Sainadh Duvvuru, Co-Founder and CBO, HappyLocate

Sainadh Duvvuru is co-founder and Chief Business Officer of HappyLocate. In his current role, he is responsible for spearheading the strategic goals of the company and is instrumental in constructing the company’s future roadmap while leading client acquisitions, finance, and marketing departments. Since the company’s inception, Sainadh has been leading the company’s vision of transforming the way businesses and making HappyLocate into a ground-breaking relocation service provider for corporates. With an experience of over 10 years in the industry, he has strong in-depth business and sales knowledge. Prior to laying the foundation of HappyLocate in 2016, Sainadh is post graduate from IIM Rohtak and worked with companies like HDFC Bank & BPCL.


Moving from one place to another is an exciting adventure. Be it moving to another place in the same city or across the country, a new place brings with it a chance to start afresh. Moving entails, a cost and focusing on doing a few things right can help you save moving charges. Here are six tried and tested money saving tips you can utilize in your relocation.

  • Sort the belongings you want to shift  

Sift through all the goods that you want to shift to your new location. Make a list of your belongings into categories. For instance, if it is shifting household goods, list the goods as appropriate under living room, bedroom, kitchen, utilities, and personal. This helps in packing the goods based on the categories and in unpacking to set up the new place easily. 

  • Sell unwanted items

When you are sorting through your belongings, you will come across goods that you no longer need, or goods that have to be discarded. Keep these goods aside, make a list of these goods and decide where they can be donated. Usually, when we put in some thought in deciding where to donate the goods is when we find the right place/person who can utilize the goods. You can also sell unwanted items to make some money. 

  • Pick the right moving company

We cannot stress on this enough – picking the right moving company is the best way to save money on your move. Moving goods from one place to another involves meticulous planning and execution of the plan. It includes,

  • Deploying a team of skilled packers and movers who will use the right packing material and the right packing technique to protect the goods from damage during relocation.
  • Planning the move on the right date. 
  • Dismantling furniture for packing, if required.
  • Getting the right size and type of truck for the move.
  • Providing the best price for the move.

The right moving company will give you the best service on-ground for packing and moving, and at-par customer service before, during and after the move. Picking the right moving company will decide if you will have an enjoyable moving experience or a stressful one.  

  • Choose a move date strategically 

Packers and movers are in high demand during weekends, month-ends, festive days and national holidays. Average moving price on these days is higher than the moving price on weekdays and mid-month days. Choose your move date from your origin location that does not fall on any of the high demand days as mentioned above. This way, you will save money by moving on off-demand days. You can also check with the packers and movers for off-demand days in the month that you intend to move. 

  • Disconnect/transfer utilities in advance 

Service providers of utilities such as LPG connection, water, electricity and WiFi have to be informed for disconnection of services in advance. Some service providers have the option of transferring the services on the same account to another location within geographies they service. In such cases, instead of disconnection of service, you can opt for transfer of service. 

Every company has its own process of processing requests for new connection and disconnection. It would take time to process the requests. So, it is a good idea to submit disconnection and transfer requests to service providers well in advance.

Check for service providers that provide discounts for availing new connection. You can save money by disconnecting your current service at the present location and getting a discount by availing new connection at the new place you want to shift. 

If you have a track record of making payments on-time with your service provider, you can present a copy of the records to the new company. Some service providers offer discounts to customers who make their payments on time. 

  •  Opting the right truck for move

If you have to relocate your goods to another city or state, packers and movers offer shared truck service. In a shared goods carrier, the truck is divided into three compartments internally. One compartment is allocated to one customer. Allocation of truck to customers is based on the geographical route the truck is intended to take so that the goods of customers can be delivered at their respective destination locations on-the-go. 

The cost of shared truck is comparatively lesser than a dedicated truck. When you reach out to the right moving company, they will provide the right size and type of truck for you at a reasonable cost. 

Last word

When you move from one place to another, it involves taking care of a million things and spending a lot of time, money and effort. These are small ways to save money but when done right, you will end up saving a huge sum. Get a free moving quote here. Happy relocation!

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