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Lighting can evoke many emotions, be it for any form of architecture. It helps create a surreal experience for those who inhabit a space and live around it. A string of lights glittering atop any structure is a sight to behold and adore. They can also instil a sense of safety and play a vital role in improving urban features. Being the pioneer in the lighting segment, Bajaj Electricals has consistently created innovative products and delivered end-to-end solutions for various infrastructure projects. The smart solutions by the Company not only provide top-notch functionality and efficiency, but also create an unparallel aesthetic appeal. Keeping this in mind, Bajaj Electricals has taken a calibrated approach to illuminate various challenging structures and streets across India.

Illumination of Ludhiana’s Iconic Clock Tower:

The Clock Tower, popularly reckoned as Ghanta Ghar, is located at the heart of Ludhiana Metropolitan centre. The Victoria Memorial Clock Tower was installed to honour the 25 years of the reign of Queen Victoria. Today, the Tower is the representative emblem and a defining landmark of the city. Owing to the crunch in supply, transportation and other areas, the pandemic has been the chief obstacle the company faced while executing the project.

Combined with the best designing and engineered solutions, Bajaj Electricals adopted innovative LED lighting techniques to transform the city’s appearance. With zero compromises, the company provided high-quality services and maintenance to complete the project on time.

The Clock Tower project along with the distinctive use of tunable RGBW LED luminaires has set another example of smart and dynamic lighting with the possibility of an emotional connect with the viewers while displaying the social roots of the nation.

Illumination of Kendrapara Town:

When the opportunity presented itself in the form of illuminating Kendrapara, a district situated in the coastal plain zone of Odisha and spread across an area of 2, 644 sq. km, Bajaj Electricals stood their ground and won the bid. The requirement was to illuminate the main roads of the town with decorative poles along with LED luminaries.

Although there were multiple obstacles right from the beginning, like winning the bid to the last mile installation of the street lights, the team successfully incorporated all the specifications in the tender. The feat was achieved within the stipulated time frame, which was commendable considering the challenges faced by the on-ground team.

Bajaj Electricals completed the project and incorporated all the specifications mentioned in the tender. A feather on the hat for the extraordinary work was when not a single pole with LED Luminaries installed under this project was affected during the devastating cyclone ‘Amphan,’ which otherwise had caused havoc across Odisha and West Bengal.

Illumination of Patna Secretariat Building:

Located to the east of Raj Bhavan in Patna, stands the mighty Victorian hue Secretariat building of Bihar. The Secretariat, also known as Patna Sachivalaya, is the administrative headquarters of the State Government of Bihar. It was built by the British in 1917 and is 716 feet long and 364 feet wide. Reminiscent of the past and sentinel of the future, it is one of the most striking buildings in the incredible city of Patna. A giant clock tower stands tall amidst the beautiful green lawn of the Secretariat, further accentuating the aura of the building.

While formidable with an old-world charm, the Patna Secretariat looked weighed down amidst the hustle-bustle of the city. It needed a moment from the people of Patna to pause and praise its existence. Hence, the task at hand was to illuminate the Indo-Saracenic style structure to make the city cherish its architecture.

Being an expert, Bajaj Electricals envisaged an energy-efficient and programmable solid-state lighting system for decorative lighting of this historic structure. More than 400 compact-sized outdoor grade LED luminaires were used, optically supported with precise beam angles, ensuring minimum spray of light to the surroundings and effectively controlling light pollution. The extensive use of RGBW LED luminaires minimized power consumption, thus making the whole lighting scheme energy-efficient and eco-friendly. The entire illumination scheme was designed with colours and patterns inspired by nature, local culture and national/global emotions.

Today, smart lighting is undoubtedly one of the most evolved elements of urban development. Well-lit up streets and glittering architecture are a delight to look at, but they also create a positive undertone on city spaces. By illuminating one infrastructure and monument at a time, Bajaj Electricals is striving to connect citizens and cities while paving the way for a brighter India.

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