Saray G. Uribe, Agency Owner, CharSan Insurance & Consulting LLC

Saray G. Uribe’s journey in the insurance industry began as a front desk staff member at a reputable agency in Charlotte, North Carolina. However, she didn’t stop there. With her license in hand, she became passionate about insurance and dedicated herself to furthering her knowledge in the field. Her focus shifted to commercial lines, where she diligently served customers in the construction industry, honing her expertise along the way.

Saray’s entrepreneurial spirit was sparked by a growing demand for insurance services among Hispanic clients in the construction industry in the Carolinas. She founded CharSan Insurance & Consulting LLC to bridge the communication gap and provide culturally sensitive services to this community. By establishing a bilingual agency, she aimed to offer customized solutions in both English and Spanish. Saray shares, “By bridging language barriers and catering to their distinct insurance requirements, we aimed to create a more inclusive and accessible experience for this community.”

CharSan Insurance’s core mission centers around supporting the community, focusing on individuals grappling with language barriers, notably the Hispanic community. “We are dedicated to assisting both our community members and those involved in the construction industry in obtaining proper protection and fulfilling insurance prerequisites essential for securing larger projects,” shares Saray. At the heart of CharSan Insurance’s values is a dedication to maintaining integrity and providing exceptional service to its clientele. The company’s ultimate goal is to solidify its reputation as the go-to, dependable source for insurance needs within their community.

Tailored Insurance Solutions for Diverse Industries

Today, CharSan Insurance offers a comprehensive suite of commercial insurance options designed to meet the distinct needs of various sectors, not limited to but prominently including the construction industry. Their portfolio includes general liability, workers’ compensation, commercial auto, commercial umbrella, contractors’ equipment, commercial properties, and professional liability coverage. These offerings are meticulously customized to suit the requirements of their diverse clientele.

In addition to its robust insurance offerings, CharSan Insurance provides invaluable insurance consulting services that cater to a broad spectrum of needs. They assist startups embarking on business ventures and extend their expertise to large contractors engaged in complex operations involving subcontractors and builders. Furthermore, they offer valuable assistance with audit processes and more. Saray shares, “Recognizing the uniqueness of each customer, we dedicate ourselves to thoroughly analyzing our client’s specific needs, enabling us to refine and tailor our services accordingly.”

CharSan Insurance distinguishes itself from other agencies through personalized bilingual service, industry-specific expertise in construction, and an innovative edge that anticipates market trends. “Our tailored approach, deep industry knowledge, and forward-thinking solutions set us apart in providing a comprehensive and unique client experience,” states Saray.

At CharSan Insurance, the fundamental principle revolves around recognizing the uniqueness of each customer and their specific needs. Here, the policy issuance process is anything but a hasty, one-size-fits-all transaction; it’s a thoughtful endeavor, distinct from grabbing the first loaf of bread off the store shelf. Saray explains, “Our customers are not just purchasing protection; they are acquiring the right protection tailored to meet the requirements set forth by the contractor, which ultimately enables job creation for our clients. This sometimes involves reaching out to the contractor to gather their specific requirements, ensuring that we fulfill all necessary criteria.”

Guiding Values for Excellence, Empathy, and Innovation

Saray holds excellence and integrity as foundational elements of CharSan Insurance’s core values. Her commitment extends to a continuous quest for opportunities to elevate the quality of their work while upholding unwavering standards of integrity. “Empathy is a fundamental value within our company. Each customer brings their own story, background, culture, and distinct needs,” says Saray. Recognizing that CharSan Insurance’s customers are not mere statistics, but businesses and families relying on their income sources, maintaining a sense of empathy and connection is an enduring priority for Saray.

Adaptability is another cornerstone of CharSan’s philosophy. Saray explains, “In a dynamic insurance market, our customers’ needs evolve continuously in response to varying conditions. We must remain versatile, ready to embrace new markets, and flexible in our approach to ever-changing processes.” Expertise also holds a fundamental position within the company’s values. She adds, “In an ever-evolving insurance landscape, we adapt and grow. Our commitment is to attain mastery in our service areas. The insurance industry is boundless, and the more we delve into it, the more we recognize the vast knowledge yet to be acquired.”

Lastly, innovation is a fundamental commitment at CharSan Insurance. Saray and the team recognize the importance of continuous evolution, regularly adapting their processes and work methods and embracing reinvention. This ethos has been embedded in the agency’s culture since its inception. As the industry evolves rapidly and the demand for specialized insurance solutions intensifies, CharSan Insurance continues to innovate, developing new processes to serve its customers better.

Responding to the Challenges

Within CharSan Insurance, Saray identifies resilience as one of her core traits, mirroring the challenges posed by the current hard market conditions in the industry. She says, “We’ve faced an interesting challenge tied to unexpected rapid growth. This forced us to adapt our processes continuously, implementing new methodologies to better cater to our customers.”  Saray attributes much of her success to the quality of resilience. Since the agency’s inception, she has encountered her fair share of setbacks, and not every day has been easy. What has been pivotal to her accomplishments is an unwavering commitment to her long-term goals, an ability to maintain hope even during challenging times, and the capacity to adapt to new obstacles.

Vision is another attribute she contributes to CharSan Insurance, which extends beyond conventional goal-setting and future projections. It involves a dynamic process of studying the challenging market environment and making well-informed strategic decisions. Saray and her team anticipate market shifts and emerging trends, understanding their potential impact on both the industry and the clients they serve. “A major contributing principle to my success is the pursuit of continuous learning and expertise in my field, recognizing that knowledge is a powerful asset.”

Furthermore, strategic thinking has proven instrumental in navigating challenging situations and fostering the growth of CharSan Insurance. The ability to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the world, evolving needs, and dynamic business strategies has also been pivotal in Saray’s journey. “Numerous online platforms, such as websites, podcasts, blogs, webinars, conferences, and conventions, offer valuable insights into the latest court cases, updates in insurance coverages, industry developments, news, upcoming regulatory changes, and legal matters. Staying well-informed empowers you to make informed decisions and offer more effective advice to your customers,” shares Saray.

Adaptability is unquestionably a quality Saray brings to CharSan Insurance. In an industry marked by constant evolution, they continuously implement new strategies to remain at the forefront. The challenges presented by COVID-19 compelled them to adapt to new scenarios swiftly, demonstrating their resilience and flexibility. Saray says, “In the case of COVID-19, our automated processes played a crucial role in managing the workload when manual operations were hindered.”

Looking ahead to the next five years, Saray envisions significant growth for CharSan Insurance. Beyond expansion, she sees the company taking on a more active role in community outreach and customer education. “The idea of engaging in educational initiatives has long been a personal aspiration, and it seems to be a promising new service that CharSan is exploring for the future,” shares Saray. Undoubtedly, Saray’s vision reflects her commitment to not only providing insurance solutions but also fostering knowledge and empowerment within their community.

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