Brandon Sherwood, Co-Founder & CIO, Cor-Tech Capital

The spark that ignited the creation of Cor-Tech Capital, as explained by Brandon Sherwood, Co-Founder and CIO, was rooted in a desire to revolutionize the investment landscape through a personalized touch. Recognizing a gap in the market for tailored investment strategies, Sherwood and his team aimed to redefine the standards of diligent, effective, and tailor-made financial planning and portfolio management.

“Our ambition was not merely to fill this gap but to redefine the standards of diligent, effective, and tailor-made financial planning and portfolio management,” Sherwood remarks, emphasizing their commitment to individualized financial fiduciary standards.

To achieve their vision, Cor-Tech Capital employed a unique approach by setting up a series limited liability company (LLC), which Sherwood compared to crafting a tree with multiple branches. The foundation of this structure lies in the “master LLC,” akin to planting the seed from which distinct series or portfolios sprout.

Sherwood elaborates, “Each of these ‘branches’ functions almost like its own separate tree, carrying its unique assets and liabilities, which, in turn, offers a layer of financial protection to its investors.” This meticulous arrangement of assets under different series ensures a secure investment environment while catering to specific objectives and strategies for each series.

At Cor-Tech Capital, the team prides itself on being trusted financial advisors to their clients. Their unique blend of fundamental, technical, and quantitative analysis forms the core of their approach, allowing them to mitigate risks and enhance potential returns.

“Our approach involves a blend of fundamental analysis to understand the underlying value of investments, technical analysis to identify market trends and patterns, and quantitative analysis to uncover hidden insights and optimize portfolio allocation,” Sherwood explains.

The primary objective at Cor-Tech Capital is not only to meet clients’ financial goals but to surpass them. Sherwood stressed their commitment to keeping clients well-informed, involving them in every decision made along the investment journey.

“Our client’s success is our success, and we believe that keeping them informed and involved is vital to achieving their financial aspirations,” Sherwood affirms.

The series LLC structure provides Cor-Tech Capital with the flexibility and protection needed to execute its investment strategies effectively. This legal formation allows them to navigate the dynamic investment landscape while safeguarding their clients’ interests.

Sherwood pinpoints, “Our firm, structured as a series limited liability company, allows us to take advantage of the flexibility and protection this legal formation provides. It aligns with our commitment to offering individualized and secure investment opportunities to our clients.”

With its personalized approach, commitment to transparency, and innovative series LLC structure, Cor-Tech Capital is poised to redefine the investment landscape and empower investors to achieve their financial dreams.

Navigating the Financial Journey

The Fund at Cor-Tech Capital can be likened to a showroom filled with a diverse range of vehicles, each representing a different financial journey. Sherwood, using vivid analogies, describes the two main portfolios within the Fund.

Sherwood explains, “For the thrill-seekers, our Series 1 portfolio is akin to a Ferrari – designed for enhanced returns and higher risk, providing the excitement of potentially high growth.” This portfolio offers the possibility of greater returns, but it requires a willingness to navigate the twists and turns of the market.

On the other hand, the Series 2 portfolio is compared to a battleship, symbolizing solidity and steadiness. Sherwood explains that it is slower-moving but designed for consistent performance, consistently outperforming the market with roughly half the risk. This portfolio is ideal for investors who prioritize a smoother ride and value safety and stability.

The range of portfolios offered by Cor-Tech Capital reflects their commitment to tailoring investment opportunities to meet diverse objectives and strategies, providing a personalized experience for each investor.

Selecting investments for each segregated portfolio at Cor-Tech Capital is described as a detective-like process. Sherwood and his team conduct a thorough analysis, employing a blend of fundamental, technical, and quantitative approaches. They dig deep, back-test strategies using historical data, and rigorously assess investments to ensure they align with their stringent criteria.

Just as a chef carefully selects the finest ingredients for a meal, Cor-Tech Capital meticulously handpicks investments, considering factors such as market trends, company fundamentals, industry analysis, and risk levels. This attention to detail is part of their commitment to creating well-balanced, tailor-made portfolios for their investors.

Reflecting on their journey, Sherwood highlighted a significant milestone in 2022. Cor-Tech Capital managed to outperform many markets, demonstrating impressive returns while assuming only half the risk typically associated with such gains. This accomplishment showcases their dedication to smart risk management and the power of their investment philosophy.

