Laksh Bucha, Founder & CEO, Growthxo

Growthxo is a modern brand management company spearheaded by a teenpreneur, Laksh Bucha. At the age of 17, Laksh is the Founder & CEO of Growthxo, which delivers brand solutions to several clients in India and the US. A Kolkata based startup, Growthxo is two years old organization which started off as a dream project of Bucha, who is otherwise a digital marketing ninja. His journey of starting off a multi-crore business in his teens is indeed a very inspiring one. In a conversation with CXO Outlook, Laksh shares his motives, company’s unique offering, plans and much more. 


My motive behind taking up entrepreneurship during the college days

Being from a Marwari family, they say, business run in our veins. The ‘galla and hisaab’ are some typical terms every Marwari household will immediately connect to, and this is I guess what led to the awakening of the entrepreneur inside me in my early teens.

Our families are all into a business, and the easiest way could have been to join and grow what they built, but I had a different plan. From a YouTuber to a Domain Investor to Digital Marketer, Digital Ads Expert and a Communications Professional, I have learnt everything only through experience. You see, I have just finished my 12th and have no degrees to prove my expertise in these areas besides client case studies (on a lighter note)

I have been and still am an average but an inquisitive student. Technology had always been my personal favourite topics, and I am an avid follower of everything tech-related. And as one would guess, my interest in technology and the magic it creates drove me towards my core business objective. The objective to create awareness and offer services on how tech can successfully transform and grow each business – small or big, making India stronger.

Entrepreneurship, to me, means the realization of one’s own self. It is not a title but a journey of finding which mutant you are? What do you do the best? What services are you meant for? What do you see differently? Why you want to do it? To conclude it, in short, Entrepreneurship is a beautiful journey of winning, losing, laughing, crying, yet not leaving.

My journey so far as an entrepreneur

A typical answer to this question would be that it was a roller coaster drive, full of adventure, failures and so on. However, to me, so far, the journey has been no less than A-Amazing.

From unveiling the not known to learning from one’s own mistakes and not giving up in the name of destiny, this Amazing journey has taught me like a mother.

I started off at the age of fifteen as a Youtuber, thereafter a domain investor then dealing with cryptocurrencies, hours and months in stock trading, digital assets building and digital marketing, followed by my current project – Growthxo.

Being a modern brand management company, At Growthxo our aim is to provide support and advisory to brands helping them create an indomitable presence (within media, stakeholders, target audience – regional, national and International) For more info you can check us at

We have the biggest network of re-sellers in India as our niche is to get International media presence for brands. Our team compromises of senior professionals from diverse industry, and we practice the most ethical and transparent operations to provide successful and measurable results.

The founding story of the Growthxo

My co-founder Souvik Rooj and I founded Growthxo in late 2017. Before laying the foundation for Growthxo, I had worked on five different businesses, and all were painful.

The journey is a full-on drama series consisting of episodes like friend’s betrayal for money, significant losses in stock trading, cheated of money while link building, dealing in cryptocurrencies, digital marketing and so on.

As a digital marketer, I saw an impressive potential in the market and started expanding the portfolio. That’s when Souvik and I joined hands to create a dynamic communications firm that can help brands fill in the gaps of hiring various professionals for different markets.

Today at Growthxo, our clients don’t have to look further whether its PR, Digital Marketing, Web Development or Advertisement. We are a full-service integrated agency.

Unique services that Growthxo offers today

Growthxo is a new-age multi-specialist and a modern brand management company which aims at unlocking a brands potential in the era of digitalization. We have an array of services categorized under four main heads – Public Relations, Digital Marketing/PR, Advertising and IT Development.

Our uniqueness is the simplicity, transparency and innovative thought with which we present our ideas to bring in measurable results for our clients. Till date, we have had not even one upset/unsatisfied client.

Managing studies and company operations simultaneously

To be very honest, I rarely open my books. (laughs). Well, my parents make sure that I keep a balance between the two.

Significant milestones during my journey as an entrepreneur

My learnings are my biggest and most valued assets till now. These years have trained me like a pro through practical experiences and real-life case studies.

About my education and life as a student

I’m no genius. An average student like many others I pray all year to score just good enough (smiles)

People who influenced me professionally

My Dad, My brother and Mukesh Ambani. I love the way they operate things, and I want to adopt their sharp skills and implement it my way.

Plans for the Growthxo

Short-term: We are coming up with a lot of exciting stuff straight from our PR Board and in a longer vision, we are developing our Growth umbrella with a dominating group of products covering the Digital, Marketing and Advertising, Public Relations and Communications, Social, Development (IT), Fintech, LegalTech, and Human Recourses sectors. And we’d love to keep our plans as granny’s recipe for now.

My advice to student entrepreneurs who are starting out

Just mark three things, Patience, smart working and risk-taking. Be a hustler!

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