Divanshi Gupta, Director, The Marcom Avenue

Divanshi Gupta is a young, far-sighted and zealous entrepreneur, who has taken up the leadership position of the Director at The Marcom Avenue. She has been working for the Marketing and Communications Fraternity for 8+ years, and her experience in curating marketing strategies has helped brands bring meaningful experiences to life.


While the world is eyeing at the several dynamic changes happening in the market due to the ban of TikTok and the reverberations of it, LinkedIn is perennially bringing about a behavioural shift in the minds of digital consumers, businesses, and agencies. Among the top social media platforms around the world, LinkedIn has caught the nerve, and, so, is offering a place of comfort and hope for brands, as the Coronavirus pandemic has shaken the world economy.

Just like Instagram, YouTube, OTT platforms, and other digital platforms are looking at an incredible thrust in the number of users; LinkedIn has seen an increase of over 10% in its user base, since November 2019. The platform is being recognised as a B2B gold mine with over 30 million businesses who have signed up, enabling the brands to effectively leverage intent-based and interactive pieces of content for lead generation and beyond.

Where is LinkedIn Marketing headed?

Whether it is a B2C brand or B2B, brands need to survive; and for survival, businesses have to market themselves to tap on the potential consumer base and remind the consumers who stuck by to buy the product/service. Now, during the Covid-19 pandemic, all the businesses were shut, and B2B companies lost a fortune. Some businesses which picked the path of digital transformation were able to survive and were able to connect with their target audience to resume their business operations, amidst the pandemic.

To reach out to their kind of audience, brands thoroughly have to analyse their audiences’ behaviour, choices, occupation and desires, and then strategically appoint marketing budgets for various digital media marketing activities such as social media awareness campaigns, lead generation, email marketing, experiential campaigns, and whatnot.

Today, when it is a bit difficult to define the audience type on platforms such as Instagram or YouTube, LinkedIn serves a platter of the potential target audience, exactly what the brand marketers are looking for in this pandemic, a breather.

So, in this wave of digital transformation, B2B businesses were able to leverage the opportunity and got ahead in the game as LinkedIn was able to address the question of ‘target group’, and engage the brands and people with like-minded people from their industry.

Some hot statistics which make LinkedIn a brand’s worth the while and yes, of course, investment:

  • As per a study, an ad on LinkedIn can reach up to 12% of the world’s population.
  • Further, where most of the platforms are unable to generate high-quality leads amidst this pandemic, 43% of marketers have drawn at least one lead via LinkedIn.
  • Today, with over 11 million Millennial users who are in decision-making positions, LinkedIn has become even a more popular choice for brand managers.
Why B2B brands must pick LinkedIn?

While Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest have clearly made their mark and have become the must-have platforms for all kinds of businesses, the actual truth is that these platforms can be quite distracting and inane for B2B businesses.

Brands may end up spending a tremendous amount in engaging the audience, which may not even be their prospective target group. LinkedIn, however, is a simple platform that is built for business interactions, and offers B2B business a much higher Return on Time and Investment.

Especially for B2B brands who deal in high-value transactions, LinkedIn offers a more credible platform for business owners to connect and engage with potential clientele via lead generation or Inmail over conversations about the industry.

How will it benefit?

If we look at the recent data of LinkedIn marketing campaigns run by several brands, we can identify a pattern of positive results and happy clients, that clearly indicates that LinkedIn Marketing is on the rise, and will continue to grow upwards:

  • LinkedIn is a more effective platform for generating leads over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by over 277%.
  • Also, a study suggests that over 62% of B2B marketers have found that LinkedIn can successfully generate leads.
  • Amongst other content platforms, users have found LinkedIn 3x times more trustworthy for delivering worthwhile and valuable content.

LinkedIn is thought to be a more expensive platform for lead generation, especially when compared to Google Ads, but a thorough comparison suggests that the cost per lead on LinkedIn is 28% lower than on Google AdWords. 

LinkedIn vs Other Social Media Platform

People spend a considerable amount of time scrolling through LinkedIn feeds, engaging with trends and user-generated content, to become aware of the business network and market, or to discover ideas that lead to self-growth and building a reputation. However, a similar desire/behaviour is not seen to consume content on other social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

Furthermore, LinkedIn persists as other social networks see content engagement fall off, due to the notable algorithmic changes made by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and the increasing content creation fatigue. Hence, less shares and less reach.

Path Forward

LinkedIn as a content platform is working to increase user engagement through various means, including improving its feed algorithm to draw more attention to the users, and showcasing more engaging and relevant news stories.

Presently, 61% of LinkedIn’s user base is between 25 and 34 years old, the platform improves the engagement ratio by 50% engagement year over year, creating significant marketing opportunities which will be worth checking out for businesses.


More About Divanshi Gupta

Divanshi Gupta has been on an entrepreneurial journey since 2012, first with Dancehelpline. It aims to create India’s most impactful digital platform that creates life-changing experiences for dance lovers by building a place where people can come to find and discover virtually anything they want to search about dance and related services. The platform creates a direct link between those who want to learn and those who teach. The experience taught her that, for even the greatest business offering to be successful, marketing them in the right way is an absolute necessity.

This gave birth to the integrated marketing and communications agency, The Marcom Avenue which has spread its wings over years of its existence and has partnered with national and international brands to “Create, Communicate and Connect” the heart of the customer to the heart of its brand. She has successfully built the organisation from scratch since its inception and got it to stand tall among well-established competitors.

She has worked for some of the top businesses and organizations both within the country and outside including the likes of Mahindra World City, OYO, Nestle, Zee, Obsessions, Belgian Waffle, Ambience, DLF, Sobha Developers, ITC WelcomHeritage Hotels, India Fashion Awards, and many more. She loves building brands.


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