Jayita Sengupta, Co-Founder and Director, Treistek

An innovator and a libertarian are the two leadership traits that define Jayita’s diligence and endurance in providing TreisTek with top-tier services. Jayita Sengupta, Co-Founder and Director of Treistek, holds an MBA in marketing and brand management and has over 15 years of enterprise experience assisting businesses in achieving their goals for growth, innovation, and performance excellence. She had been working for a few years when she realized she was only constructing other people’s dreams. Jayita had a fixed monthly income. However, she was a dreamer and a visionary and always knew she was destined for something great. She desired to do more than work a regular 9–5 job.

Jayita admires Kiran Mazumdar Shaw for defying stereotypes and shattering the glass ceiling in multiple ways. She defied convention by founding Biocon in 1978 to achieve her goals. Indeed, it is fair to say that Kiran Mazumdar Shaw inspired Jayita to act on her own. Jayita says, “In those days, women were not perceived as good entrepreneurs, and biotechnology was unheard of as an industry. However, as success stories go, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is quite the trailblazer.” One fine day, while Jayita was having a cup of tea with Arindam (fellow co-founder), they had the idea to start TreisTek. Jayita shares, “The main reason for starting TreisTek was to make a difference. I wanted to work with others to help move them forward in profound ways in their lives.”

Jayita’s areas of specialization include strategic planning, program management, enterprise quality, and business process optimization, where she collaborated with R&D, design, implementation, sales, support services, finance, and HR. This experience, combined with her desire to make a difference, drives her to establish “TreisTek India Pvt. Ltd.” Jayita says, “I knew that I could offer the perspective, structure, support, guidance and honesty others needed to make big transitions in their lives and yes, we are making a difference today.”

TreisTek India Pvt Ltd: What they do & its uniqueness

TreisTek was started by two people over a cup of chai. Jayita recalls, “Following which we registered the company. Once we registered, we just thought, let’s see how the company would run, and we were not so sure about it. But we had one year of good work experience in the current field that we are part of. Then slowly, we started forming teams and growing. We started with two people in February 2018, and today, today, in 1-1.5 years, we have 120+ employees in TreisTek, and 4 different office locations”

TreisTek India Pvt. Ltd. specializes in providing services to the building and construction industries, land development and administration industries, and building information management providers. Jayita explains, “We have developed specialized business units, with growing expertise in each of these areas, and staffed them with competent, trained, and experienced people. This has allowed us to serve these distinct areas of the economy.”

TreisTek has the competence to convert minutely detailed drawings and hand-drawn sketches into finished 2-Dimensional drawings. “We have an expert team of engineers who can successfully handle design and drafting projects following client requirements,” Jayita continued, “and they are dedicated to finding the best solutions for the client’s requirements while anticipating future needs.”

Dedicated to elevating the company above its competitors

Jayita is a passionate facilitator who makes the company stand out among the competition. Jayita highlights, “We built our in-house quality team and converted the challenge of QA and QC as a competitive advantage. With the help of our in-house team, we try to balance the cost against the profit. When our clients do not have the budget, we talk to them and build a friendly relationship to get the upcoming project done within their budget without compromising on quality.” Jayita also runs a training program to ensure that the company has enough candidates for training and preparing for future projects in-house.

Valiant Leader with a Hallmark of Taking Risks

Jayita says, “When I left my 15 years of successful corporate life and moved to a start-up venture wherein, I had to start everything from scratch. The biggest challenge was to learn technology. Since I did not have an engineering background, I had to spend a lot of time understanding technical things. There was no guarantee that I would succeed. Though I knew the chances of success were low, I risked my career and followed my passion.” Her struggle to balance business and family life, defy social expectations and overcome her fear of failure was no different from any other female leader. Despite this, women can always rise above it. “My only success mantra was, “Believe in yourself and own your own success”; this motivates me to work harder and achieve higher results.” underlined Jayita.

Jayita currently oversees projects and marketing and is in charge of new innovations. Jayita pinpoints, “I am presently working on the next Gen Automation tools. My core vision is to look deeper at cross-functional integration, not just collaboration, i.e., Marketing, Sales, and Development teams must work as if they are ‘one’ team.”

