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A brilliant academic, a good graphic designer and a graduate from India’s top management institute IMT Ghaziabad, Gaurav Jalan Jalan is a visionary businessman and an eminent spokesperson on matters related to the Indian Packaging industry.  He has witnessed and as well as participated in the growth process of India’s packaging industry’s that was few billion-dollar the market in 2010, grew into USD 31 billion in 2015 and is expected to turn$72 billion by 2020.


The packaging industry is something that can be very well described as indispensable. After all, there is hardly any product that does not require packaging. Right from small household products to big industrial products, one needs packaging. Thus, this way, the packaging is an indispensable product in itself. Over the years, the packaging industry has seen several changes and the same will continue in the future years too. After all, change is the only constant. To survive this long one need continuous innovation, thinking, implementation, and planning.

Now that we are living in a consumer-driven world. Thus, the onus is even higher, that makes the packaging industry to keep looking for new ways to drive the packaging industry.

Several things have come and gone, but packaging has survived meticulously, and this is purely because of constant improvement and innovation.

When talking about today, we are living in a world that is under the clouds of COVID-19, and this situation too has forced the packaging industry to try out different things to minimize the infection that can possibly travel with the packages.

In simpler words, the packaging industry is not just about packaging; it is about constant changes and adaptability. Let us take a look at what the packaging industry may possibly do in the coming years to drive its unstoppable growth.

In the year 2018, the world manufactured around $36 trillion worth of manufactured goods, almost all of them were packaged, secured, protected, and shipped in some kind of industrial packaging. These industrial packaging products are vital to the safe, efficient, and cheaper transport of manufactured goods in local, regional, and world commerce.

There was a report that was mentioned in The Future of Industrial Packaging to 2024, it foresees steady growth in demand for industrial packaging during the next 4 years, with market value increasing from $56.2 billion in 2019 at a CAGR of 3.3% to achieve $66 billion in 2024.

The report suggested overall demand in the packaging sector will always closely follow international trade norms. However, several other far-reaching factors could facilitate more exceptional packaging innovations and evolutionary restructuring of value chains and business modules. With shifts in end-use demands across the four years to 2024, the report suggests the following 5 key trends that will drive the industrial packaging industry further ahead.

Ongoing shifting to developing countries: Manufacturing economies and the demand for industrial packaging products will look to shift to China, India, and other emerging and developing countries of Asia, Africa, and other nations, specifically among lower-value, less technically-demanding manufactured goods. (Currently, China’s situation cannot be predicted because of the pandemic of COVID-19, but for the rest of the nations the same is still possible).

Potential commerce and tariff disputes: Industrial packaging usage growth is driven by the state of the world manufacturing economy, and by the state of the world and regional economies and commerce. While overall predictions point to a relatively balanced global and regional business atmosphere, but the frequent trade and tariff disputes in Brexit, NAFTA, and China vs U.S. protectionism, for instance, can impact future industrial packaging usage patterns.

Safety, health, regulations: No ultra-major changes in the regulatory environment for industrial packaging are foreseen. Packaging manufacturers in developing countries could face challenges in adapting to international norms, like those concerning the transport of dangerous goods. Packaging Industry will continue to implement evolutionary improvements in terms of durability and fire safety of plastic drums and IBC products.

Smart packaging: The integration of packaging materials with tracking devices, sensor and communications technologies, logistics functions, and management information systems will let real-time observation and analysis of the status and condition of valuable shipments while in transit

Package innovation: Suppliers, manufacturers of materials, specifically plastics, will continue to give evolutionary improvements to vital raw materials, including bigger puncture, cracking, and abrasion resistance; better strength and rigidity to help downgauging, improved chemical resistance, and barrier qualities.

These are possibly going to be seen in the coming years with a lot of emphasis on overall economic growth and environmental factors.


More about Gaurav Jalan and Packman Packaging

Gaurav Jalan is the Founder and Director of Packman Packaging, one of the largest Indian packaging company that has been serving some of the world’s eminent technology, pharmaceutical, retail, fast-moving consumer goods, food, courier, publication, Jewellery, fashion, e-commerce organizations for the past 30 years.

Under the leadership of Mr. Gaurav Jalan, (Packman’s official website) became India’s first e-commerce store for packaging solutions in the year 2002. In years 2003-2005, when the majority of Indian packaging companies were primarily focused on their revenue and operations, Packman under Mr. Jalan’s leadership has started using eco-friendly and recycled packaging raw materials.

Today, Packman Packaging manufactures more than one lakh of corrugated rolls, corrugated boxes, high-quality bubble sheets, safety/courier bags and more from its state of art manufacturing unit, located in Delhi NCR region. The manufacturing unit uses some of the world’s most advanced packaging material manufacturing machinery with world’s best printing technology that ensures Packman’s customers get fast and efficient delivery, high-quality brand representation through their product packaging.


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