Seka Vucic, Founder of S Models Model Management

Born in 1971 in the small Croatian village of Mali Orgadenik in Herzegovina, Seka Vucic’s journey is one of unexpected turns and bold choices. A young woman with a promising tennis career in the USA, she found herself drawn back to Germany, where her parents resided, driven by homesickness. It was there, in a discotheque, that fate intervened, and she was discovered as a model at the tender age of 18.

From that moment, Seka’s life transformed into a whirlwind of international success, gracing the catwalks of fashion capitals like Paris and Milan. For over a decade, she dazzled as a sought-after photo and catwalk model, carving her path through the glamorous world of fashion. But as her modeling days approached their natural conclusion, Seka’s entrepreneurial spirit ignited.

Deciding to transition from model to mogul, she planted the seeds of what would become “S Models” in Stuttgart and Munich, alongside the S Models Academy and S – Class Production. Reflecting on her journey, Seka shares, “While nowadays you can still work as a model at the age of seventy or eighty, it was different in my modeling days. Back then, you had an expiration date: the limit was around 35. Then you had to see what you wanted to do after that.”

Driven by her foresight and determination, Seka recognized the need to create opportunities beyond the runway. “It was clear to me that if I was no longer in demand, I would open my own agency,” she explains. And so, when the spotlight dimmed on her modeling career, she seamlessly transitioned into the role of mentor and entrepreneur, laying the foundation for S Models Model Management.

Building S Models: A Tale of Resilience and Success

When Seka founded S Models Model Management, she transformed her rented apartment into the epicenter of her entrepreneurial vision. With only a small corner for sleep, every other space became dedicated to her burgeoning agency. “We had to acquire clients to make them aware of S Models and to get orders,” Seka reflects.

In those early days, casting calls became the lifeline for discovering new talent and expanding the agency’s reach. Photographer Klaudia Tot’s collaboration proved pivotal, as her work helped cultivate a roster of fresh faces, including child models who caught the eye of major clients like Hugo Boss, Mercedes, and Porsche. “Her children’s photos also brought us our first major clients,” Seka notes with pride.

As the agency’s reputation grew, so did its client base, paving the way for Seka to realize her dream of owning her premises. “Eventually, I was able to buy my own premises for my agency and finally had space for my private life again,” she recounts, a testament to her unwavering dedication.

Central to S Models’ ethos is the personal touch, a value Seka holds dear from her own experiences as a model. “A good agency takes care of its models and maintains personal contact,” she emphasizes. With a team dedicated to supporting over a hundred models, communication remains paramount. “I always tell my models to call as soon as they have something on their mind. They shouldn’t brood at home but seek out the conversation. That’s the best way!” Seka advises.

With two decades of experience under its belt, S Models has weathered storms that have seen competitors rise and fall. “We have always stood firm and secure and were therefore able to survive the corona crisis without any help,” Seka proudly declares.

Photos: Klaudia Tot

Upholding Integrity

Navigating the intricacies of the modeling industry often presents challenges, from demanding clients to the pressure to maintain a positive demeanor in challenging circumstances. For Seka, however, a true turning point came when she confronted the prevalence of substance use among models. “Many models use drugs to keep themselves happy,” Seka acknowledges, reflecting on a sobering realization that prompted a steadfast commitment to maintaining a clean and ethical agency.

In an industry often associated with excess, Seka’s unwavering dedication to sobriety stems from deeply held religious convictions and a promise made to her parents early in her career. “I didn’t want to be one of those people who got so high at a party that they no longer knew who they were,” Seka explains. For her, modeling isn’t just about appearances; it’s about embodying a sense of beauty and integrity that transcends superficial indulgences.

Driven by a desire to uphold a sense of divine order in her work, Seka has remained steadfast in her commitment to creating a positive and uplifting environment within her agency. “As a model and agency boss, I always wanted to be part of something beautiful,” she affirms. At the heart of Seka’s philosophy lies a simple yet profound truth: love. “The key to success is always LOVE,” she declares emphatically. It’s this deep-seated belief in the power of passion and dedication that has propelled Seka and S Models to success, proving that with love as their guiding force, they can conquer any obstacle that comes their way.

Forging Connections

As an agency owner, Seka has always prioritized personal connections, a principle she holds dear in her interactions with others. “I have always been very personal in my contact with others, and I still maintain this as an agency owner,” Seka affirms, emphasizing the importance of fostering meaningful relationships within the industry.

Understanding the significance of location and clientele, Seka tailors her approach to meet the unique needs of her market. “On the one hand, the location is very important here,” she explains. Assessing the landscape of her operation, she identifies key demographics and client requirements, shaping the agency’s focus accordingly. Whether it’s fashion models, advertising faces, or talent for film and television commercials, Seka’s strategy revolves around meeting these specific demands.

In her quest for talent, Seka seeks individuals who embody authenticity and reliability. “We are looking for authentic, self-contained personalities who work reliably,” she states. For Seka, success hinges on more than just appearances; it’s about finding individuals who not only excel in their craft but also adhere to professional standards and uphold the agency’s values. By nurturing personal relationships, understanding market dynamics, and prioritizing authenticity, Seka continues to pave the way for success, one meaningful connection at a time.

Photos: Klaudia Tot

Diversifying Horizons

Seka’s entrepreneurial journey extends beyond the realm of modeling, with the establishment of the S Models Academy and the inception of her production company, S – Class Production. “Demand determines my offer, and as long as I am healthy, I will continue to work like this,” Seka asserts, underscoring her commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the industry.

Operating with a keen awareness of economic realities, Seka recognizes the importance of generating revenue to sustain her enterprise and support her team. “We are an economically efficient company and have to generate turnover so that we can pay our employees,” she explains. For Seka, inaction is not an option; she remains proactive in her approach, constantly seeking new avenues to promote her agency and drive growth.

Adaptability lies at the heart of S Models’ ethos, with Seka and her team embracing innovation and staying attuned to emerging trends. “We move with the times, sense the trends, and adapt to whatever comes along,” Seka states. Drawing inspiration from the AI industry, S Models is venturing into uncharted territory, exploring the potential of AI models in an ever-evolving landscape.

Beyond the confines of the fashion world, Seka remains deeply committed to philanthropy, using her platform to advocate for causes close to her heart. “I am also committed to animal welfare in my home country of Croatia and regularly organize charity events in Stuttgart,” Seka shares.

Seka is dedicated to creating a positive impact that goes beyond the business of fashion. She supports children in need and aids elderly individuals facing financial hardship. Her unwavering focus on innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility redefines the boundaries of success, leaving an indelible mark on both the modeling industry and the communities she serves.

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