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Ankit Dudhwewala is the Co-founder and CEO of Appitsimple Infotek, a company that builds and runs digital products. Appitsimple runs CallHippo – a SaaS-based VOIP product, and SoftwareSuggest – an IT software and services discovery platform and runs it successfully. As the co-founder and CEO of Appitsimple, Ankit sets qualitative and quantitative objectives for the organization. Ankit coordinates with team members to ensure set goals are met and review objectives periodically. While Ankit has competencies in multiple domains, ‘he excels at sales and marketing.


During the present unstable times, the survival and growth of businesses face various roadblocks. While the market has been evolving constantly, firms have been making consistent and persistent efforts to survive and thrive in the market. To achieve this goal, it has become vital to introduce innovations in operational strategies and adopt new-age tech solutions. It is critical not only to upscale their work but also to have a competitive edge in the market. 

To sail through the pandemic-induced challenges and cater to the demands of customers, it has become a necessity to undergo digital transformations in today’s times. Amongst the plethora of advanced technologies available, CRM steps in as a viable solution for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. 

The relevance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) through call management 

Effective communication is one of the key components of any business and connects the firm with its customer base. It paves the way for converting the clients into a loyal customer base and eventually leads to the firm being a success or failure. Since, ‘the customer is the king’ is the driving psychology for any business, adopting CRM solutions specifically for call management becomes all the more important as it helps in enhancing the customer experience and their journey with your organization. 

A call management system via CRM solutions helps businesses in achieving this very objective- managing the bulk incoming calls so that the workload can be handled smoothly! With its various benefits and new-age features, its adoption becomes all the more relevant in today’s times when the industry is undergoing various disruptions and organizations can’t afford the loss of business. It becomes even more efficient when a call management system, such as CallHippo, integrates with various CRM to ensure a seamless business flow.

Have a glimpse as to why inculcating CRM solutions and call management is critical for organizations.

Offering round the clock assistance

One of the vital features of a call management system, Interactive Voice Response, plays a major role in boosting the growth of businesses and enhancing the overall customer experience. This automated phone system technology mitigates the need for a human operator and offers 24/7 assistance to its customers. 

With this solution, the incoming calls are routed to the appropriate agents and the chances of missing out on customer calls are zilch. Additionally, it also offers customized and personalized services to the callers, thereby fostering good relationships between the firm and the customers. 

IVR with its features contributes to ensuring that the customers feel valued. This further helps in improving their experience and journey with your business. 

Insights on the data of customer journey via Call analytics

Call analytics is an essential feature for businesses to grow and proliferate. Having insights about the customer journey along with the inbound and outbound calls is valuable. It helps businesses analyze their work and modify their operational strategies as per the needs and preferences of their customers. 

This data provides information about the total number of calls, peak hours, average caller timing, geographical location, details on the customers’ queries, preferences, and grievances, etc. Analysis of the same can benefit you as you can improve your operations and optimize your sales accordingly. 

Recording the calls for multiple usages

Call recording is an important feature of call management systems. These recorded calls help executives to effectively handle the client’s queries and improve the quality of their customer servicing. The high-quality calls are selected and set as a benchmark to be referred to while attending future customer calls to resolve queries. Agents can also utilize them wisely for gathering knowledge about the customer’s journey with their business so far and proactively suggest solutions. These recordings also help organizations to give feedback to the executives and polish them in their client servicing. When your CRM is integrated with a call management system, it simplifies the means of accessing the recording as it eliminates the need to toggle between multiple tabs and lets you access all information from the CRM’s dashboard.

The association between the call management system and CRM 

Call management system also comes with integration features and hence is no less than a boon for businesses. 

When collaborating with a CRM, you can manage your customer data (along with the customer history) from the same CRM, which can be accessed anytime from anywhere. A well-designed call management system, such as CallHippo, integrates with various CRMs to ensure that you can reach out to audiences, manage calls, monitor performances, and gain valuable insights, all in one place. This association also helps manage the customer journey right from the start till the very end. It also ensures that your customer service and support through your contact center and business phone system is top-notch and seamless. 

Summing Up!

Call management with its myriad of advantages and features has emerged to be the ideal solution for businesses to sustain and grow in the unstable present times. It also helps empower them technologically to sail through all the hurdles that they come across in their growth journey. CRM via call management also ensures that their customer servicing won’t suffer even in uncertain times be it in the present or in the future. At the moment, when situations are unpredictable, call management is one of the efficient and effective solutions available at affordable pricing. Coming with time efficacy and effortless features, it is indeed the one-stop solution for businesses across sectors. 

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