Kevin MacRitchie, Chief Executive Officer, Tactical Rehabilitation Inc

The Durable Medical Equipment (DME) market is a rapidly growing segment of the healthcare industry that includes a wide range of medical devices and equipment designed to aid in treating, monitoring, and caring for patients with chronic or long-term medical conditions. With an aging population and an increasing prevalence of chronic illnesses, the demand for durable medical equipment is expected to grow in the coming years, making this a promising area for healthcare providers, manufacturers, and investors alike. Established in 2013, Tactical Rehabilitation is a full-service DME company whose mission is to serve those who serve their country. The company was founded by its current Chairman of the Board of Directors, David Marr, to create a better healthcare solution through quality products and services and better-trained team members to solve the lack of quality care available at the time. Tactical Rehabilitation has since continued to partner with the best providers in the industry, bringing the best medical solutions to its core competencies, which center around an approximately 68% of the military injury base and medical needs.

Mr. Kevin MacRitchie, Chief Executive Officer of Tactical Rehabilitation Inc, says, “We have our long-standing definition of “Battle Tested” for our products, which originated with several of our products being sent overseas into battle zones. Those same patients and soldiers returning to us have expressed how well those products served them on the battlefield, keeping them healthy and “service-ready” to complete their mission. Since then, we have developed extremely high standards to ensure new products we make available reach this same level of “battle-tested” before we launch them for our patients to rely on.” With a team of experienced professionals and a commitment to exceptional customer service, Tactical Rehabilitation has become trusted prover of medical equipment for active duty, veterans, and their families across the US. The company’s dedication to innovation and technology ensures that its products are of the highest quality, positively impacting the lives of those who have served their country.

Leading a Team of Young and Desirable Leaders

“We are a young company made up of young and desirable leaders who simply have a mission to serve the world’s greatest heroes with the best quality healthcare in the business. Our patients are the service men and women of the US Military who deserve respect and honor for their sacrifice and the best possible healthcare during and following their active service years,” shares Mr. MacRitchie. Tactical Rehabilitation’s team comprises people who believe in this mission and work with Mr. MacRitchie to serve the greater good and create sustainable business practices. He adds, “My only real responsibility is to set lofty yet achievable goals with my Senior Leadership Team and motivate and inspire our team through our quality patient care objectives. I attain these goals through efficient processes that maximize our patient time.” With dedication and hard work, Mr. MacRitchie ensures Tactical Rehabilitation maintains its’ number one position in quality care, services, and partnerships, so the company can continue to be a leader and provide the best services to its patients and the best education to the doctors its serves for the next multiple generations.

“Our key is knowing our core competencies and serving others through our strengths. We partner like no other with an incredible focus on positive mutual outcomes to bring the best solutions to the doctors who care for these patients and ultimately need solutions that, in many cases, only we can provide,” pinpoints Mr. MacRitchie. Tactical Rehabilitation has exclusive products with strict adherence to serving the US Military. Unlike its competition, many higher-paying civilian patients do not distract Tactical Rehabilitation from serving those in uniform. Mr. MacRitchie adds, “No one else can say that. According to those charged with overseeing the network of providers, we see our patients 58 days sooner on average than our competition.” Tactical Rehabilitation’s average time from authorization to patient contact is less than 48 hours.

Tactical Rehabilitation utilizes technology like a 3D rendering of custom orthotics sent directly to the manufacturing floor for initial 3D printing to improve scheduling, productivity, reporting, and more.

“We value technology as our “Silent Partner” in accelerating the best possible healthcare for all needing our services,” says Mr. MacRitchie. Tactical Rehabilitation has continued to grow and expand at the request of the doctors it serves. It is indeed an organic growth, and the rate at which the company is requested to serve new biases is incredible. Mr. MacRitchie explains, “We value our strategic growth initiatives, which add to our rapid growth around the globe. Ensuring the team is right on the edge of readiness and sustaining our incredible award-winning “Tactical Experience” as the best in the industry everywhere will always continue as one of our crucial goals.”