Sherwood paints a vivid picture and says, “It is as though we climbed a mountain, reaching higher than most, but found a route that reduced our risk of stumbling. This achievement is a testament to our commitment to smart risk management and the power of our investment philosophy. It is moments like these that underline why we do what we do, and they propel us to keep striving for even greater heights in the future.”

To effectively manage risk, Cor-Tech Capital employs a robust process that includes diversifying investments across different asset classes, industries, and geographies. They continuously monitor their portfolios, and the series LLC structure adds an extra layer of protection by segregating the assets and liabilities of each series, ensuring investor security.

Captaining Cor-Tech Capital’s Investment Journey

As Co-Founder and CIO of Cor-Tech Capital, Sherwood fulfills a multifaceted role within the company. Drawing upon the analogy of a captain and navigator, Sherwood’s responsibilities encompass various aspects of the firm’s operations.

As the captain of Cor-Tech Capital, Sherwood steers the direction of the company, ensuring that their investment strategies are not only robust on paper but effectively implemented in practice. He takes an active role in shaping the overall vision and goals of the organization.

In Sherwood’s own words, “I wear the dual hats of Co-Founder and CIO at Cor-Tech Capital, and my role is truly multifaceted. It’s a bit like being both the captain and the navigator of a ship. As the captain, I steer the direction of our company, ensuring that our investment strategies are not just robust on paper but effectively implemented in practice.”

In his role as a navigator, Sherwood remains attentive to the ever-shifting currents of market trends. He analyzes these changes to assess their potential impact on their investment journey and makes necessary adjustments to maintain the desired course.

Sherwood explains, “As a navigator, I keep a keen eye on the shifting currents of market trends. I analyze how these changes could impact our journey and make necessary adjustments to keep us on course.”

Apart from guiding the company, Sherwood places great importance on building and maintaining strong relationships with clients. He recognizes that client satisfaction and support are vital throughout their investment journey with Cor-Tech Capital.

“Maintaining strong client relationships is paramount to us,” Sherwood emphasizes. “We want our clients to feel supported and informed at every step of their investment journey with us.”

Monitoring the performance of the portfolios managed by Cor-Tech Capital is another critical aspect of Sherwood’s role. He ensures that the portfolios meet the high standards set by the company and consistently seeks potential improvements to enhance results and client satisfaction.

Sherwood adds, “Monitoring the performance of our portfolios is another crucial aspect of my role. I am committed to ensuring they meet the high standards we have set at Cor-Tech Capital. This includes looking for potential improvements that could enhance our results and our client’s satisfaction.”

To stay updated with market trends and identify new investment opportunities, Sherwood and his team utilize advanced market analysis tools, maintain close connections with industry experts, and prioritize continuous learning and development.

“We utilize advanced market analysis tools, maintain close ties with industry experts, and prioritize continuous learning and development,” Sherwood states. “Staying updated with market trends and identifying new investment opportunities are essential aspects of our approach at Cor-Tech Capital.”

Setting a Unique Standard in Investment Excellence

“In the world of investing, Cor-Tech Capital stands as a unique player,” says Brandon Sherwood, Co-Founder and CIO of the firm. “What differentiates us is our perpetual commitment to our clients, our stringent yet flexible investment strategies, and our proven record of performance.”

At the core of Cor-Tech Capital’s approach is a client-centric focus. Sherwood emphasizes, “Our investors are not just clients; they are part of the Cor-Tech family. We are always available to them, ready to answer questions, provide updates, or simply have a chat about the latest market trends.”

The investment strategy employed by Cor-Tech Capital is a blend of fundamental, technical, and quantitative analysis. Sherwood explains, “This balanced approach helps us see the full picture, evaluate investments from all angles, and make well-informed decisions.”

These elements combine to give Cor-Tech Capital a competitive edge and set them apart in the crowded field of investment firms. Sherwood highlights their commitment to continuously improving their investment strategies and exploring new avenues for growth.

“When it comes to measuring our success,” Sherwood states, “we look at various metrics such as portfolio performance, risk-adjusted returns, and client satisfaction. Our goal is to consistently meet or exceed our client’s expectations and financial objectives.”

Looking towards the future, Cor-Tech Capital aims to further enhance its investment strategies while considering expanding its offerings to include more specific thematic investments based on market trends.

As Sherwood summarizes, “Cor-Tech Capital is dedicated to delivering exceptional service, rigorous investment strategies, and strong performance. We are committed to the success of our clients and will continue striving for excellence in the ever-evolving world of investments.”

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