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Tushar Chadha is a proactive professional with diversified recruitment experience into IT, BFSI, Retail and Consumer Internet industry. He has a unique experience of building the business from scratch in a start-up, small and medium enterprise and large multi-national corporations.

Handling the emotional reaction after losing a job is not easy and not everyone’s cup of tea because it takes you in pity funk for a bit and expert note that losing a job equates to the grief of losing a loved one. But, remember that millions of people around the world have lost their jobs amid the current COVID-19 crisis as it has become “global pandemic of unemployment”

The world is not only experiencing the symptoms of COVID-19 but also experiencing the symptoms of economic downfall which have shaken the ruling economies like the US wherein millions of people are laid of and has created the layer of crisis within a crisis.

But the question is how to handle this feeling and what to do to overcome from the grief of being jobless. After you take a deep breath, consider the following tips to help you navigate your next steps in embarking on a new job search in the middle of an unprecedented crisis.

Acknowledge the fact that you are jobless for some time and move on from the emotions

Its very human to experience a range of emotions such as saying goodbye to the morning routine, late working hours, enjoying with a colleague,  accepting the fact that there will be no more paychecks and salary credit messages and the list goes on and I completely understand that it is always easy to be said than to be done but one has to bring back the sunk spoon from the trifle bowl.

Get a check of your finances and create a budget of your own to manage your expenses

Create an expense sheet and try to figure out what are your must to have expenses and what are your luxurious expenses. This will help you to cut down on your unnecessary expenses. Don’t deplete your savings or increase your debt. For example-Read the books and magazines at home or online instead of going out to the library or Meditate and exercise at home rather than going to a gym or nearby studio. This will help you to follow your hobbies and passion without any expenses.

Re-evaluate your choices and invest in your personal development

There is a famous quote in English “it takes money to make money”. This time is a blessing and disguise as it has given a lot of time to re-evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.  Enrol yourself in classes which you can afford for your personal development. Work more on polishing your skills, making your resume more interesting so that you can get a good job sooner. Boost up your skill if you find any gap in it, there are thousands of online videos available on youtube. Take help from it and work more to fill the gaps.

The last and the most important – take care of yourself

Lastly, the very important thing over and above all is taking care of yourself. The stress of job loss and unemployment can take a toll on your well-being and leave you more vulnerable to mental health problems. Just believe in yourself and trust that this time shall too pass.

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