Sachin Disa, India BU Director, TopSource Worldwide

Sachin Disa is a qualified Chartered Accountant with 20+ years of experience. He heads the India business unit for TopSource Worldwide. 


Effective management of human resources is critical to the success of any business and efficiently processing payroll is very closely intertwined with key HR responsibilities. Still, it is not unusual for companies to have outsourced their payroll and yet be working with a disparate HRMS software. In doing so, this creates multiple employee databases to deal with and limits the efficiency of HR teams

Apart from automation, integration of HRMS software with a payroll outsourcing solution can help overcome these challenges and ensure effective management of workforce and processing of payroll. Having the payroll service provider provide LMS, HRMS, and expense management software integrated in one platform drastically alters and enhances the efficiency of HR and payroll function, improving  decision-making, and minimising  duplication of efforts. The best way to transform HR and payroll functions is to have a payroll outsourcing partner, who also offers HRMS, expense management and leave management as a solution.

We shine a spotlight on how multiple software from different vendors can result in duplication of work, poor decision-making, and time consumption, and alternately how the integration of payroll, HRMS, LMS, and expense management can benefit businesses.

Integrated HR and payroll systems streamlines workflows.

Using a payroll outsourcing solution integrated with HRMS software from a single vendor instead of multiple software/vendors helps streamline workflows and automate processes, thereby improving efficiency and eliminating duplication of work. In addition, a unified system offers seamless processes, greater efficiency and accurate and up-to-date information.

Integrated solutions combine HR and payroll along with expense management and leave management.

The majority of payroll vendors only integrate leave management systems within their payroll outsourcing solution but do not integrate HRMS & other software. As a result, the non-integrated processes require multiple data inputs and can create redundancies.

In addition, it requires the HR team to crosscheck other databases for information needed to process payroll, resulting in duplication of efforts. Hence, these can become challenging to maintain, resulting in delays and inaccurate payroll processing, putting employees at a disadvantage.

Having a payroll outsourcing solution and HRMS software integrated from one vendor means you can perform various functions like payroll, onboarding, time and attendance tracking, leave management and performance management in one integrated platform. In addition, the automation of the payroll process with the HR function eliminates input errors andautomatically updates employee records and entitlements. A unified system for HR and payroll ensures efficient and effective management as well as seamless workflows.

Integrated HRMS reduces the workload of HR and achieves all objectives from a single solution.

A single integrated HR and payroll outsourcing solution lets you manage data and human resources from one platform and improves data accuracy, reporting, and compliance. In contrast, multiple software increases manual intervention and efforts and results in inefficiency.

Integrating HR and the payroll outsourcing solution allows you to automate a more significant proportion of your payroll processes while still giving you complete control. Modules such as employee self-service, manager self-service, e-recruitment, investment declaration, taxes, compliances, etc., can help to improve efficiency, reduce effort, and provide real-time information.

A single system increases the scope for automation and decreases manual interventions. The unified system automates tedious manual processes, minimises double data entry, mitigates risks and increases productivity.

A cloud-based and mobile-based solution ensures convenience for HR Admins and employees.

Cloud-based and mobile-based solutions offer several technological advantages over traditional on-premise systems. It revolutionises HR and payroll tasks by automating workflows and simplifies and optimises administrative tasks. Furthermore, cloud-based software being entirely web-based with cross-browser compatibility and mobile support, can thereby boost the productivity of the HR personnel and increase employee morale. In addition, it provides employees access to accurate and up-to-date information on the go and saves HR personnel from tedious administrative chores.


As a leading HRMS and payroll outsourcing solutions provider, TopSource Worldwide offers a complete suite of employer services that enables companies to employ and pay promptly and accurately – both domestically and internationally. We understand how crucial HR and payroll functions are for your business and therefore provide you with customised solutions that cater to your specific business needs.

Leveraging our PorticoTM HR, we will simplify and automate workflows and work together with our clients to manage everything from on-time payroll processing, statutory filings, HR management, reporting and analytics to everything in between. In addition, our cloud-based solutions are designed to work with your infrastructure rather than requiring you to fit ours. We provide employee self-service options, leave & attendance management and expense reimbursement options through Portico HR. Find out more about Portico HR

We assist companies in HR and payroll management and ensure they are always compliant. Read more about our payroll outsourcing solutions. Our customised HR and payroll solutions include payroll processing, employee self-service, leave and attendance management, EOR/PEO services, statutory filing/compliance services. In addition, we offer our clients comprehensive employer services so that they can focus on their core business.

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