Nandini Garg, Director of Business Development and Strategy, Rajdarbar Group

Nandini is a young, suave, and forward-looking individual, who is brimming with ideas ready to take the brand name of RajDarbar to the zenith of success. Nandini Garg graduated from Delhi University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in 2012. She further put her learnings into practical approach by joining the RDI Homes Pvt. Ltd. as the Director of Business Development and Strategy in 2012. She also expanded her wings in the hotel industry. Nandini Garg is also the co-founder of V. Unique Hotels, an angel-funded online hospitality technology startup that specializes in boutique hotels. Later, in 2016, she was associated with Rich Faith Pharmaceuticals. She completed her MBA from Columbia University in 2019.


With the change of time and behaviour of the buyers, the real estate industry has undergone tremendous transformation too. The reliability of the internet is more now than ever before. People tend to turn to the internet to do their research. Believing in word-of-mouth is a thing of the past. Today, the internet plays a vital role in every business progression.

The new age media has changed the way, people research for properties. Tapping the potential of the new media- the internet is what can help the real estate sector to experience growth.

Today the buyer’s demands have changed. They want to be informed about every aspect of a property before buying it. Asking real estate agents, so many questions, might irritate the agent and the clients might also not get adequate information. This has been experienced by many buyers. However, the new age media has cut off the limits of the traditional marketing ways.

The need to be guided through a smooth sales process is extremely high in the market. Hence, leveraging the new media is essential and mandatory.

Things further fuelled during the COVID-pandemic. The high penetration level of the internet during this time helped people to go online for any requirements. From groceries to medicines, even the real estate market did not remain untouched. Once, the clients got the taste of accessing everything with just a few clicks, it turned out that they don’t want to move to the previous techniques.

Advertising or promoting your plot or property through digital magazines, social media platforms and websites, have proved to be the new trend. Hoardings, newspaper advertisements, real estate magazines and other methods of traditional advertisement, though not vanished, but has taken a back seat.

Having a clear vision of what they want precisely, and finding it through the online market, the buyers are giving a tough time to people who have not yet signed up for their digital presence.

One of the biggest game-changers in recent years is social media platforms. It allowed real estate professionals to build a booming business in the virtual world.

Let us explore the few ways through which a realtor can tap the new age media ad experience steady growth in their business:


Building a real estate website is the first step to reaching out to your buyers. The main objective of the website is to efficiently solve the user’s problem of searching for their new home or plot in a troublesome way. The technology transformation is making waves through the real estate industry, and the website is its best example.

Mobile Applications

With radical technological advancements being implemented in our lives, mobile applications have served as the major way to boost awareness about the real estate market. As everything is transforming into digital, your business also needs a change of face in the current market. The best solution is to develop a mobile application. It is a mix of UI/UX elements and other features that make the mobile application, a robust online presence that helps in enhancing your trade.

Social Media Profiles

Social media is the absolute gem for real estate businesses. You need a concrete digital strategy to win over the people on the social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube have emerged as the best platforms to communicate with buyers. Attractive images, and alluring captions, enable the realtors to provide quick and personalized updates to their buyers.

For being in the market, you need to know what your target audience wants. Keep a track of the buyers and sellers, alike. Stay in touch with the local market and cater to meet the needs of both parties. Be aware of the local demographics and neighbourhood characteristics, and combine this information with the modern technologies- boom… Here is the Midas touch that can transform your business into a brand!

Real estate is a dynamic business area and the opportunities that the digital world has to offer are tremendous. With the use of the new media, you can improve your client’s experiences and save them their precious time. It is also a great prospect to amplify your marketing efforts and promote a more personalized experience that will help them seal the deal, in no time.

The digital content and the creation of customized experiences with enhanced marketing strategies support your business and facilitate effective communication.

People love to browse through the different pictures of the neighbourhood, drone footage, resident reviews and much more. Giving it to them helps their house-hunting process makes exciting and fun. With the apps, websites and social profiles, every aspect of the real estate industry is being taken care of.

Today the world is downright obsessed with smartphones and making the smart use of this fact is going to benefit your business, in ways you can never imagine before. With digital strategies spreading all over the market as the latest customer-oriented trend, you need to embrace it to stay competent and competitive and survive the current tide.

Being a leading real estate Developers –Rajdarbarventures, Ihave experienced tremendous pressure to maintain the digital presence and embrace diverse online marketing strategies.  It has been a roller-coaster ride and, yet we have managed to gain a stronghold over the market. We are constantly moving towards developing exclusive online strategies with our legacy, values and experience.

Simplifying the market for the customers is the new mantra for success, embrace it sooner or you will lag behind.

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