Shrikant Pandey, Managing Director of Indiamanthan Publications

Shrikant Pandey is a man of many hats; enjoying the status of an outcast visionary entrepreneur, a business expert, and an ardent leader behind India’s emerging publishing house, Indiamanthan Publications and Media Pvt. Ltd. Owing to his invaluable life experiences, Mr. Pandey has traveled and transitioned from a young aspiring entrepreneur to an established successful publisher and business leader mentoring and giving wings to entrepreneurship in India.


It is no secret that expanding one’s business can be difficult. A unique identity can only be achieved after years of sweat, blood, and tears, especially if there is fierce competition. In the beginning, it means donning several hats together that involve dealing with sales & marketing, understanding taxes & corporate compliance, interacting with customers & so much more. At the end of the day, it leaves you completely drained & takes a toll on you. If you’re struggling to make a mark in the business world, don’t worry, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The path may be treacherous but in the end; the result is sweet. While thousands of business growth strategies exist, the following will take your firm’s business to the next level quickly yet efficiently.

Shrikant Pandey has always been to support emerging entrepreneurs of India and empower their growth so; they can leave their unique mark on the global market. A man of many hats; enjoying the status of an outcast visionary entrepreneur has a futuristic approach to scaling businesses. The tactics that he employs to elevate brands, master plans, and knowledge about the online marketing world can help one stand out from the competition. Using technology, modern marketers are able to analyze and improve the performance of their marketing campaigns and guide future strategies and decisions. In today’s digital marketing landscape, it’s common for marketers to send custom messages across multiple channels that are increasingly conversion-centric as they progress through the sales funnel. Marketers would like to be able to track the impact of these messages and/or channels against their ultimate goals.

Like everything in life, or in business, he believes you have to invest time & effort if you wish to reap the rewards. Instead of focusing on the short-term results of your work, have a vision for the long-term. Building sincere values and an intent to help your customers will go a long way and should be the foundation of your business. Once that’s accomplished, all that remains is to put in the effort and take action.

  1. Partnering and Collaboration on Strategic Initiatives

You can reach a wide range of customers in a short period of time if you form strategic partnerships with the right companies. Finding such partnerships might seem difficult at first, but if you keep looking for companies that can complement your rise to the top, then do not stop. Contact them and propose ways to collaborate.  The key to success may lie in the power of collaboration.

  1. Provide a broader range of products and services

You should let your clients know about any complementary products, services, or information that you can provide. To grow, you need to think differently and focus on expansion. Find or create new opportunities within your niche. Sell your clients something else that adds value to the exchange. Another interesting way to look at your business is to package your services into something that can be purchased online or even off-line by subsets of your target audience & delivered to them.

  1. Presence on social media/live sessions/ webinars

Your business can also be catapulted relatively quickly with a solid online presence. In the form of an automated selling tool, they are a powerful tool for bringing any product to market, targeting a wider audience. Marketing techniques that have been traditional are being replaced by online strategies. Millions of people worldwide have access to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The online medium is proving to be a boon in attracting audiences to produce maximum revenue organically.

  1. Conduct a competitive analysis

Do your research before entering the mainstream market, with the intention of dominating and making an impact! Find out what your competitors are doing online and how advertisers are marketing. Find the ads that have been running the longest and study them. The chance of it working for you increases if it has already been proven to work for your competitors.

  1. Putting yourself out there: With Digital Marketing tactics

In all industries, digital marketing is useful because it connects businesses with customers when they are online. It connects businesses with ideal customers when they are on Google through SEO and PPC, on social media with social media marketing, & through email with email marketing. Digital marketing is essential for every business. For businesses, it is necessary to understand the benefits of digital marketing, which include: affordability, flexibility, expansion, multimedia, and many others.

  1. Prepare yourself for crisis communication

It is unacceptable to remain silent in times of crisis on social media. Maintaining well-run and well-managed social media accounts and having a plan in place can help you stay engaged and present in case the worst happens.

  1. Messaging Marketing via Instant Messages

Messaging platforms are a fast way to connect with potential customers, even if they haven’t given out their cell phone numbers. You can use it to announce flash sales, new products, or order updates. Your customers can also reach out to customer service if they have questions or need more information. You can send texts directly to a mobile phone or send messages through platforms like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

With online channels, you can follow your customers’ entire purchasing journey. Analyzing how customers move and operate is essential to converting leads. Digital marketing helps you track them through that process. It is without a doubt that today’s consumers are more informed than ever. Even if they don’t convert in the early stages, at least they have made a connection with your business. The result creates challenges for businesses today that were unimaginable decades ago. At the same time, challenges also create opportunities. Make the most of networking and social media to build your business and reputation. You will win and retain new clients, achieve sustainable success, and continue to move your practice forward.

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