Pooja Nagdev, Aromatherapist, Cosmetologist, Founder,Inatur

Pooja is an internationally acclaimed expert in the area of natural ingredients. Her research work and formulations that combine ingredients from diverse sciences like Aromatherapy & Ayurveda are well appreciated in the technical lobbies. In pursuit of her passion, Pooja studied cosmetology & Aromatherapy from the UK and Canada. She practiced the principles of Ayurveda to deeply understand the relevance of ancient science in the present day. A Master’s in Business Administration from one of India’s leading universities helps Pooja lead her organization and team efficiently and dynamically.


After suffering years of gender biases, women are finally leading their way around the world and in all sectors on International Women’s Day, this is definitely something to celebrate about. Wellness industry is no different.

With the outbreak of pandemic there is a major shift in our industry. People all over the world are becoming more stressed and exhausted. There is a global need to live a more balanced and healthier lifestyle that drives the rapid expansion of the wellness economy. Even though the definitions of well-being and wellness are different, their more holistic approach to life, from physical health, mental health, relationships, nutrition to mindset is common and universal. 

The Beauty industry has a lot of women entrepreneurs and professionals who are involved in both the service and manufacturing sector. Beauty consultants or beauty Advisors, Service industry in Spa and Salon, Care – people are more focusing on self-care.  With Layoffs in the beauty industry women got into home servicing. Women leading Manufacturing Companies are battling challenges of new market requirements as new demands are coming. 

In the research and development new launches are on a stand still especially where make up or colour cosmetics is concerned.  Especially women are best with DIY – Do it yourself measures at home for beauty and wellness is the emerging trend in this gloom.  Women know how to stick to the basics, where cleansing plays the most important part. There has been a rising demand for preventive and safe beauty products. In these changing times, Brands will have to provide an overall package to the customers with a focus on care and product safety.

Women have a knack to judge this demand for natural beauty products that are considered safe with product efficacy, ingredient safety and function. Beauty industry can never operate without a beauty therapist. While we are learning about home selfcare a lot these days , it’s difficult to replace the power of therapists who have deep knowledge about their subject. They know the concerns and treat them accordingly. Beauty retail stores are based on networking and trials. Here beauty sales advisors help with product trials and suggestions. Women play an important role here in suggesting products according to individual skin types and concerns. 

An increase in demand for fitness solutions with a focus on better physical health has been clearly indicated in some reports. However, an increase in demand is evident for mental health as well. And many health practitioners will also suggest that taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health.

Even though the number of women entrepreneurs all over the world has gotten better, there is still much more improvement that still needs to be made. Thankfully we are starting to see some of the big brands investing in female-centered networks or hubs as they are starting to see the potential & significance of women, not just as consumers but also as the ones who can control the industry for the good. 

Women entrepreneurs are also getting together as a sisterhood in work, in order to uplift each other in a powerful and profitable way, in the wake & emergence of a ‘by women, for women’ movement. It’s about being disruptive, to challenge the social norms and to find the true obstacles that women face in order to build their business, be it social, financial or lack of accessibility.

Generally, women want their work to be enjoyable and meaningful, when they’re focused on living a healthy lifestyle themselves, hence there is no big deal that they see wellness as not just a lifestyle but as a business opportunity as well.

One of the biggest challenges that women face in the wellness sector is the lack of capital for growth. Women view risks differently from men and evaluate everything, not only the potential upside but also the potential downside as their business decisions not only impact their business life but all aspects of their life. And according to a report, women struggle more than men to access finance.

However, even if women view the risks differently than men, it still may lead to a different path for growth and women-owned businesses continue to flourish. Women are  starting new businesses in a high number and it only keeps increasing year after year in the rapidly expanding health & wellness industry. Women entrepreneurs can, are, and will gain benefit from this ever-growing market as they continue to innovate the wellness sector.

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