Baha Meier-Arian, Business and Personality Coach

In a world that often feels fast-paced and demanding, the ability to truly connect with others profoundly can be transformative. Baha Meier-Arian, a Business and Personality Coach, has made it her mission to do just that. Her journey into the world of psychological psychotherapy and counseling, particularly following the principles of the legendary Carl Rogers, has shaped her career and touched countless individuals’ lives.

Baha’s journey into counseling was ignited by a powerful realization. She says, “It all began with a profound realization – that true communication, understanding, and empathy are the cornerstones of building strong interpersonal relationships.” For Baha, the concepts of ‘eye level’ and active listening were pivotal in her journey. “To me, ‘eye level’ isn’t just a physical posture; it signifies meeting others as equals and valuing their unique perspectives. It’s about fostering respect and acknowledging the fundamental worth of each individual.” Active listening, she explains, “goes far beyond merely hearing words – it’s about understanding the deeper needs and emotions that lie beneath the surface. Through sincere, active listening, a profound connection is built, forming the bedrock of meaningful collaboration.”

But Baha doesn’t stop at active listening. She also emphasizes the significance of translating feelings. “Translating feelings involves not only hearing the words of others but also perceiving and articulating the emotions that resonate within them. This empathetic approach creates an atmosphere of trust and warmth, paving the way for the creation of fresh perspectives and newfound clarity.”

In 2014, Baha Meier-Arian became a Certified Psychological Counselor (VFP), marking the evolution of her empathetic approach. She highlights that empathy, the ability to step into a client’s shoes and truly understand their feelings and experiences, is the cornerstone of her therapeutic approach. She asserts, “Empathy enables the therapist or coach to empathize with and understand the client’s feelings and experiences, creating an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance in which the client can feel safe and secure.”

In Baha’s eyes, however, empathy is not the entire picture. She believes in the power of directness, which translates into open and honest communication with clients, even when addressing difficult issues. She shares, “Empathy and directness create a structured therapy environment where clients can address their issues, gain fresh perspectives, and embark on their transformative journeys.”

Embracing the Synergy of Mind and Body

Baha’s journey is more than just a traditional path to psychotherapy and coaching. It’s a fascinating fusion of expertise and experiences that have shaped her into a remarkable figure in her field. She says, “The body and mind are closely connected. A healthy diet has proven effects on our mental health. A balanced diet with sufficient nutrients can improve our mood and increase our mental performance.”

For Baha, the interplay between mind and body is undeniable. She sees the profound connection between what we consume and how we feel. A healthy diet, enriched with essential nutrients, not only nourishes our bodies but also enhances our mental well-being. It’s a testament to the intricate dance between physical and mental health.

Baha elaborates, “Consciously addressing our diet can be an expression of self-care. Psychotherapy and coaching are often about getting to know ourselves better, identifying our needs, and being true to ourselves. A healthy diet is an important part of this, as it helps to provide our bodies with optimal nutrition and take care of our well-being.”

In her view, caring for one’s diet is a form of self-expression. It’s an act of mindfulness and self-awareness. It aligns with the essence of psychotherapy and coaching, where understanding oneself and meeting one’s needs take center stage. It’s a holistic approach that resonates with the values of well-being and personal growth.

Baha emphasizes the significance of resilience: “A balanced diet can strengthen our resilience, which means we are better able to cope with stress and adapt to change. By providing our bodies with the right nutrients, we strengthen our immune system and promote our mental stability. As a result, we are less susceptible to unnecessary stressors that can lead to problems.”

For Baha, resilience is a cornerstone of mental fortitude. A well-balanced diet fortifies our bodies, equipping us to confront stress and adapt to life’s dynamic challenges. It’s a powerful tool that not only shields us from unnecessary stressors but also paves the way for mental stability and a more fulfilling life.

Baha’s Journey at the Tinnitus Center Neu-Ulm

Baha’s work at the Tinnitus Center Neu-Ulm is a pivotal chapter in her professional journey. “The Tinnitus Center was the first station where I could apply my acquired knowledge and skills as a therapist,” Baha reflects. Tinnitus, a hearing disorder characterized by distressing sounds, can profoundly affect not only hearing but also an individual’s ability to concentrate and engage in everyday life.

At the Tinnitus Center, Baha witnessed the far-reaching impact of this condition. She explains, “Here, the affected person’s social contacts often suffer as well, as they withdraw and avoid social interactions due to the distressing ear noises.”

Baha recognized the importance of her role as a therapist in addressing the emotional toll of tinnitus. She worked with sufferers to confront anxiety and self-doubt associated with the condition. “Learning autogenic training can be a good way to cope with the stress of tinnitus,” she notes. This training empowers individuals to regain a sense of relaxation even in the presence of constant noise, offering a path to emotional and physical well-being.

Baha’s work at the Tinnitus Center highlighted her commitment to improving the lives of those she encounters, reinforcing her belief in the transformative power of counseling.

