Dr. Gagan Bhatia, Founder, Uniqaya Lifestyle

There is a thought-provoking quote that says, “Tough times never last, but tough people do.” Facing challenges one after the other yet staying calm, confident, and motivated shapes a person’s real character.  This quote resonates with Dr. Gagan Bhatia’s (Founder of Uniqaya Lifestyle) journey to entrepreneurship. Instead of getting weighed down by her struggles, she credits them as learning opportunities that enabled her to express her willpower and stay afloat, which made her into who she is today. Dr. Gagan is indeed the epitome of courage, strength, and hope.

Foray into the Skincare Industry

Dr. Gagan has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and has donned multiple hats in her career and personal life. A teacher, field expert, single parent, counselor, doctor, and now, an entrepreneur.

In August 2019, Dr. Gagan founded Uniqaya Lifestyle to empower people and help them become the best versions of themselves. “We aim to ensure that people make the best of what they have already been blessed with,” shares Dr. Gagan. “We want to see our products being adopted into our consumers’ lifestyle and help them become the best, most beautiful, unadulterated, and true versions of themselves.”

What Sets the Uniqaya Skincare Products Apart from Other Brands?

“Our ethos is what sets us apart from the crowd,” reveals Dr. Gagan. “We do not promise unattainable beauty, nor do we mindlessly believe or promote nature’s goodness in every product.” By bridging nature and science with industry-leading technology blended with plant-based and toxin-free ingredients found all over mother earth, Dr. Gagan and her team create what’s best for their customers. They use 3R Technology to repair, rejuvenate, and restore the natural beauty of human skin at a deeper collagen level, whilst the users continue to carry on with their normal day. Simply put, Uniqaya products help your skin breathe.

Leading from the Front

Besides being the Founder of Uniqaya Lifestyle, Dr. Gagan is also a Director of Unimarck Pharma India Ltd. She oversees the R&D department, where she is responsible for clearing the pathway regarding product innovation. “I represent the second generation of Unimarck’s founding family. My role is directed towards the welfare of the people at large,” states Dr. Gagan.

The Secret to Motivating Employees

“I believe that the best way to motivate team members is to conduct review meetings where we aren’t just discussing work but are also celebrating each other’s achievements and milestones,” reveals Dr. Gagan. She also believes that allowing employees to take time-off is important while ensuring that the work is balanced between other team members. Therefore, the employees of Uniqaya Lifestyle are not only productive but also innovative, passionate, and driven toward the company’s ethos.

Receiving Customer Loyalty & Love – The Biggest Milestones

Since Uniqaya Lifestyle began its journey amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and faced challenges in terms of buyers’ changes in choices and preferences, Dr. Gagan considers getting early acceptance from the customers and achieving brand recognition in the market as a remarkable milepost. Customers have enjoyed using the uniquely crafted premium products from Uniqaya, which help repair, rejuvenate, and restore the lost radiance. As a result, Uniqaya has managed to build a solid and loyal fanbase in a short time. “Today, we see a positive response in terms of sales and strive to serve our purpose in the industry with efficiency.,” states Dr. Gagan.

Staying Relevant in the Fast-paced Beauty Industry is the Major Challenge

The beauty industry is constantly evolving with new trends, techniques and is headed towards becoming a more consumer conscious field.“This is where we face a challenge: to stay relevant and equip the masses with the products they want,” asserts Dr. Gagan. She further shares that as brand owners, it is imperative to know the market before curating a product for the target audience.

Likewise, the beauty industry also demands to always keep in touch with the times and maintain the standards set by the brands for themselves. “We, as a team, have been able to overcome challenges such as these by believing in innovation and creativity at every step of the process,” mentions Dr. Gagan.

It’s About Keeping Innovation Alive & Smartly Managing Digital ROIs

According to Dr. Gagan, innovation is integral to Uniqaya’s culture. It comes from within, as the company’s ethics are deeply rooted in its foundation. She further shares, “Our founder, Mr. Bhupinder Pal Singh Bhatia, was a man of mettle who believed in the art of innovation at every step of one’s entrepreneurial journey.”

When it comes to investing in and leveraging the correct technology, Dr. Gagan feels that one ought to know that there is always something better down the line. Ultimately, it’s all about achieving those ROIs and pouring in the money once the metrics have been achieved.

A Typical Day in the Life of a Multitalented Entrepreneur

Being a spiritually conscious person, Dr. Gagan likes to begin her day with yoga and meditation. She also likes to make notes in her daily journal to keep track of the things she is grateful for and appreciates. “I take every day to remind myself that I am a mere puppet in the Lord’s hands. I’m just a doer, but the ultimate strength to do the work comes from the Almighty,” humbly shares Dr. Gagan.

However, there are times when she finds herself in stressful situations. To tackle them, her go-to mantra to relax, recharge, and get back on track is deep breathing. Her ideal way to unwind from work is to enjoy a good cup of tea, soulful music, inspirational books, and a long drive after a fulfilling day. She would then end her day with meditation and introspection.

Current Goals & Plans

As a part of an innovation-driven company, Dr. Gagan and her team make efforts to launch a

new product every six months or a year. While doing so, they strive to diversify the product range and accommodate the wants and needs of the consumers as often and quickly as possible.

Considering how the pandemic has made consumers conscious of what they buy and choose, Dr. Gagan and her team are planning to target the markets from which they have received positive responses. They will also aim to build more momentum in offline marketing and ensure that Uniqaya Lifestyle’s presence is felt prominently across national and international markets.

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