Heena Sehrawat, CEO, Geetanjali Miracle Makers

A seasoned real estate professional, Heena Sehrawat has around a decade of experience in the sector during which she earned core competency in different domains of Real Estate Investment Management, Asset Management and Advisory. During her extensive work in the sector and interaction with a number of real estate investors, she recognized the tribulations of consumers in making the right investment decisions. To resolve their dilemmas and fill the lacuna in the advisory segment, Ms Sehrawat came up with the idea of Geetanjali Miracle Makers.


Modern technologies are altering the business of almost every sector today while increasing their efficiency. The real estate sector which is one of the major domains is catering to the needs and requirements of businesses as well as the people. Hence, it needs to adopt state-of-the-art technologies to enhance the experience of the consumers. The industry has been seeing technological intervention for the last few years and it is expected that it will witness the introduction of many more technologies in the years to come. The luxury segment of the sector is rapidly embracing technology to enhance the comfort of consumers.

The inception of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the luxury segment has transformed the space by enabling the interconnection of different devices. This very facility ensures interoperability, hence the devices can be managed from a single control system. With the IoT at the centre of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the concept of luxury homes has developed and promises to push the boundaries of comfort and luxury at home. These technologies allow the control and monitoring of domestic appliances and devices.

The realty sector is equipping homes with ultra-modern technologies to enhance the comfort of the consumers. Automation is one of those technological innovations that make luxury homes more luxurious. The automation system gives complete control to the homeowner over everything, from setting the temperature to checking the child’s entertainment. The automation devices speak to each other and execute tasks as per the order of the homeowner. Smart sensors connected with smartphones bring complete control to the palm. The owner can execute any task with the help of automatic devices. These features provide a great level of comfort to the owners.

Luxury home buyers today give adequate attention to sustainable construction that adheres to green building norms. Natural resources are used that lowers the carbon footprint and ensure a better environment around. Energy-efficient technologies are used that minimise power consumption and help in reducing power bills. Some of the devices that make home entertainment-friendly and add to the luxury of the home are lighting, purification system, humidity control sensors, greenhouse monitoring systems and others. Rainwater harvesting and management practices are other features that make the home more attractive.

Robotic assistants are another invention that add to the luxury of the home. These devices help homeowners in different activities and make life easy. Alexa, Siri and other devices can be instructed to execute different tasks. Robotics has enhanced the overall comfort and convenience of the owner. These devices are extremely popular among consumers. The advancement is happening by the day in this field that will further increase the comfort level.

Facial recognition technology is another modern technological innovation that is redefining the luxury segment. The technology not only helps in running different devices but also in boosting the security of the home. It recognises the face of the owner and gives instruction to other devices to prepare the home as per the preference of the owner. In case the face doesn’t get recognised by the software, it indicates a possible security breach.

Mobile applications are introducing a revolution in every sector and different aspects of life. The luxury home is not immune to the effect. Mobile applications help homeowners in managing home and monitoring the security 24/7. Equipped with different features, such applications allow owners to complete different tasks conveniently. In case of glitches, the owner can easily connect with the solution provider and get instant assistance.

Another crucial technological disruption in the segment is virtual technology which is helping the realty sector in its evolution. With the help of virtual tools, homeowners can see the decoration of the home even before the completion of the work. They can make changes in the arrangement accordingly. Besides this major feature, the technology has many other benefits that add to the comfort of owners.

Technological applications are being utilised everywhere. Luxury real estate is not behind in adopting the technologies to make the home more luxurious. The globe-trotting millennials, who are the major chunk of consumers, have great aspirations. The luxury segment is evolving by the day according to the requirements of the consumers. It is embracing the new edge technology and is striving for better technological adoption.

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