Robin Bhowmik, Chief Business Officer, Manipal Global

Robin Bhowmik, Chief Business Officer, Manipal Global, is an innovative, entrepreneurial, growth and results-driven executive with over 24 years of global experience; Robin is a recognized expert in using both consumer and enterprise technology with proven ability to drive disruption within Industries that include Education, Banking and Healthcare. Robin comes from a technology background having performed leadership roles within companies that include Hewlett Packard, CSC and more recently; Sify Technologies where he was leading the Data Centres and Cloud Platforms business. Currently in his role as CBO of Manipal Global Education; Robin is responsible for leading Manipal’s highest priority and most strategic business initiatives focused on helping clients unlock value from continuous skill-based organisational outcomes and through the implementation of Deep Tech-based learning solutions within Education, Financial Services and Healthcare.


Higher education plays a critical role in determining countries’ social and economic growth in today’s internationally interconnected and competitive world. According to global researchers and academicians, governments perceive universities as engines for social transformation and wealth development in knowledge-based economies. As a result, governments design and implement strategic programs to increase the quality of teaching in higher education to meet the need for highly educated and skilled graduates.

It must be ensured that the faculty and trainers have expert knowledge of various industry-specific technologies and tools to enable the best knowledge transference to the learners. Also, the learners must enrol in courses that offer specialised courses to increase an individual’s employability quotient in a variety of IT fields. Invest in courses that help bridge the tech skill gap.

Rising Demand for Salesforce Developers

According to published data, Salesforce, the global cloud-based CRM service provider, currently controls more than 19% of the CRM market worldwide.

Salesforce developers are in high demand due to the rising popularity of Salesforce throughout the world. According to a recent report by the International Data Corporation (IDC), there has been significant growth in many occupations that need Salesforce expertise. The Salesforce ecosystem will generate 3.3 million new employment opportunities and an estimated $850 billion in sales in 2022.

As more organisations embrace Salesforce on mobile, leading app development firms will look to hire Salesforce-certified app developers in future. They also need to fill several additional positions for digital and administrative solutions, which will require employees with Salesforce experience.

Learning Programs to Focus On

The first thing to look for in a course is that it should allow you to be part of the global Salesforce community. Apart from courses in Fintech and Data Analytics, other specialised training programs include those for Salesforce developers and administrators that are high demand in India and across the globe.

Around 1.3 million Salesforce Developers are needed in India, and the number keeps rising by the day. Keeping this high demand for Salesforce developers in view, we need quality institutions to offer learners the training and skills needed to be a part of the Salesforce community.

Knowledge of Salesforce allows users from many departments to work seamlessly, create appropriate apps and automate business operations. Low-code and no code solutions, such as drag-and-drop and point-and-click interfaces, make tasks that previously needed more digital acumen accessible to persons with minimal technical abilities. Therefore Salesforce training and know-how is in high demand today. It is most important to offer candidates a job-assured Salesforce Certified ADX/DX – Developer Program, which also features business-specific capstone projects to ensure that the learners get industry-specific training.

To take it a step further top institutes are also introducing Salesforce into the University ecosystem as electives/open electives and building a specialised trainer pool within the faculty. This will enable an inclusive learning environment that will help the learners grow their knowledge and skill sets about Salesforce and their curriculum.

Opportunities for Salesforce Developers

The Salesforce platform has risen to the ranks of technological tools, from the 18th most in-demand tool in 2012. In their respective CRM and data visualisation sectors, Salesforce and Tableau are the most in-demand technologies. Salesforce was the most popular cloud software in 2018 and the fifth most popular software tool overall, excluding Microsoft Office Suite products.

Salesforce is also being used by more enterprises, organisations, and professionals than ever before. In 2018, Salesforce was mentioned in over ninety percent of Fortune 100 job advertisements.

It’s no surprise that Salesforce developers have the highest demand of all the roles. According to a research study, more than 38,000 of the 50,000 evaluated postings are for Salesforce developer positions. Hence, if you are an IT professional, acquiring the skills of a Salesforce developer is a must for lucrative future prospects.

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