Sohan Singh, Yogi and Entrepreneur, Sohan Yoga

The coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing lockdown and limitations have forced individuals to battle every day with their new way of life. The world is feeling the need for Yoga more than ever owing to the coronavirus pandemic, and the ancient Indian practice is helping a large number of patients across the globe defeat the disease. “Yoga is a way to lead a happy, healthy, and meaningful life. Yoga benefits you spiritually, mentally, and physically. It connects you with the god within you. It has made my life so much better and easier”, says Sohan Singh, Yogi, and Entrepreneur, Sohan Yoga.

As a practitioner of Yoga for almost 25 years, Sohan Yoga is all about helping society get healthy with a positive mindset. “We have a straightforward approach, you can start the journey to get healthy at any age, as long as your mind and body decide on it”, opines Sohan. Yoga has helped Sohan understand that this is the way to enhance an individual’s capabilities. Started as a duty to society and not as a business idea, Sohan Yoga offers a real yogic journey to everyone with an aim to make people healthy, physically, and mentally. “I feel yoga is the answer to anything and everything and a person who practices yoga lead a meaningful and healthy life”, quips Sohan.

Professionally trained in Hatha Yoga, Asthanga Yoga, Flow Yoga, Couple Yoga, and Yoga Therapy, Sohan was previously an IT Professor before he became a Yoga Guru. “During my college days, one of my professors said that if you want to make full use of both of your brains (right and left), you must start practising Yoga. This impacted me so much that I started taking Yoga seriously”, says Sohan. Considering himself to be an influence on himself, Sohan believes that everyone should get inspired by something within themselves, which should influence them to become better. He adds, “Sometimes, people get influenced by other known personalities, but they forget that every individual is unique in their way with a different mindset”.

Delivering a modern package of the unique yogic value of Ancient India, Sohan Yoga offers customized yoga package for every individual. Be it an IT Professional, Pregnant Women, Kids, or Students, Sohan Yoga has a package for everyone based on what they do. “For us, the most important thing is what we are offering and how can we make a difference in society. Our focus is only on making ourselves better by each passing days”, says Sohan.

The Pandemic Outbreak has impacted businesses everywhere, and Sohan Yoga is no exception. Practising Yoga in groups has become difficult due to social distancing and other precautionary steps that have been taken in the pandemic. Sohan says, “Yoga is something which can give hope in this time of crisis as it boosts the immune system and makes you stronger and healthier from within”.

Whether it’s a milestone or a hurdle, Sohan has accepted them with equal enthusiasm. “The deeper I go into my profession, the more I want to make a difference in other people’s life. It has become my addiction to change other people’s way of life in a good and meaningful way. I get more and more passionate about my work by each passing day, which I think is a bigger milestone than anything else”, opines Sohan.

Sohan Yoga is currently using social media platforms to introduce this new way of yoga life to the people. “Today’s social media has a great influence on any business. It connects you with the masses instantly and daily. You can reach out to everyone whenever you want to. Social media has been beneficial for our venture to grow and connect with the world”, he adds.

The health industry in India is very disorganized presently. The focus is more on how to cure a disease rather than how to stay healthy and fit so that you don’t suffer from any illness in the long run. Planning to make Yoga a fashion trend in India among the youth, Sohan intends to open around 30 yoga centres in India. “I want to encourage more and more youth to practice Yoga and make it a way of life. People of every age group should practice it as it is a gift which is given to mankind”, says Sohan.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur means understanding hard times are when you need to push. Advising all the budding entrepreneurs out there, Sohan concludes, “Stay true to yourself. Focus on your skill sets and make them better by each passing day. Always keep in mind the core value of your business and try to make a difference in society. We together have to make India more successful in terms of health, happiness, and prosperity”.


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