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An inspiring true story of a young dreamer, Tapasvi, and his devoted father, Ajay, who both journey through the challenges of Cerebral Palsy and life at large, author Shikhi Sharma’s new book ‘Unbeatable – Celebrating Life with Cerebral Palsy’ is a rollercoaster ride through setbacks, determination, accomplishments and the power of love. Released in late December 2021, ‘Unbeatable’ captures the life experiences of a young dreamer and a devoted father as they find their way through a highly sceptical society.

The book also shares anecdotes from medical professionals, special educators and several others. Along with a compelling story of a young boy, the book’s pages also hold information from experts on what cerebral palsy is, its causes, risk factors, forms and early signs.

As readers step in the book’s world, the storyline narrates that when one of Ajay’s twin sons Tapasvi is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, he is perplexed but determined to go to the ends of the world to make Tapasvi’s dreams come true, even though his path is filled with obstacles. Thus begins a journey where Ajay and his family go through a series of experiences which equip them to understand the intricacies of cerebral palsy and support Tapasvi through thick and thin. Readers can also get inspired by Ajay’s resolve to make his son feel like second to none.

It is penned by Jaipur based Shikhi Sharma, an engineer-turned banker by profession, who is passionate about writing about life. Sharma was inspired by the true story of this amazing boy Tapasvi and decided to make this inspirational story reach millions of kids and parents who are struggling with this disorder. This work is an attempt by her to create hope that it is possible to achieve anything and everything despite the disability.

The book has received praise from noted Indian para-athletes.

“I am really passionate about writing and ardently believe in channelizing my literary talents to tell meaningful stories which has the power to touch lives and make an impact on the world. I have always been confident about achieving things in whatever I put my hand in.Unbeatable is a real story of my maternal cousin, this book has changed me as a person and taught me the true meaning of life, of holding on and never giving up,” says Author Shikhi Sharma

“There can be nothing more liberating than proving your mettle to yourself, and breaking your own boundaries. Sadly, our society often sees differently abled people as less capable than others. So when someone breaks this presumption, through their words and actions, it makes life better for a larger set of people.. Tapasvi’s determination in the face of all odds and the support his family gives out is exemplary. This book brings to us an inspiring story of dedication, hard work, unconditional love and their unbeatable spirit,” says Shatabdi Awasthi, Gold Medalist in Berlin World Grand Prix, International Para Athlete.

‘Unbeatable’ is available on Amazon, Flipkart and Google Books, and at leading offline bookstores.

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