regardless of where the clock’s needle points.

  1. Detangled website navigation

Voice customer service is a smooth runaway that helps users in easy navigation. A business might offer many services and products to a user. Here’s when a voicebot can help the customer navigate through the site to reach the service or product they are looking for.

For example, a voice AI in banking can help users navigate and quickly reach the page where they can report fraud or in the travel industry in which the AI can guide customers who want to reach a particular location. Conversational chatbots and voicebots are becoming a constitutive part of customer support strategies for businesses. Voicebots can improve customer experience by offering desirable and direct solutions – saving time and energy.

  1. Personalised recommendations = What users need

eCommerce has taken the Internet by storm. One can browse and shop for millions of products laid down in many categories on websites like Amazon and Flipkart. Even for a small ball, there are innumerable options that a customer can choose from, which can be confusing.

On the other hand, a voicebot can speak to the customer, understand their needs, explore for the product that matches thier want, and direct them to it. Taking support a step further with personalised recommendations can elevate CX and help users feel valued.

  1. A personal voice assistant that speaks with logic

One excellent way to let users experience voice AI is in the form of a personal assistant. Voice AI can nudge users to circle back and complete a process or even remind them about their upcoming appointments or recurring transactions.

Brands can use voicebot for educational and informational purposes as well. Voice AI suits well for storytelling platforms where they can talk to users or explain something like a person would. 

  1. Emotion free, yet polite and free-flowing speech 

Customer support teams strive to be the best in every industry. But since they are operated by people, emotions may hinder the decisions or the message in some cases. This may lead to a negative occurrence that can leave the user dissatisfied with the resolution.

Whereas, voice AI is completely free from all emotions and ensures to speak to every customer in the same consistent and polite way – regardless of the use case or the scenario. Politeness goes a long way as it pacifies angry customers and ensures pleasant experience. 

The world of voice AI is full of possibilities and opportunities 

Statista reports that approximately 8 billion voice assistants or voicebots will prevail in the market by the end of 2030. Voicebots are growing exponentially; the opportunities and possibilities with it are immense. The few excellent opportunities that voice AI customer service offers are: 

  • Implementing and scaling self-service tools to help customers resolve queries themselves. 
  • Providing razor-sharp resolutions in real-time with the resources based on customer needs.
  • Alleviating excess burden and improving agent productivity by only using human intervention when needed.
  • Mining data to take strategic decisions to augment customer experiences.
  • Optimising allocation and function by diverting resources to priority tasks and areas in the business. 

Voice chatbot: An end-to-end customer support solution 

To conclude, investing in a robust and efficient voice AI technology is now becoming a must for businesses that are looking to power up their support process.

Even Juniper Research reports that chatbots are expected to successfully handle and resolve queries by over 90% by the end of 2022. Voice customer service holds the capacity to strengthen customer support that results in better customer engagement and CX. 


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