Karen Lyons, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Legal Officer, Tactical Rehabilitation

A Tactical Leader Displaying Empathy and Enthusiasm

Mr. MacRitchie is an Information Systems and Operations Management learning prodigy in formal and life skills education. The combined education and life skills mean Mr. MacRitchie always seeks the most efficient way of doing things. It helps Tactical Rehabilitation in many ways. For instance, Mr. MacRitchie seeks, as a team with the Leadership Board, new ways to get to markets faster through a far more productive and less costly method of operating the business. He says, “As we focus on the needs of the military, we must bring the best quality healthcare at the cost of business lower than our competitors allowing us to do more.”

At Tactical Rehabilitation, Mr. MacRitchie has the best team in the industry, and he believes they can get significantly better. In fact, there will always be patients who need the best quality care to be service-ready and serve their country with honor. Mr. MacRitchie shares, “My workday is the best. I wake up knowing I get to serve the world’s greatest heroes in the US Military that protect our freedoms and life as we know it.” Mr. MacRitchie’s day involves partnering internally and externally to create new solutions and solve problems where his team members need advice. He adds, “I relish that our company focuses on team and family as a part of our service to others. If there is a better life, someone would have to convince me of it because I am certain my team and I here at Tactical Rehabilitation are living it through honorable service to others.”

Developing people and ensuring their success has always been Mr. MacRitchie’s greatest achievement. He says, “We should all be working ourselves out of our current role through developing great leaders that will follow on and take us further as a team, business, friends, partnerships, and we should make it worthwhile and fun. That does not mean it should not be hard, nor that we won’t have some setbacks or role changes to be placed in the best possible path for success as an individual and a team.” Mr. MacRitchie’s goal is to help new leaders see the mountain they want to be on top of and realize what it means, expand responsibility and accountability, serve all others first around the clock, and love it for the betterment of the team.

Mr. MacRitchie believes there is no better way to motivate people than to have fun. At Tactical Rehabilitation, he encourages fun and localized involvement in the community where their patients live and work. “We also believe in consistent processes, incentivizing team members for better education, incentivizing team members to meet their KPI, and encouraging them to become leaders within our company. At no time is anyone limited in their roles; rather, everyone has the opportunity, through hard work, achieving goals, and expanding their skills, to grow into new roles that benefit our patients, our team, and our company,” explains Mr. MacRitchie.

An Influential Leader

Mr. MacRitchie has had great and horrible bosses and has learned equally from both. His life experiences have been filled with countless learning opportunities, all of which he has taken every chance to educate himself from as a part of them. “My personal life has been filled with so many great chances to get to know or chance meet with people over dinner or an event. I have gotten to know these big stars and well-known names like Robert Redford, General Colin Powell, Admiral Archie Clemens, General Hugh Shelton, Jack Welch, Jay Leno, Richard Branson, and so many more. They have really taught me that a genuine interest in getting to know and listen to the people you are with, a genuine caring for others, and setting a genuine tough set of goals and standards are crucial to being a successful leader and empowering people to feel great about achieving tough goals together as a team,” pinpoints Mr. MacRitchie.

Influenced by the great leaders he met over the years, Mr. MacRitchie has tried to make people feel valued in their roles. He has worked hard to ensure every person in his life who works for him knows he cares. “I always ensure that people who work with me understand the importance of living a full and valued life or delivering a great solution as a part of a team, knowing how each role fits within the company, and being the best that we can all be together at any moment and over the long-haul of time.”

The Way Forward

The pandemic has had a significant financial impact on DME manufacturers, with many experiencing revenue and profits declining due to decreased demand for non-essential equipment, increased costs of raw materials and shipping, and disruptions to their operations. However, Tactical Rehabilitation grew the fastest during the pandemic. When others shut their doors, Tactical Rehabilitation stayed open, opened four new locations around the country, and began its added focus internationally. “Patients still needed healthcare, maybe more than ever. Our doctors and bases recognized we were there with them and will always be,” says Mr. MacRitchie. The proactive support offered by Mr. MacRitchie and his team stands as a testament, among so many things, that Tactical Rehabilitation has always been available for its patients and will be for generations to come. “We are always expanding and continue to do so in new solutions, markets, products, and technologies. We will never stop, even if that means going to the Moon and maybe Mars. Where there is a need, we will be there,” concludes Mr. MacRitchie.

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