Kiran Dham, CEO, Globus Infocom Limited

In 2001, Globus Infocom forayed into the market with a few products and solutions in the Education Technology domain. Intending to provide advanced technology and learning solutions to its users, the brand became trustworthy and one of the most sought-after technology solutions providers in India within a few years of its inception. Today, Globus Infocom provides its clients with top-notch technology solutions in areas like collaborative conferencing & professional Displays, Security & Surveillance Solutions & a Healthcare & Wellness range of solutions. The company has now amassed 25,000+ customers due to the exceptional services and customer experience they offer. “With the widest range of solutions, we strongly believe that technology has the power to transform education. We hope to create a digitally-enabled & easily accessible education environment across the country,” says Ms. Kiran Dham, CEO, Globus Infocom Limited. 

For about two decades now, Globus Infocom has come to the forefront of providing advanced, cost-effective, and comprehensive technology solutions. Their main focus is on services for EdTech, with offerings like Digital Board Solution, Digital teaching Solution, Digital Language Lab, Learn on Tab, Online/Virtual Learning Solution, Interactive Displays, and many more that helps teachers and students connect, collaborate, and communicate. The company also provides academic content from Class 1-12 in English and Hindi, and Sanskrit, which caters to a productive and engaging learning environment. Ms. Kiran shares, “Our Digital Language lab deeply emphasizes on developing linguistic skills in English, Hindi & Sanskrit amongst students in an Instructor-Led and self-paced environment which will not only help them enhance their communication skill but also develops Language as a skill.” 

Apart from the edtech sector, Globus Infocom also stands out from the crowd as a  complete solution provider offering not only product or solution but also taking care of the other aspects of the project like software, content, installation, training and most importantly, prompt and efficient services. The solutions come under the same brand & make it easy for the customer to coordinate for any kind of service through a single window. When it comes to marketing, the company has learned valuable insight over the last two decades. It believes that the brand should address the right concern of educational infrastructure, where visibility is key. Taking a digital approach in this regard will ensure that content is reaching the right audience on the right platform. Thus, it is imperative that businesses have a good digital media presence and invests in marketing strategies to convey simple, strong, and clear communication.

Narrowing the Gap

Globus Infocom has broken barriers and penetrated not just the boundaries of tier 3 cities but also the rural areas of our country. By digitizing classrooms of government schools and colleges in Haryana, Gujrat, Jammu & Kashmir, Goa, and many other states in remote locations, the company sets itself apart from other EdTech solutions providers. Although many challenges came their way, the team at Globus Infocom achieved timely project completion, owing to their expertise and knowledge. In this manner, they also ensure that technology is reaching every nook and corner of India with cost-effective and user-friendly solutions to enable users to create an immersive and engaging learning experience.


In Unprecedented Time

The pandemic has changed the way we use technology today, especially in the field of education. With a rampant digital revolution paving the way for the future, educational institutions are beginning to focus on digital learning. It makes education more accessible to all by bridging the gap between rural and urban areas. Although confined to the home, it has opened up new tech to students worldwide, with multimedia content, videos, animation, and a gamified form of learning curating personalized learning and engaging students most effectively. Globus Infocom blends technology-enabled education with tech-based tools to make difficult concepts easy to grasp and understand. “In a pandemic, our online learning solutions helped our clients to keep education continued without any disruption. The Virtual classroom solution gives the teachers and learners not only a medium to get connected but also creates a highly immersive learning experience. Laced with a plethora of advanced features and tools, the solution brings clarity in conceptual understandings,” shares Ms. Kiran. 

With the educational setup taking a paradigm shift, many companies have been coming up with strategies to move into a digital landscape. Globus Infocom, too, has done the same and now has an equal presence in classroom learning solutions along with online learning solutions in order to continue learning in and out of the classroom. One of the major challenges has been the difficulties teachers and students faced during the shift from classroom learning to remote learning for educational institutions. But, thanks to the ease of remote learning, the transition was smooth and successful, as Globus Infocom ensured to conduct regular training sessions to simulate how easy the online learning platform is. 

“Globus Infocom has been on an upsurge in the last few years given the education industry is reviving and now government & educational institutions are focusing on technology-enabled learning for students. In spite of the covid outbreak, we registered 100% growth in business, with more than 25,000 customers across India and a repeat order ratio of 50 per cent,” says Ms. Kiran. Having two decades of experience and a strong industry presence, Globus Infocom has witnessed encouraging progress in the education sector in India. There has been an increasing number of opportunities and now has shifted to hybrid learning with aptly designed solutions for classroom learning, online learning, and a combination of the two. 

All in this together

Being an employee-centric organization, Globus Infocom believes in nurturing an enthusiastic and competitive workforce for its employees. By regularly checking up on the workforce and communicating effectively, they address the concerns or fears of employees and keep a check on their mental health and wellbeing during these tough times. “As per our policy, we have included Covid insurance for our employees and their family members. As a family, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide our employees career and financial security regardless of the pandemic situations,” shares Ms. Kiran. 

To keep spirits up during these uncertain times, the company has also engaged employees in various activities to connect and enjoy online. In-office, the company organized fin trivia, festive celebrations, and games to keep employees on the brighter side of things while duly following the COVID-19 protocols like maintaining social distancing and wearing masks. “Owing to such employee-centric work culture, we have reached a strength of 250 members, and by the end of this financial year, we aim to reach 350. We do believe we have a bright roadmap ahead and would continue to contribute through the employment opportunities for the youth of the country,” says Ms. Kiran.

Looking forward

The pandemic has opened minds to a hybrid learning environment in the Indian Education system. This way, students and teachers can strike a balance between learning and online learning. Via this method, the challenge of the inadequate teacher-to-student ratio in India can be mitigated. Through Hybrid Learning, a teacher can tend to a larger number of students than a traditional teaching method. 

Globus Infocom is planning to introduce app-based learning solutions for remote learning or hybrid learning soon. They are also planning to introduce learning apps that carefully sync between classroom learning and online learning to make the concept of Hybrid Learning successful in India. “We are focused on creating a learning environment that could bridge the digital divide spread across the rural areas of the country. We have not only broadened our range of offerings but also widened our family with 250 team members that work together tirelessly to take this company to even greater heights,” Ms. Kiran says.


About Kiran Dham, CEO, Globus Infocom Limited

Kiran Dham has been leading Globus Infocom Limited for the past 10 years and has successfully turned the organization into a well-established, trusted, Make in India brand in the technology industry. Globus Infocom Limited is an industry leader for past 20 years in the field of Education technology.

Being in this industry for past decade, she has been working towards fine routing the go to market strategies & position Globus Infocom as a leading Make In India brand. She started with a vision of harnessing innovation to empower the power of technology and make technology further accessible, sustainable and affordable for the people of India. Under her leadership, Globus Infocom has established itself as a leading comprehensive solution provider offering cost-efficient, sustainable as well as scalable solutions in the different verticals of Education technology, Security & Surveillance, Collaborative Conferencing & Displays & the most recent one Healthcare & Wellness. Leading a team of 250+ competent team members, she encourages an amicable, gender neutral & growth-oriented work culture for the employees. 

Today she has been the guiding force behind establishing a loyal and diverse client base including esteemed Government organizations, Educational Institutes, Universities, PSUs, Defence establishments, and many more. Till date under her leadership Globus Infocom has successfully executed more than 30000 projects across India.

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