Shruti Singhal, CEO, Eminence Communications

Shruti Singhal is a professional in public relations and communication with over four years of experience working with a wide range of customers, and segments. Shruti has a demonstrated track record of integrating vision and deep industry expertise with great project management skills to support campaign development, product launches, branding, and rebranding activities that help organizations, brands, and products succeed. She has effectively established, managed, and implemented media strategies and measured results across traditional and digital platforms. She is ambitious and driven in her approach to her work. She produces operational strategy for the firm as well as for notable clientele as the learning CEO & Founder of Eminence Communications, an integrated PR & Image Management Consultancy.


The Indian event business is a fast-growing industry that serves as the backbone of any large corporation. The Indian Event Market is estimated to be worth approximately 10,000 crores, making it a substantial and essential portion of the Indian economy. The majority of event companies appeal to a big audience, and the industry offers a variety of services. It’s needed to run seminars, press conferences, and other events. During the pandemic, the event management sector underwent a dramatic shift as many events moved online. Outsourcing (to an event management company) has allowed businesses to delegate the burden of event planning to an event agency, allowing them to focus on more vital objectives. However, because this is one of the fastest-growing businesses, changes must be made as quickly as possible. The Indian Event Industry caters to a variety of areas, including Social Events, Corporate Events, Entertainment Events, Exhibitions, Educational Events, Trade Fairs, and so on. The Indian event sector has seen a significant transformation. Previously, it was thought to be a firm that handled wedding décor and catering, but it has since been redefined as a company that handles any ‘happening,’ whether private or public. People nowadays want every occasion to be celebrated on a grand scale, necessitating the hiring of professionals to manage the activities. Various event firms provide a wide range of services, including planning, designing, executing, vendor management, and product launches, among others. In India, the event industry employed 95 percent of its workforce offline, whether at large-scale events or small, local gatherings.

As a result, the abrupt transition of the medium from offline to online was unprecedented. However, when the Covid problem arose and a lockdown was imposed for more than two months, people had no choice but to change their medium to the internet. As a result, because it was a novel concept, the change was abrupt, and basic issues arose. Many individuals struggled to learn the new medium, and their attention spans dwindled as they sat at home. However, because events are such an important part of Indian culture, events that may be switched to online modes, such as educational events, seminars, trade exhibits, event debuts, and CSR initiatives such as mental health seminars, have begun to take place online. For many years, the Indian event business has taken on numerous tasks such as brand marketing, expanding reach, and catering to the target demographic. The promotion of brands to engage with potential customers via the internet and other types of digital communication is known as digital marketing communication. Email, social media, and web-based advertising are all examples, as are text and multimedia messaging. Throughout the years, digital marketing communication has been demonstrated to be a terrific strategy to improve sales. Firms of all sizes, from small local businesses to global conglomerates, have benefited from digital marketing communication. Digital marketing communication is presenting an event or service to the public in a style that is approachable and convenient for them to use.

The event sector continued to exist by holding press conferences, meetings, lecture halls, and events to communicate with the general public. Furthermore, Paytm Insider and other sites are hosting online events and gaining a new brand in the market as a result of the event industry’s consistent expansion over the years. As a result, the event industry has seen significant changes in recent years. The fact that many fitness and wellness professionals used digital communication to reach out to people and work for them was even more intriguing. As a result, there has been a lot of change in this pandemic in terms of digital marketing communication.

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