Chetan Relhan, Founder and CEO, The Achievers PR

Chetan Relhan is the Founder and CEO of The Achievers PR, India’s leading independent brand management consultancy that serves in PR and celebrity. The agency flaunts its balanced portfolio with clients across several verticals with the associations spanning over years altogether. He comes up with an experience of around six years in the PR industry and has been at the forefront of driving media activities across various sectors. Chetan has a proven track record of combining vision and strong industry understanding with project management skills to assist companies, businesses, and products succeed through campaign development, product launches, branding, and rebranding initiatives.


The first three months of 2022 have come to a close, many people are starting to wonder if things will ever stabilise. Consumer habits, workplace settings, travel possibilities, and our fundamental day-to-day lives have all changed as a result of the pandemic. Many corporations have had to drastically reorganize their operations in order to respond and handle lockdowns, social distancing, and Covid-19 epidemics, mandating the introduction of a comprehensive work environment.

Many are wondering what the rest of 2022 will bring. If there’s one thing we’ve all learned from this pandemic, it’s that we can’t predict what will happen next. Many businesses, including public relations, have been impacted by the shift to a work-from-home and online work environment.

Utilize imagination for establishing links

Public Relations is known for being a creative field, working in a virtual setting has presented its own set of problems. Interacting in person is no longer an easy choice, forcing PR professionals to find creative ways to connect with media contacts in order to create, maintain, and grow relationships. Because these relationships are crucial to the success of media pitches and narrative pickups, in a virtual world, ingenuity is essential to create innovative ways to stay associated and top of mind with reporters.

Explore alternatives to traditional media

Since many people continue working from home, their media consumption levels have shifted. For many individuals, the route to and from work looked different, but it’s also a time to catch up on news, whether through the radio, a tablet, or a newspaper. PR practitioners will need to work with their clients to understand the end client and develop their messaging to fit the customer’s preferred media format. Connecting with relevant and targeted video series and podcast production teams to discover ways to incorporate the client’s material alongside their planned show is one instance.

Image and brand of a client

Present and projected employees have been paying attention to how businesses have managed the epidemic and supported their staff over the last two years. Many businesses continue to struggle with attracting and maintaining talented employees, with employees flocking to businesses that offer a better work environment.

Employees want a job that fits their life, thus the opportunity to remote work and have freedom inside this workday to address domestic and familial tasks became a major driver of employee movement. People want to work for a firm where they will feel accepted, included, and relevant regardless of their ethnicity, sexuality, or physical abilities, and increased awareness of workplace diversity has been a driving force behind employee activism. For PR firms, this comprises teaming with their clients to showcase the client’s brand as a top employer so that prospective employees regard them as a place to live and work. This is vital not just for the client to acquire and keep exceptional personnel, but also for the client to be seen as a caring employer who treats all employees equally and fairly.

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