Saurabh Singhvi, Director, Operations, Cimpress India

Saurabh Singhvi is a Director at Cimpress India. Before picking up the role of Director at Cimpress India in 2019, he was the Director of one of Cimpress’ businesses, Vistaprint for almost 8 years. Amongst multiple responsibilities, his main objective is to help Cimpress‘s businesses’ with their design needs, enabling them to build teams of designers in India.  With more than two decades of work experience, and a degree from Harvard Business School, his focus has been to help Cimpress India become – ‘A Dream company to work for’ and to help Cimpress’ businesses in meeting their customers’ design needs. For Saurabh, leadership is about building an extremely conducive culture that drives high levels of engagement leading to outstanding team performance.


Many people mistakenly assume that a healthy work-life balance means separating the two aspects of your life and restricting them from overlapping. We expect work and life to strike a’ balance’ on two sides of a tipping scale. Therefore, we spend time learning coping skills and managing time. A healthy work-life balance is more than the time spent on each spectrum. I would rather like to think of it using a phrase that I read somewhere- “Work-Life Blend”.

We have different parameters for a happy life. For some, it might be spending more time with family. For others, it could contribute to society, prioritising their life without feeling ashamed or guilty. This shows that a healthy work-life balance is about feeling content with choices. If you don’t have that equilibrium, you end up feeling overwhelmed. 

Creating a healthy work-life balance that gives you time for yourself, your loved ones, and your interests are how an employee respects his work and themselves. 

Many focus on creating this balance by managing their hours. However, each of us has the same amount of time in a day. It’s all about prioritising, organising, and spending your time right and more importantly, have the flexibility to manage this sort of blending of work and life!

So How Do You Create A Healthy Work-Life Balance?

Redefine Work-Life Balance: Despite what you mistakenly think, you have a bigger say in your work-life balance than you think you do. Realise your priorities in life and try to delegate as much as possible. Learn to say ‘No’ to things that aren’t on your priority list. Many employees feel guilty or embarrassed to say to draw boundaries. Companies must promote healthy work environments to instil a love for the work in the employees’ hearts and minds. 

Work Lunches Instead Of Dinners: In The Wall Street Journal, GM CEO Mary Barra suggests planning business lunches instead of dinners to prioritise after-hours family commitments which are essential for work-life balance. After all, limiting the number of hours you spend in the office is not a crime. 

Prioritise Health And Fitness: Don’t neglect your health in your pursuit of work. People who work out are healthier physically and mentally, and emotionally. So, take time off, love yourself, and have ‘me-time’ You are at your most creative when you are well-rested and fit. Learn a new skill, and pick up something valuable that you enjoy doing. This will de-stress you. 

Focus On What You Can Control: Everybody is in a hurry; work needs to get done. We all want to be accessible 24*7, but don’t let this come at the cost of your time. Once you set yourself up to be accessible all the time, you are down a rabbit hole. You can choose to let work consume you, or you can strike a balance. The choice is in your hands.  


Employees are the soul of any Organisation and they bring character to the organisation while also keeping it rolling. Therefore, competitive and respectable monetary compensation is table stakes and thoughtful and considerate benefits like flexibility in allowing to create of a healthy work-life Blend show that the organisation both cares and respects the employee.

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