Intending to Improve Customer Satisfaction & Performance

The demand for engineering solutions is increasing as cities grow and technology advances. Almost every country is now experimenting with 3D Smart City Modeling. In addition, BIM is becoming mandatory in all countries. “This opens many opportunities for engineering solution providers like us. Also, there is immense scope for growth in this field. With new technologies coming up, the scope to learn is huge, and so is the market. We can also step into consulting services, end-to-end projects, etc.,” said Jayita

Putting theory into practice, one of TreisTek’s challenges was to model India’s one of the very prestigious project which was inaugurated by Narendra Modi himself. Jayita shares, “At the beginning, we did not have a complete team to execute the project. In addition to this, the complete inputs were not received. We had to face both external and internal challenges.” Despite these hurdles, TreisTek took it up and delivered the project as per the client’s expectations and it was a one of the most successful projects for the company.

“We have always believed it is better to have a small group who can THINK BIG and work towards the common goal. Here, TreisTek explains how we make a huge impact despite having a small team. In addition, our sales team is in regular contact with the clients to ensure that we are on the same page,” added Jayita.

Facilitator of Company Culture & Team Development

Jayita always motivates employees to organize company culture. “At TreisTek, we provide round-the-clock service. Our managers spend time on R&D while connecting with the clients to understand their needs and cater to them, and we share progress reports regularly.”

Today’s businesses treat their customers like kings to provide them with an unparalleled experience and earn their unwavering loyalty. Jayita understands that employees work tirelessly and are held accountable for achieving the organization’s objectives. TreisTek maintains a healthy work-life balance by treating its employees as internal clients. Jayita emphasizes, “Our employees are the real kings. As methods of employee motivation, we use the “Spiff Program,” “Celebrate the Success,” and “Fun Fridays.” The Spiff program is a program wherein our employees are rewarded based on their weekly performance. In addition, we make time to take our employees out to dinner when they successfully complete a project. Aside from these, we have Fun Friday, where we organize various fun and team-building activities and games for employees. As a result, our employees come in with the bells ringing every weekend! ”

The “Aha” Moments

Despite having accomplished many significant life milestones, Jayita’s founding of TreisTek in February 2018 was her most significant achievement. In 2019, they quickly established themselves as one of the groundbreakers in smart city modeling. Within a year, the TreisTek family had expanded to over fifty members, with a new branch opening in Bangalore. The same year, they signed NDAs with a Finnish company and top UK market players for Smart City Modelling Projects globally.

Another significant accomplishment was being named one of the “Top 10 Most Recommended GIS Solution Provider Companies” by Insights Success Magazine and being honored as the “Fastest Growing Engineering & GIS Company in Bangalore” by “Blindwink India” at the “India Icon Awards 2019.” In addition to expanding domestically, they opened branches in Kolkata and Bhopal. They raised their global footprint by opening a new branch in Dubai in February 2021 and in New Zealand in November 2022.

Sedulous Attitude Towards Life

Jayita puts a lot of stock in self-belief. She says, “I always believe in myself, and I take up tasks that I believe I can execute. Once I commit to something, I will never give up. Giving up on my work is tantamount to giving up on myself.” Jayita is a voracious learner who enjoys both formal and informal education. She remarks, “Learning has always been my backbone for survival. With my hunger to learn, I have cultivated feelings of empathy, managed feelings, self-awareness, and harnessed social skills.”

Jayita believes that success in the modern world is reserved for those who choose to be patient in difficult situations. “Anything I do, I take time to understand. And I can wait until I achieve what I had started. The only way to do great work is to love what you do. I am always passionate about what I do. I enjoy every single effort that I put into finishing the job. Once I start, there is no looking back,” added Jayita.

Conquering Pandemic with Positivity

In Jayita’s view, social distancing implies distance from flaws of negative influence and a focus on positivity. For TreisTek, this is a test of their collective capacity to respond during times of crisis. It is also worth noting that employers and employees all over the world are working together to support one another through their efforts and actions. “We can confidently say that at TreisTek, many new strong bonds have evolved between our employees and the management. Staying socially distant has resulted in increased conversations through chats, voice calls, and video calls which have helped to stay more connected to each other,” concluded Jayita.

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