Enlightening Insights at Neuropoint Ulm

Baha’s multifaceted role at Neuropoint Ulm provided her with a wealth of experiences and insights, particularly during her presentation on the impact of unresolved emotional problems on quality of life and professional development.

Baha shares her memorable experience: “During the talk, I shared examples to make the topic tangible for the audience. I emphasized the importance of self-reflection and dealing with emotional stress in order to lead a fulfilling life both privately and professionally.”

In that transformative presentation, the room bore witness to a powerful realization. “After I finished my presentation, I opened the discussion to questions and personal experiences from the audience,” Baha recalls. People began sharing their own struggles and challenges, and a palpable connection formed in the room.

Baha continues, “It was amazing to see the atmosphere transform from tension to openness and solidarity.” It was an affirmation of the significance of addressing emotional issues and the profound impact they can have on an individual’s well-being, both personally and professionally.

Empowering Through Unique Skills: Autogenic Training and Depression Counseling

Baha’s toolkit goes beyond traditional counseling and coaching. Her expertise in autogenic training and depression counseling offers clients an extraordinary path to emotional competence and well-being. Baha explains the benefits, “Emotional stress, such as stress, anxiety, or negative thoughts, can affect well-being and health in many ways. The relaxation techniques of autogenic training put the body in a state of deep relaxation, which allows the client to reduce stress hormones and bring the body to rest naturally.”

Through autogenic training, clients find a haven of serenity amidst life’s chaos. It’s a method to silence the noise of stress, allowing the body to recalibrate naturally. “Clients also gain an opportunity to develop a neutral view of their own emotional reactions and experiences,” Baha adds. This technique enables clients to step back from intense emotions and thoughts, offering a distant perspective that can yield new insights and realizations.

What makes autogenic training even more valuable is its accessibility. Baha notes, “Autogenic training is a beautiful, simple method and can be practiced almost anywhere and at any time.” It serves multiple purposes: enhancing the quality of life, improving athletic performance, and acting as an effective preventive measure against burn-out syndrome. From athletes seeking peak performance to corporate leaders navigating daily stress, autogenic training is a powerful tool for building resilience.

Baha Meier Arian’s Impact: A Success Story

In her practice, Baha has witnessed remarkable transformations. One such story stands out: a client who held a pivotal position in a large company. Despite professional success, he found himself trapped in a cycle of overtime, a lack of physical activity, and sleep disorders. The tipping point was a heart attack, which not only had physical consequences but also triggered anxiety and shattered his confidence in his own body.

He turned to Baha for support. Through counseling, he learned to understand and accept his body and its needs. “Instead of despairing over this crisis,” Baha recounts, “he decided to look at it as a second chance—an opportunity to make fundamentally positive changes in his life.”

This profound change not only impacted him but also rippled through his family and workplace. Baha explains, “His family noticed how much happier and more vital he was becoming and supported him in his new lifestyle. His co-workers at the company also admired his courage and willpower to make changes.”

Empowering Mental Well-being:

In 2019, Baha embarked on a new chapter, founding “Mental Health Management.” This venture wasn’t just a business move; it was a profound commitment to improving lives and fortifying mental well-being. Baha shares her inspiration, “The motivation for starting my Mental Health Management practice was multi-faceted. One key aspect was to work on developing mental strength and the ability to change perspectives and gain new ways of seeing.”

In her personal and professional journey, Baha has experienced the transformative power of a healthy mental state. She has witnessed how unresolved emotional issues and mental stress can cast shadows over all aspects of life, including professional success. This realization became the driving force behind her desire to explore mental health further and assist others in their own mental well-being journeys.

Baha acknowledges the pivotal role of a strong mental state, especially during impactful life events. “Life events such as losses, separation, sudden illness, or professional setbacks can throw us off track and put us under emotional strain. But in such moments, there is also the possibility for personal development and growth.”

She explains how a robust mental state enables individuals to see the positive aspects despite the challenges and to learn from them. It’s about transforming adversity into an opportunity for growth and resilience.

Continuing Quest for Knowledge and Growth

Looking to 2023, Baha has expanded her skill set further by completing training to become an INHESA® Business Health Coach. This additional qualification represents her unwavering commitment to enhancing her coaching and counseling skills.

Baha’s perspective: “A therapist or coach who has a sound knowledge of various therapeutic approaches and coaching techniques can select and apply the most appropriate methods to help clients achieve their goals. In addition, a ready knowledge of psychological concepts and human behavior enables a therapist or coach to better understand the background and causes of emotional, mental, and behavioral problems.”

Baha’s extensive training in trauma therapy, systemic coaching, and EMDR techniques form a crucial part of her approach to working with clients. She firmly believes in the body’s innate ability to heal, given the right impulses. Her wealth of knowledge and skills equip her to support her clients more effectively and expedite their journey to well-being.

The story of Baha is one of ongoing learning and a dedication to improving mental health and well-being. “Mental Health Management” is more than a business; it’s a platform for transformation, resilience, and personal development. With a keen eye on the future, she continues to expand her knowledge and expertise, ensuring her clients receive the best support on their journeys towards better mental health.

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